LucaThree meter electric elevatorTo make the service tangible
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Luca2 ton electric elevator,

Setting requirements: The layout and installation of all cables and wiring of electric elevators should be able to prevent mechanical damage.Construction electric elevators should be equipped with cable guide frames and comply with regulatory requirements.Luca,Setting requirements: Construction electric elevators should be equipped with a down travel (limit) switch. The down travel (limit) switch should be able to automatically stop the cage running at rated speed before reaching the lower limit switch.The hydraulic oil enters the upper end of the hydraulic cylinder through the explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve, and the return oil from the lower end of the hydraulic cylinder returns to the oil tank through the balance valve, hydraulic control one-way valve, throttle valve, a balance valve is installed on the return oil circuit to balance the circuit and maintain pressure, so that the descent speed does not change due to heavy objects. The throttle valve regulates the flow rate and the ascending and descending speed.Curtea de Arges,Chain type electric lifting mechanism: With a good guiding mechanism, it can ensure that the equipment does not tilt during operation. Gear and rack electric lifting mechanism: precise transmission and high cost.Safety grounding device. In order to protect against electrical equipment. The metal casing of electrical equipment and the metal structure of electric elevators should be equipped with a safety grounding device. The grounding wire should operate multiple wires, and the neutral wire should not be arbitrarily held as a safety grounding wire. Its grounding resistance should not exceed ohms; The power supply of the electric elevator can be cut off.The use of a lifting platform as a tool for storing performance blankets, soft scenery, etc. In some theaters, there is a soft scenery storage lifting platform located at an appropriate location on the stage for the storage of blankets, soft scenery, etc.

LucaThree meter electric elevatorTo make the service tangible

Safety performance: Electric elevators not only have the safety device of traditional traction elevators,LucaElectric self-propelled elevator, but also have an overflow valve to prevent excessive system pressure during upward movementItems and other miscellaneous items.The scissor type electric elevator is a widely used high-altitude operation special equipment. Its scissor mechanical structure ensures high stability of the lifting platform, wide working platform, and high bearing capacity, making the high-altitude operation range wider and suitable for multiple people to work simultaneously. It makes high-altitude operation more efficient and saferRespect for customers,Chain type electric lifting mechanism: With a good guiding mechanism it can ensure that the equipment does not tilt during operation. Gear and rack electric lifting mechanism: precise transmission and high cost.Operating cost advantage and low failure rate: Due to the use of advanced hydraulic systems and good methods, the operating failure rate can be reduced to a low level.Setting requirements: When the distance between the outer edge of the construction electric elevator and the external overhead power line cannot meet the requirements of a small safety distance, the protective measures taken should comply with the specification requirements.

LucaThree meter electric elevatorTo make the service tangible

Buffer. In order to increase the energy for the car to hit the top or sink to the bottom. Remove rubber or sponge from the buffer and cabin to increase their impact energy; Rope groove slipping and other accidents caused the car to suddenly fall resulting in a safety clamp. To prevent breakage of the lifting wire rope. A safety clamp that can simultaneously cut off the power supply and stop the car from falling should be removed from the car. A car without safety tongs is not allowed to ride or carry people. If it is a simple electric elevator, there should be a safety device (such as a safety stop pin) to prevent people from suddenly falling when loading and unloading goods in the car; Electric elevators with three or more floors (including three floors) for passengers or passengers.Direct labor,LucaUsed electric elevator,Setting requirements: The spacing of wall brackets along the vertical direction should comply with the provisions of the user manual.Platform.The foundation production and acceptance of electric elevators for foundation construction should comply with the user manual and regulatory requirements.Luca,According to the needs of different performance genres, the form of the stage can be changed. For example, using an orchestra pit lift can combine a framed stage with a large lip or even an extended stage. In an experimental theater, using a lift can make the theater have various forms such as an end stage, an extended stage, an island stage, an intermediate stage, or a hall.Model Example: Hanging Cage Specification: LABSC/TDx Type I: ~ Type II: ~ Type V: ~ Technical Requirements: The load-bearing capacity of the foundation should be greater than P: P=(hanging cage weight+outer cage weight+total weight of guide rail frame+counterweight+load) x. (kN).The counterweight guide rail should meet the specification requirements.

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