SonglerGrouting seamless pipeAt present, the industrial market space is huge
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Songler50lead small conduit,

General treatment method: first, yze what causes the pipe blockage. For the pipe blockage of hard objects you can poke with steel bars according to the depth, or bind a slightly thicker steel bar with steel wire rope. For the pipe blockage of soft objects, you can use the air compressor pipe to open the air compressor for blowing. Be sure to note that the water in the pipe may rush up like a fountain to pour water all over you! If it is slurry leakage and pipe plugging, there is no way to open it. We can only communicate with the testing personnel to change a testing method, such as low strain and core drilling method! Other uses of the grouting pipe: in addition to being used as a detection channel and replacing part of the reinforcement section, the grouting pipe can also be used as a pipe for grouting at the bottom of the pile. Experiments have proved that the bearing capacity of the cast-in-place pile treated with the grouting at the bottom of the pile can be greatly improved. At the same time, the grouting pipe can also be used as a channel for the defect washing and grouting treatment of the accident pile. At this time it is necessary to take measures to punch through the pipe at the defective part to be grouted. Grouting pipe is specialized in the production of grouting pipe (ultrasonic detection pipe) for bridge pile foundation inspection. The product conforms to the industrial standard steel thin-walled grouting pipe for concrete cast-in-place pile and its use requirements (JT / T -, which was tried out by the Ministry of communications of the people&#;s Republic of China on April , It can not only meet the requirements of the standard, but also greatly improve each index, and obtain the inspection report of Hebei Road and Bridge Inspection Center. It has good air tightness, low gas permeability, strong sealing and no leakage.Songler,The construction steps of the three grouting methods are basically the same: the lower pipe grouting pipe grouting method and the flower pipe grouting method generally use the vibration method to place the grouting pipe into the soil at a predetermined depth. In the case of a large depth, the method of pre drilling a certain depth and then vibrating in can also be used. The drill pipe grouting method directly relies on the drilling method to place the grouting pipe (drill pipe) into the soil.The grouting pipe with the grouting pipe as the core flexible element can be compensated in the axial, lateral and angular directions on the pipeline. From the perspective of its performance, the internal pressure grouting pipe can be displaced in three directions, but because it is limited by casing and other accessories it can often only be displaced in the axial direction. Therefore, the user needs to indicate the displacement in several directions when selecting and ordering so as to select correctly. The working principle of the grouting pipe is to use its own elastic deformation to compensate the axial, angular, lateral and combined displacement of the pipe due to thermal deformation, mechanical deformation and various mechanical vibrations. The compensation has the s of sealing, pressure resistance, temperature resistance, impact resistance, vibration reduction and noise reduction, which can reduce the deformation of the pipe and improve the service life of the pipe.SeroweIn the construction of some grouting pipes, after the completion of the construction of the project, because some construction personnel did not take protective measures after the completion of the grouting pipes, the project was damaged due to some external factors. In order to help users effectively improve the construction quality of the grouting pipes, the following article introduces the protective measures that should be taken after the completion of the construction of the waterproof layer of the grouting pipes. For various engineering designs, waterproof and water stop shall be carried out throughout the whole process of grouting pipe until the backfilling soil is completed.Grouting pipe grouting pipe manufacturer clamp type grouting pipe grouting pipe price grouting pipe spot grouting pipe specification grouting pipe model grouting pipe raw material for grouting pipe grouting pipe is processed by welded pipe or spiral steel pipe, and grouting pipe processed by seamless steel pipe is generally rare in the market. The reasons are as follows: first, in terms of price, generally, the cost of grouting pipes made by welding is relatively low, which is easy for purchasers to accept. The cost of domestic products made of spiral steel pipes and seamless steel pipes is too high. Second, in terms of processing technology, the process is relatively complex. Manufacturing process and characteristics of clamp down grouting pipe clamp down grouting pipe is a kind of grouting pipe. Because only professional hydraulic clamps are required for connection, it is also commonly called clamp down grouting pipe. The clamp grouting pipe has the following characteristics: the connection of the grouting pipe is simple, as long as the hydraulic clamp is required for connection. The grouting pipe has joints at both ends of the clamp type grouting pipe, which avoids the possibility of loosening and has good seismic resistance. Several common failures in the installation of grouting pipes always have many problems when using grouting pipes for work. In order to enable everyone to provide production to the factory normally we have specially summarized the following failures that will occur when using grouting pipes. If you have problems in the following examples, you will know how to solve them The first point is that if the joint,SonglerGrouting small conduit and advance anchor rod, nozzle or bottom of the grouting pipe is not tightly sealed, it will be blocked by cement slurry during construction. At this time, it is OK to check the sealing The second point is that the joint is misaligned or deformed during installation. At this time, we need to know that it is caused by the thin material selected. The above two points are common problems in the installation of grouting pipes that are not suitable for the current location. We&#;d better remember these points of attention, so that when they occur in the future we will know how to deal with them to ensure a quick solution! The grouting pipe joint or the pipe orifice and the pipe bottom are not sealed tightly, so please bring in mud or cement slurry during the construction process to block the pipe: during the installation and grouting of the grouting pipe, the rebar is distorted or collided, causing the dislocation and deformation of the grouting pipe joint or the deformation of the pipe wall. The main reason for this is the selection of thin-walled grouting pipes.Among the many imported projects, the development of the production technology of automobile door and window sealing strips is the most representative. Through the introduction of sealing strip production lines from Japan, Germany, Italy, Britain and other countries, up to now domestic manufacturers have introduced more than sealing strip production lines. In addition to pure rubber sealing strips, sealing strips of various composite structures, metal skeleton and various rubber composite sealing strips, rubber and plastic composite sealing strips can be produced. At present, the overall level of China&#;s sealing strip production technology has basically reached the level of foreign countries in the s, and has become a grouting pipe. Because some projects are not easy to detect when they are manufactured, and the quality of the grouting pipe as a channel for testing instruments has become crucial. If the quality of the grouting pipe is poor, it will bring many hidden dangers. Steel grouting pipe material, which has the characteristics of thin pipe wall, steel saving, pressure resistance and high strength, is generally used for post tensioned reserved holes in prestressed structures. When the grouting pipe is used, it can be directly bound to the reinforcement framework. Because the grouting pipe is very light, it is very convenient to operate. However, the industrial market space is huge' >

