Nejack3-meter cargo elevatorWhat are the crystal structures of
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Hydraulic pump station: special pump station for domestic lifting platform protection device outside the pump station imported from Italy: organ m type, mesh type, iron plate seal type.What kind of function can be achieved by installing the elevator? Before installation, confirm whether the motor and the elevator are intact, and strictly check whether the dimensions of the parts connected to the motor and the elevator match. Here are the dimensions of the positioning boss of the motor, the input shaft and the groove of the elevator. Fitting tolerances.Nejack,For the safety performance of aerial work platforms, it is necessary to have production technology, scientific technology, and strict management to ensure production. When in use, people, the environment, and machines are the three major links of high-altitude operations. Safety is the basic condition to ensure the smooth progress of high-altitude operations. In the following, Jiuyi will briefly describe the precautions for using aerial work platforms as follows: Personnel working at heights A health certificate is required. People with heart disease, high blood pressure, and mental illness are not allowed to work at heights. Workers are not allowed to work at heights when they are drinking or are in a low state of mind.Avoid working in an environment. In the event of rain, snow and other weather, the use of the hydraulic lifting platform should be stopped to prevent the occurrence of a short circuit, you can’t disassemble without permission to eliminate the cause. You must report to the manufacturer for repair in time, inform the phenomenon of the accident, and the manufacturer will guide you to complete the inspection or send someone to repair it; do not disassemble the appliance without permission! Professional elevator factory guarantees quality, guarantees service. Guarantees quality. Your satisfaction is our pursuit! Welcome to inquire.Balmazujvaros,In addition to the fixed mode, the elevator also has a vehicle-mounted mobile type. As the name implies, it combines the lifting equipment with the vehicle-mounted system. Such a lifting equipment is very flexible to move, and of course it is more useful. For example There is this kind of lifting equipment in the airport, and it is also possible to install this kind of equipment in stations or stadiums. Since it can be moved, the scope of operation is not limited to a certain place, and it can be used wherever lifting operations are required. It can be used. For example, when installing outdoor advertisements, the height of some advertisements is relatively high. At this time, mobile lifting equipment can be used to send billboards or staff to the designated height to work. This kind of equipment can also be divided into two types according to the driving mode: hydraulic lifting and electric lifting. The so-called hydraulic lifting is driven by hydraulic oil to reach a specified height. The electric mode is driven by a motor or geared to lift to A certain height but at present, hydraulic lifting platforms are more widely used.Goods should be stacked on the platform and not tilted. When the freight elevator goes up and down beyond the range of the platform, no one should stand around to watch.In addition, during installation,NejackChain guide rail type cargo elevator, it is strictly forbidden to use hammers, etc. to prevent damage to bearings or gears due to excessive axial force or radial force. Be sure to tighten the mounting bolts before tightening the force bolts. Before installation, clean the anti-rust oil on the motor input shaft, and to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Nejack3-meter cargo elevatorWhat are the crystal structures of

In addition, during installation, it is strictly forbidden to use hammers etc. to prevent damage to bearings or gears due to excessive axial force or radial force. Be sure to tighten the mounting bolts before tightening the force bolts. Before installation,NejackSmall cargo elevator, clean the anti-rust oil on the motor input shaft, the positioning boss and the connection parts of the elevator with gasoline or zinc and sodium water. Its purpose is to ensure the tightness of the connection and the flexibility of operation, and to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.Working at heights is very common now, and lifts are very popular in the market. Many high-level transportation tasks are completed by elevators, which are highly efficient and safe. However, attention should also be paid to the installation of the lift, otherwise there will be problems, and no one wants to see such a situation happen. What are the installation precautions for the lift?The parts such as reduction box, gearbox, external gear and hydraulic oil are all in accordance with the requirements in the table.Work courses,Whether it is used outdoors or indoors, some small problems will inevitably appear after a long period of time. At this time, what we should do is to maintain and maintain the elevator. How to follow the steps correctly It has become a difficult problem, and I will answer it with you.Anti-corrosion measures for the body of aerial work vehicles Pay attention to small scratches. The paint surface of aerial work vehicles is often corroded. In addition to common collisions, scratches, small rocks on the driving tires, there may also be a peeling paint spot, and a small rust will appear after a long time. Because most of these scars are small, they are easy to ignore. Therefore, check regularly, the engine compartment cover and its surroundings, and once found, go to a professional beauty shop for processing.Always check all wires and cables for damage. The damaged part should be bandaged and replaced in time.

Nejack3-meter cargo elevatorWhat are the crystal structures of

Many people think that the strength of the elevator itself is relatively high when using the elevator, so they did not strictly follow the installation method in the manual during the installation process, but they do not know that this will cause increased wear and tear of the parts and inflexible operation, and pay attention to the work The installation precautions corresponding to the environment should not be ignored. Correct installation, use and maintenance of elevators are an important part of ensuring the normal operation of mechanical equipment. Therefore, when you install the elevator please be sure to strictly follow the installation and use related matters below, and assemble and use it carefully.Sincere service,Today, the editor will talk about a series of safety devices and their uses on the guide rail hydraulic lifting platform.Guide rail hydraulic freight elevator is a kind of hydraulic lifting mechanical equipment. It is used for the transportation of goods between the floors of industrial plants with more than one floor, restaurants and hotels. The low height is suitable for a variety of working conditions, and the structure is diversified (single-column, double-column, four-column guide rail). The equipment runs smoothly, the operation is simple, and the goods are transported up and down stably.The last thing to note is that compared with the lifting platforms in some places, protective fences are generally added on the platforms. Since the lifting platforms are special equipment, the National Quality Inspection Bureau is very strict on this piece of inspection. All must be dismantled, so when the personnel ask you if you want to add a guardrail, don't blindly refuse, Transformation and Maintenance License' to produce, install, and maintain. Therefore, you must ask whether the manufacturer has these two certificates.Nejack,Hydraulic system: mainly oil cylinders high-strength chrome-plated rods, Japanese NOK seals, self-made external integrated pump stations, oil pipelines, gear pumps,NejackProduction of lifting cargo elevators, solenoid valves, etc. The Japanese NOK seal used in the oil cylinder has good wear resistance, which ensures that the oil cylinder series will not leak oil for a long time. The gear pump pumps the oil in the oil tank into the oil circuit and enters the oil cylinder, thereby driving the top of the rod and raising the equipment; The valve is used to adjust the oil output, the ascending and descending speed, and contains an emergency descending device to ensure that the guide rail hydraulic lifting platform can descend safely in case of an emergency.The surface of the brushes of each part should be kept clean, and the pressure of the brushes should be adjusted so that the area is not less than %. Professional elevator factory, large quantity favorably, high quality and low price. Fire-resistant-waterproof-high temperature resistant, durable, safe and reliable.The motor winding is short-circuited. When a short-circuit fault occurs in the motor winding, the short-circuit current is much larger than the normal operating current, which increases the copper loss of the winding

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