Tirstrup AirportCan we use wooden floors in the kitchenApplication in the protection industry
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days later, maggots grow on the floor. This problem occurs because the floor contains a lot of impurities.Feature editing voiceTirstrup Airport,If the scratch is serious and the floor paint is damaged and white,Tirstrup AirportThere are several types of SPC floor buckle,Tirstrup AirportTunnel waterproof board,The key injury of formaldehyde is mainly manifested in the stimulation of skin and mucous membrane. Formaldehyde is a toxic chemical substance, which can fuse with protein. When inhaled at high concentration, it has serious irritation and edema of respiratory system, eye irritation and headache.Advantages: it is warm for many days and cool in summer. Of course the lines are comfortable on the feet and resist germs. About solid wood composite floor.

Tirstrup AirportCan we use wooden floors in the kitchenApplication in the protection industry

Select substrate densityFor reinforced wood flooring, the main standard of floor environmental protection is formaldehyde emission.Under the limitation of formaldehyde emission standards, the environmental protection of the flooring industry has experienced three technological revolutions: E, E and FCF.At an earlier stage, the formaldehyde emission standard of wood-based panels was E (formaldehyde emission ≤ mg / g), and its formaldehyde emission limit was very loose.Even if the product meets this standard, its formaldehyde content may exceed three times that of E wood-based panel, which is seriously harmful to human health. Therefore, it must not be used for home decoration.Therefore, in the first environmental protection revolution, the flooring industry implemented E environmental protection standard, that is, formaldehyde emission ≤ m/l.Although it does not pose a threat to the human body, there is still a lot of free formaldehyde on the floor.The flooring industry has started the second environmental protection revolution.In this environmental protection revolution, the flooring industry has implemented E environmental protection standard, that is, formaldehyde emission ≤ m/l.The best way to identify whether the floor is environmentally friendly is to smell a large area on the floor with a hammer to make the floor smell a lot of free formaldehyde.Melamine surface coating is generally used for wallboard, tabletop board, etc. it is used in places with low wear resistance requirements. In the flooring industry, this kind of surface coated floor is called 'false floor'Its wear-resistant revolution is only - revolutions. If it is used with high strength, the decorative paper on the surface will wear out after two or three months. The standard laminate floor will not have such a problem after years of normal use. There is no wear-resistant layer on this kind of floor decorative paper, the pattern is beautiful and clear, and it is relatively smooth when touched by hand, Non toxic and tasteless, not afraid of water, fire and tide;In terms of scratch resistance, resource use and anti-skid performance, SPC floor is better than laminate floor.Look at the substrate, break the floor and look at the substrate inside. There are no impurities in the good substrate and the color is relatively pure. A large number of impurities can be seen with the naked eye in the poor floor substrate.Most domestic floors use fast-growing forests, and wood has been used since to years. However, imported floors especially FSC certified plates, have strict restrictions on wood species, so wood base materials are better. Common floor types:

Tirstrup AirportCan we use wooden floors in the kitchenApplication in the protection industry

Products of well-known brand manufacturers with business history are preferredInstallation materials,Before putting down the new floor, please remember the following tips: complete all home decoration tasks.One of the best things you can do before installing a new floor is to complete all other changes in the room first.Whether it&#;s new paint, new wallpaper or regular maintenance, completing these projects in advance will help protect your beautiful new floor from damage. Rich colors and patterns.For long-term indoor use, high and medium grade products should be selected, and products produced by well-known brands and regular enterprises should be purchased as far as possible. Such products have sufficient thickness and good interlayer adhesion, and are not easy to layer and curl, especially foamed leather,Tirstrup AirportWhat kind of adhesive does floor leather have good effect, which gives people an elegant feeling. If you want to use them for short-term use or one-time cover, you can choose low-grade products, because the price of low-grade products is low, there are many prices to choose from, but many of these products are processed with waste materials, with poor flexibility, generally thin thickness and large shrinkage coefficient. Laminate flooring is generally composed of four layers of composite materials, namely wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer and balance (moisture proof)Laminate floor is also called impregnated paper laminated wood floor and laminate floor. Qualified laminate floor is made of one or more layers of special impregnated thermosetting amino resin.Tirstrup Airport, From the surface coating, when selecting floor cleaner reduce excessive water as much as possible and dry the mop.In addition, spray wax agent shall be selected to make the wax easy to apply evenly.Wipe off too much oil with a soft cloth to avoid bright spots.Don&#;t rush to choose the wood floor coated with light wax when applying wax after cleaning the wood floor, and dry it naturally at night.

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