Welding is strictly prohibited during use, because the strength of the welding point is much lower than that of the steel itself, and it is easy to cause broken wires at the welding point during tensioning. When the grouting pipe adopts circular reinforcement arrangement, its bending radius shall not be less than times of the diameter. The quality of the steel upsetting head of the grouting pipe is not directly related to its own quality, but the excessive strength will be harmful to the quality of the upsetting head. Therefore, when you choose the upsetting head anchor, you should explain it in detail to the manufacturer in the order.The repetitive grouting pipe can be reused for many times, and the core and outer wall of the pipe need to be cleaned after each use. Advantages of grouting pipe grouting pipe is an embedded grouting pipe system, which is used for permanent sealing of construction joints, cold joints, pipe seepage joints, and gaps between ground walls in concrete. It is very suitable to install grouting pipes between the joints of new and old concrete. When water penetrates into the joint, it can be sealed by injecting slurry into the PVC port set on the surface. The proper grouting time can be selected after the concrete curing. Leakage joints can also be permanently sealed in this way. It is safe and does not need to be welded on site.Potential development,Grouting pipe grouting mainly improves the bearing capacity of piles from these two aspects Grouting is carried out through the grouting pipe embedded in the pile body. The slurry integrates the soil and slurry around the pile body through penetration, splitting and compaction, so as to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the bearing layer of the pile body Especially for the ballast at the bottom of the pile, grouting can improve or eliminate the adverse effect of the ballast at the bottom of the pile on the end bearing capacity through the replacement, compaction and consolidation of the ballast by the slurry.II During the drilling process of the bored pile, there will be a certain gap between the pile retaining wall and the surrounding soil layer, which will lead to the decrease of the pile side friction and affect the bearing capacity of the pile When the grouting pipe is used at the pile end for grouting, the slurry will permeate, fill and compact along the side of the pile under the pressure, so as to complete the replacement of the mud skin around the pile and the filling of the gap, such as greatly improving the pile side friction resistanceThe grouting pipe diffuses the load on it. When the reinforced soil is loaded, the grouting pipe has a high bond with the soil, and has a mutual embedding effect with the soil, showing better tensile performance. The tensile stress of the soil is transmitted to the grouting pipe, making the reinforced soil a tensile member, which can change the stress from the vertical direction to the horizontal direction, spread the load stress evenly to a large base range, enhance the overall tensile strength of the soil, and effectively improve the stress distribution of the pavement structure. The strength of high tensile reinforced soil is far higher than that of unreinforced soil, greatly improving the bearing capacity of the soil.The following aspects shall be paid attention to during the construction of grouting pipe: when the construction personnel are binding reinforcement and erecting formwork, reliable fixation measures must be taken for the buried grouting pipe to avoid displacement during concrete pouring and ensure the correct position of the grouting pipe in the concrete. When fixing the grouting pipe, only the allowable part of the grouting pipe can be perforated, and the body part shall not be damaged. The grouting pipe shall be fixed according to the construction specifications required by the design. The common fixing methods are: using additional reinforcement; Fixed with special fixtures; Fix with lead wire and formwork. No matter what fixing method is adopted,SonglerPrice of advanced small conduit, the grouting pipe must be positioned accurately, without damaging the effective part of the grouting pipe, so as to facilitate concrete pouring and tamping. During the construction of the grouting pipe, there are many sharp stones and sharp edged reinforcement in the concrete, so when pouring, vibrating and positioning the grouting pipe, attention should be paid to the impact force of pouring and vibrating, so as to avoid piercing the grouting pipe due to excessive force.?

SonglerGrouting seamless pipeAt present, the industrial market space is huge

Glass fiber grouting pipe is a semi-rigid product made of glass fiber as raw material, high-strength alkali free glass fiber through a certain warp knitting process, and fiber filament coated on both,Advantages: It is connected with special hydraulic tongs, does not require preparations outside the construction site, does not require any equipment, is convenient and fast ( times faster than the traditional welding method), is simple to fix the grouting pipe to the reinforcement cage, and is not affected by the bad weather. During concrete construction, special personnel shall be assigned to take care of the reserved and embedded reinforcement, the calendering of the component surface and the roughening of the laminated plate surface shall be carried out in time. It has good flexibility. The pipes can be coiled when they are produced, so that the number of joints in the pipe network can be reduced. It can be laid according to the terrain, easily bypass obstacles, and is convenient for construction.Songler, the gap is larger than the thickness of the pipe wall, that is, the Chengdu grouting pipe manufacturer kneads the pipe wall to form an 'eight' shaped wrinkle.Can the piston rod of the grouting pipe be protected to avoid being bruised and accelerating leakage?The arrangement of the strain gauge shall be installed before the prestressing force is applied, and the bracket shall be fully cooled when the initial reading is measured; If the prestress has been applied, it must be noted in the report that the supporting axial force data reflects the change of the stress of the grouting pipe after the prestress is applied.

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