QinghaiMobile lifting boarding bridgeProcess advantages
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The reason for the natural descent of the hydraulic boarding bridge lifting platform is that the one-way valve is leaking, the lowering valve is not tightly sealed, and the oil cylinder is leaking. Solution: Check the one-way valve in the valve group. If dirt is found on the sealing surface of a single valve, clean the one-way valve. Check if the lowering valve has power. If there is power, troubleshoot the lowering valve itself or replace the lowering valve. The slide valve of the lowering valve must be kept clean and move flexibly.The correct operation of the hydraulic boarding bridge is good maintenance, hoping to bring more help to everyone.Qinghai,Usage environment: Able to adapt to specific working environments, such as working in highly corrosive, dusty, high-temperature, and low-temperature environments.Reason for the lifting table not lowering: The lowering valve is malfunctioning and the lowering speed valve is out of adjustment. Solution: When pressing the lowering button, check if the lowering valve is energized. If there is no electricity, try to eliminate it; If there is electricity, troubleshoot the lowering valve itself or replace the lowering valve. The lowering valve should be kept clean.Gjovik,What should I pay attention to when choosing a boarding bridge? The selection and purchase of the boarding bridge involves paying attention to three issues, including its range of use, rated load, and other factors; Their understanding of the manufacturer of the boarding bridge, whether their enterprise qualifications, special equipment licenses are complete, how many after-sales service outlets are there in the country, how about their after-sales service attitude, and whether they are timely; The important point is whether the quality is good or not and whether the price is reasonable. If both of these situations are reasonable, pull out the hook to hook it into the container you can choose the products of the manufacturer.When confirming that the lip is fixed to the container, tighten the chain to ensure that it does not loosen, and press the brake blocks on both sides. The boarding bridge is already a very visible structural form in modern logistics sites. It is the point and endpoint of the enterprise logistics chain, and a loading and unloading operation platform for enterprises to quickly and safely turnover products and goods. The height of the loading and unloading operation platform is fixed, and single person operations can achieve fast loading and unloading of goods. Reduce a large amount of labor, improve work efficiency, and achieve greater economic benefits for enterprises.

QinghaiMobile lifting boarding bridgeProcess advantages

Is the boarding bridge easy to use? Those who have used the boarding bridge know that it is a very useful mechanical equipment, with high cost-effectiveness, and has become the preferred brand for many wire products. Welcome to choose!Check the rollers, intermediate shafts, and bearings; Oil cylinder pin and bearing; Equality and wear of the hinge shaft and bearings of the boom; Add oil to the above components for maintenance of outdoor elevators and factory elevators. Extend the service life of bearings. Professional axle manufacturers and other special products, old brands, with price advantages and guaranteed qualityConnection for. Enable forklift trucks to safely and quickly enter and exit transportation vehicles for loading and unloading operations.equipment maintenance ,Install a m high protective railing around the foundation pit of the simple boarding bridge, with a distance of no less than m from the protective railing to the foundation pit. The mobile boarding bridge only requires a single person to operate without the need for power supply, support first and then excavation, layered excavation, no overbreak&rquote; The principle of.The width of the boarding bridge also requires a certain width of its own. However, if the width is too small, it is not conducive to forklift loading and unloading of goods. If the width is too large, it can occupy a certain space,QinghaiMobile hydraulic boarding bridge, which is not necessary. So a reasonable width is necessary, usually the width of the electric hydraulic boarding bridge is mm, mm, the internal width is the width of the passage, and the total width mainly refers to the width of the guardrails on both sides plus the width of the passage. The total width can be ignored in use, but everyone still cares about the internal width, which is the width of the channel.Common&quo; Work” Steel structure planning can withstand uniform pressure, reduce skeleton torque, and be more robust than other channel structures.

QinghaiMobile lifting boarding bridgeProcess advantages

Open planning before placement makes it easy to clean up clutter.demand,Reasons for the hydraulic boarding bridge lifting platform not lifting: low voltage, motor not rotating, motor reverse, motor phase loss (motor not moving and buzzing), indicator light on, press the up button, motor rotates but lifting platform does not rise, lowering valve is open, overflow valve pressure is low, oil level is too low, oil pump is empty, oil suction filter is blocked, oil suction section is leaking, and two phases in the three-phase line are arbitrarily changed; Solution: Check the starter potential during motor load operation. Voltage hydraulic range allowed± 10%; Check the motor and circuit; Check the circuit breaker and motor wiring; When the lowering button is released use a voltmeter to check whether the lowering valve is energized. If there is no power, check the circuit and eliminate the fault; If there is electricity,QinghaiHydraulic boarding bridge factory, eliminate the malfunction of the lowering valve itself. The slide valve of the lowering valve must be kept clean and move flexibly. Readjust the overflow valve. Adjust at % rated load; Fill up the hydraulic oil; Clean the filter; Check the oil suction pipe and joints; Tighten the joint and replace it if necessary.When the boarding axle is far away from the frame, the rod moves downward to open the air release valve, and the air in the air spring is atmospheric, and the body and frame then reduce to the original value. The dual or multi axle air suspension boarding axle can also be lifted on a single or multiple axle when unloaded or partially loaded, which can protect the raised tires. Simultaneously reducing incorrect guidance while reducing tire wear on other axles. In addition, there are other positive effects during the driving process. On the one hand, it generates appropriate stable force when unloaded and partially loaded, and on the other hand, it improves the adhesion of the drive shaft.Portable hydraulic press boarding bridge: It is a widely used type, suitable for places where loading, unloading, and transportation are not fixed or moving; Mobile hydraulic press boarding bridge: suitable for fixed and immovable goods such as ports, cargo platforms,QinghaiMobile boarding axle hydraulic pressure, warehouses, etcQinghai,Hydraulic boarding bridges should strictly adhere to the principle of being overweight, as overloading may cause damage to objects; Working on a lifting platform without protective barriers may cause personnel to fall and cause casualties.Hydraulic boarding bridges should strictly adhere to the principle of being overweight, as overloading may cause damage to objects; Working on a lifting platform without protective barriers may cause personnel to fall and cause casualties.Operation degree: There are two types of operations that can be used to raise and lower the boarding bridge. One is a manual pump station, which is labor-intensive and somewhat labor-intensive. Advantages: It can be operated and used in any situation. Two types of electric pump stations use electric hydraulic lifting and lowering, which reduces labor intensity and saves labor. Disadvantage: Once the power is cut off, it will not be able to be used, but now there are both manual and electric boarding bridges that are more convenient to use.

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