West BromwichProspect of power transformerThe trend of the industry
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Then clamp the branch pipe with your thumb, clearly put forward the glass test tube, rotate and release the oil in the tube to clean the sampling tube,West Bromwich25kV power transformer, carry out it twice, and then draw the oil sample.What is the wiring mode of dry-type transformer?West Bromwich,West BromwichRecovery price of dry-type transformer,West Bromwich33kV power transformer,Maintenance contents of power transformerThe first step of the whole wave process calculation is to calculate the basic parameters of the Internet such as inductance, capacitance and resistor. The accuracy of those basic parameters does great harm to the calculation results of the whole wave process. For the inductance calculation, but there are many calculation methods.Zhetiqara, and some immediately press the two edges together, because the socket can not be pressed firmly during installation, and there is still oil leakage without sealing effect.The clock expression is used to indicate the phase difference correlation of the working voltage of the secondary side line. The phasor of the working voltage of the primary side line is used as the minute hand, the fixed finger is at o'clock, and the phasor of the phase voltage of the secondary side is used as the second hand.When the power transformer operates at full load, it needs a large reactive load. This reactive load shall be provided by the power supply and distribution system. If the transformer volume is too large, it will not only increase the initial project investment, but also make the transformer operate at full load or load for a long time, expand the proportion of full load loss, reduce power factor and increase Internet loss. Such operation is neither economic development nor scientific.

West BromwichProspect of power transformerThe trend of the industry

The main reason is that the welding quality of electric welding is poor there are empty welding, open welding, needle holes, sand holes and other shortcomings in welding. The oil transformer is easy to be covered with welding powder and paint when leaving the factory, and the potential safety hazards are exposed after operation. In addition, the electromagnetic induction vibration will crack the electric welding and lead to leakage.How is the quality level of dry-type transformer compared with foreign countries?The oil in the machinery and equipment of the oil storage tank shall generally stand for more than h before sampling; it is not necessary to stand when sampling on the running power transformer.supplyFor no-load impulse closing of transformer, pay attention to the following matters:Avoid aging and damage of power transformer iron core insulation: aging of iron core insulation or damage of waterproof sleeve holding anchor bolt will cause large vortex of iron core, and long-term scalding of iron core will lead to insulation aging.Loose core screw

West BromwichProspect of power transformerThe trend of the industry

In relay protection dry-type transformer, the disconnection of the fault point is related to each other. In a word, if there is any problem at a certain point, it will affect the whole power circuittechnological innovation,Protective measures for damping of dry-type transformerThe equipment can eliminate the shortcomings found in the patrol inspection, clean the porcelain waterproof casing casing, check and tighten the node, replenish the oil with less oil, check and replace the silica gel of the breathing mask, etc.When the screw of the through core extruder holding the iron core of the transformer is loose, there are screw cap parts left on the iron core, or small metal materials fall into the transformer, the transformer will send out & ldquo; Ding Ding Dang & rdquo; Or & ldquo; Call & hellip; Call & hellip& rdquo; Blowing sound and its & ldquo; Squeak, squeak & rdquo; It's like a magnet sucking a small washer, while the working voltage, current and temperature of the transformer are all normal. Such conditions generally do not endanger all normal operation of the transformer and can be solved until power failure.West Bromwich,For the leakage that has already occurred, find the leakage point first, which can not be ignored. For the position with serious leakage, shovel or sharp punch can be selected. The leakage point can be riveted with special tools for metal materials. After manipulating the leakage, the treatment surface shall be cleaned and tidy. Polymer composite materials are mostly selected for dry consolidation. After dry consolidation, the goal of long-term treatment of leakage can be achieved.Sound in case of phase failureDeterioration damage of transformer core insulation

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