TiheiAutomatic sheet turnover machineHow to select the correct tool and program
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There is a dedicated fire telephone in the fire elevator car.b. When the old elevator cannot start: due to the inability to enter the shaft, limited data can only be obtained from outside the shaft to determine whether it is non-standard (if there is a high platform in the machine room, the plane size of the shaft can be measured in the machine room, but it is not accurate enough) for elevator quotation negotiation reference. In this case, the signing of the contract should state that the shaft rectification and costs are the responsibility of the user. For uncertain shaft structures and dimensions, users should be reminded to provide them to the elevator after the old elevator or notify the elevator to take measurements before the new elevator is put into operation.Tihei,Home elevators are different from public spaces, such as professional home elevators, villa home elevators, home elevator manufacturers, small home elevators, and other special products. Old brands have advantages in price and guaranteed quality. Considering the limited installation space, lack of dedicated hoistways, and small lifting height, the design pursues simplicity and miniaturization and the existence of computer rooms is not necessary. Long term promotion of home elevator manufacturers, old brands, price advantages, and guaranteed quality!Measure the beam edge distance between the upper and lower support beams. The measurement is to suspend the line from the upper support point to the ground for positioning, and then measure the horizontal distance from the positioning point to the edge of the lower support beam.Kabala,The call button on each floor is no longer working, and the call is cut off.Machine room power supply: The power supply should be three-phase V, HZ, and the lighting power supply should be single-phase V, HZ. The incoming line should be connected to the vicinity of the machine room entrance and equipped with an incoming socket. Specializing in product and renewable resource business, including: home elevator manufacturersThe safety monitoring machine room environment screen cabinet main power switch traction wheel speed limiter shaft and pit guide rail layer door and car counterweight should be reliably fixed with pressure plates to prevent loosening.

TiheiAutomatic sheet turnover machineHow to select the correct tool and program

Measure the length, width, and depth of the pit (if any), and observe whether there are grooves and embedded parts at the support beam.Household elevators must be regularly maintained to confirm their safety and whether they can continue to operate, while also repairing any faults and hidden dangers found.Multiple elevator shafts can be connected and an - # I-beam can be fixed at a certain height between each adjacent elevator shaft, with the same position as the ring beam. The pit must be equipped with an isolation net that is mm above the ground level.Highly recommended,The treatment of general civil engineering problems on escalator sites: the beam edge distance is too large: in this case, the length of the upper and lower platforms of the escalator can be increased to meet the actual dimensions of civil engineering. One platform can be extended on one side, or both platforms can be extended simultaneously. The total extension of the upper and lower platforms should generally not exceed mm. When lengthening the platform, attention should be paid to the length of the pit or the opening of the floor slab which should also be lengthened at the same time. After the escalator is extended, the force on the upper and lower support points will also increase. If the edge distance of the beam increases too long support needs to be added in the middle of the escalator truss. In addition, changing the angle of the escalator from degrees to degrees can also make the beam edge distance longer.  “& rdquo; Elevator shaft: The design conditions are provided by the user to the architectural design department. The architectural design department analyzes whether the on-site pit depth top floor height, etc. can meet the installation requirements of the elevator, as well as which building structures are needed (such as smashing stairs or floors), door opening width, etc.), then consider the non-standard design of the elevator.There are dedicated operation buttons for firefighters at appropriate positions at the entrance of the first floor elevator. The operation buttons are generally protected by glass sheets and have a red&# quo; mark in place; Dedicated to fire protection; Words such as.

TiheiAutomatic sheet turnover machineHow to select the correct tool and program

The beam edge distance is too small: The method of shortening the lower platform is to shorten the total length of the escalator, but note that the range of shortening is very limited, generally not exceeding mm. Generally, the platform cannot be shortened because it contains equipment such as cabinets and motors. Change the angle of the escalator from degrees to degreesofferMeasurement of elevator shafts in new construction projects under different on-site conditions: When the building design is not yet completed, the operator only needs to provide the user with the standard elevator layout of the required elevator specifications,TiheiLarge hydraulic turnover machine, and the user entrusts the design department to design the elevator shaft. When the architectural design has been completed,TiheiAluminum alloy lifting platform, and the site has not yet been constructed, is under construction, or has been completed, the user should entrust the architectural design department to make the shaft design modification based on the layout provided by the elevator.Will the elevator quickly fall during a power outage& mdash;& mdash; Some movies and TV dramas often mislead the public into thinking that if the elevator loses its power, it will lose control and engage in falling movements.The requirement for the shaft is that it should not be plastered, which is beneficial for reducing noise, but there should be no protruding foreign objects.Tihei,The effective support width of the upper and lower support beams should be greater than the width of the escalator truss, and there should be embedded steel plates.Electrical components are roughly divided into screens, electrical switches for each safety circuit, etc. It is the brain of the elevator and the central nervous system of the elevator. The movement, operation, and door opening and closing of the elevator are all controlled by it, so it must be treated as a top priority in daily maintenance work. Do not short circuit the elevator circuit inside the screen during work. When the elevator door system malfunctions, and there are many accidents when shorting the door. Why? If a person opens the hall door and extends their head inward, the elevator happens to run up or down to this point, and the hall door is shorted, the elevator cannot stop, so an accident is highly likely to occur. So in our daily maintenance work, we must not short-circuit the safety circuit. If it is necessary to short-circuit, we must identify which safety component has a problem and which safety component needs to be shorted. Moreover, after maintenance or urgent repairs are completed, we must promptly remove the short-circuit wire. Professional household elevator manufacturer, with a large quantity and excellent quality at a reasonable price. It is fire-resistant, waterproof, high-temperature resistant, sturdy and durable, safe and reliableThe mechanical components of the elevator's traction machine require oil. There are two scales on the outer cover of the traction machine. Open the oil nozzle to check that the oil should be in the middle of the two scales. If the oil is lower than the lower scale, the elevator will not operate well for a long time, leading to the burning of the elevator traction machine and motor. After the elevator has been running for a long time, the oil should be replaced in a timely manner to keep the traction machine clean and in good condition.

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