humpHow much is the installation cost of cold storageHigh experience and technology
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The water tank is designed to be separated from the machine body and is double-layer. It will not drip due to condensation caused by internal and external temperature difference. It can be interlocked with the refrigeration system, that is, it will not be humidified during refrigeration to prevent serious frosting of the fan.There should be excellent drainage pipe standard around the warehouse, the soil temperature should be low, there should be interlayer under the cold storage and maintain good natural ventilation. Maintaining dryness is very important for the cold storage. In addition, before the construction of the cold storage, the phase electricity of the relative volume shall be built according to the output power of the refrigeration unit. If the cold storage is water-cooled and radiating, the tap water pipeline shall be paved and the FRP cooling tower shall be built.hump,The installation of refrigeration pipeline requires that the diameter of copper pipe shall be selected in strict accordance with the interface of compressor suction and exhaust valve. When the separation between condenser and compressor exceeds M, the pipeline diameter shall be increased.How to maintain the refrigeration compressor in the cold storage in order to prolong its service life and reduce the occurrence of faults in the use process. The refrigeration compressor in the cold storage needs regular maintenance. Here we introduce the maintenance of the compressor in the cold storage.Bryanka,More and more people begin to build cold storage, and most people choose to use cold storage for cold storage construction. Why? Why do people choose cold storage for construction? What are the advantages of cold storage? The following is a detailed introduction.General quick-frozen warehouses are mostly cooled by refrigeration mechanisms, and those with very low gasification temperature are used as coolant to evaporate under low pressure and mechanical conditions,humpHow much does it cost to install a small cold storage,humpCold storage installation equipment, so as to absorb the heat in the warehouse, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling and reduction.Whether the water pump works normally and whether the moldy switch is effective. In case of abnormality, timely handle the overhaul and maintenance of the refrigeration compressor in the cold storage: generally, the refrigeration oil and drying filter shall be replaced times after the operation of the cold storage equipment. Replacement after half a year. Depending on the circumstances.

humpHow much is the installation cost of cold storageHigh experience and technology

Strong deformation resistance, not easy to crack, smooth,humpHow to charge for the installation of cold storage, stable and safe. Polyurethane material has stable porosity structure and basically closed pore structure. It not only has excellent thermal insulation performance, but also has good freeze-thaw resistance and sound absorption performance. Under normal service and maintenance conditions, the life expectancy of rigid foam polyurethane insulation can reach more than years. During the structural life period, it can reach the unit price of dry, wet or electric corrosion under normal service conditions, while the unit price of insect, fungus or algae foam material is higher than other traditional insulation materials, but heating will increase the cost and the cooling cost will be greatly reduced.The refrigerator has the advantages of high cost, beautiful appearance, long service life and convenient relocation. So quickly replace spraying. The choice of spraying must have a large cold storage area, so as to reflect its cost savings.After being stored in the medical cold storage project, ventilating medical products may also emit some odors. Once these odors are stored in a certain quantity, they will also have a certain impact on other products. Therefore we must carry out regular ventilation in the process of daily use, so as to effectively reduce the storage time of products. If the medical cold storage project uses row tube refrigeration, the image of frosting may appear after use for a period of time. If we do not defrost in time, it will also affect the effect of. Therefore, I hope you must pay attention to defrosting.Discount, - floor installation of cold storage: first level the floor, then install the floor, select a beautiful floor and put it in a conspicuous place, and do a good job in the floor and evaporator drainage system.Secondly, since the cooling of the compressor is not continuous, the multi work operation at night can be selected if possible. When working at night, the external temperature is low, the cooling water temperature is reduced, and the condensation pressure and condensation temperature are reduced. The cooling capacity of the sampling system, coupled with the equal role of the cold storage board, reduces the power operation of the compressor and achieves the purpose of energy saving.Large space rate of quick-frozen warehouse: for quick-frozen warehouses of the same size, reasonable design schemes store more goods than unreasonable ones. For the fixed size quick freezing warehouse, we reasonably designed to expand the original storage capacity of boxes to boxes, which increases the space a lot.

humpHow much is the installation cost of cold storageHigh experience and technology

The drainage at the outlet of the cooling fan the drainage of the volatile cooler and the road drainage of the refrigerated warehouse storing food or drinks shall not be immediately connected with the sewage and wastewater pipeline system software, but indirect drainage shall be adopted. For the flushing (thawing) water drainage of each layer in the double-layer cold storage,It will still decrease. The humidification amount will decrease by % at degrees.If the wholesale equipment of the fresh-keeping storehouse is started again after a long-term suspension, the speed should be reduced at the initial stage of the wholesale opening of the fresh-keeping storehouse. Don't start too fast. It's better to reduce the speed at about - degrees every day. When the temperature drops to degrees, and the polyurethane top storage plate (mm thick) has a span of m.humpThe products stored in the medical cold storage project must be managed by color code, so as to avoid the problem of purchase errors. In the process of handling, it is also necessary to strictly follow the instructions.Thermal insulation rigid polyurethane has low thermal conductivity and good thermal performance. When the density of rigid polyurethane is ~ kg / m, the thermal conductivity is only . ~ .w / (m.k), which is the lowest among all thermal insulation materials at present.If there is more air or refrigerant oil in the evaporator, the heat transfer effect will be reduced: once more refrigerant oil is attached to the inner surface of the evaporator heat transfer tube, the heat transfer coefficient will be reduced. Similarly, if there is more air in the heat transfer tube, the heat exchange area of the evaporator will be reduced, the heat transfer efficiency will be significantly reduced, and the decline rate of warehouse temperature will be slowed down.

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