UlanhotAluminum alloy automatic lifting platformMeticulous workmanship
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Ensure that power cables and electrical circuits are not damagedCheck the smooth steel wire rope and various fasteners, if there is excessive wear, it is necessary to replace themUlanhot,Folding arm lifting platform product features Folding arm lifting platform High altitude operation platform degree rotation without external power supply, can work across obstacles, lifting smoothly and safely. The curved arm lifting platform adopts a curved arm working arm,With the continuous development of the economy, meeting the needs of society, and increasing productivity, hydraulic cargo elevators play an important role in high-altitude operations. Hydraulic cargo elevators operate up and down, and can provide us with a safe and stable platform. We can provide security for our safety when working at heights.On the contrary, it should be adjusted in the opposite direction; When the meshing backlash of the gear pair is greater than .mm loosen the connecting nut of the eccentric shaft of the guide roller and the tooth back pressure wheel as shown in , adjust the tooth back pressure wheel to press towards the back plane of the gear rack until the backlash reaches a reasonable range. Otherwise, it should be adjusted in the opposite direction. At this point, the guide roller should be loosened for o and then adjusted according to the adjustment of the guide roller.Drop test to check if the braking interval of the safety governor meets the requirements of the rules. Equipment transfer maintenance: Check the coupling between the electric motor and the worm gear reducer, and dismantle the gearbox. Clean all components and seals, replace excessively worn and deformed parts and smooth oil

UlanhotAluminum alloy automatic lifting platformMeticulous workmanship

After cleaning, can work across obstacles, lifting smoothly and safely. The curved arm lifting platform adopts a curved arm working arm, and the scope and space of operation are not affected.The surface of each part of the brush should be kept clean, and the brush pressure should be adjusted to ensure that its area is not less than %.consumption,Adjust and correct various safety doors and mechanical interlocking equipmentWhen disassembling the hydraulic oil tank filler cap,UlanhotAluminum alloy elevator platform, filter cover, inspection hole, hydraulic oil pipe and other parts, it is necessary to avoid dust during the system oil passage. The disassembled parts must be thoroughly cleaned before opening. When disassembling the hydraulic oil tank filler cap, first remove the soil around the tank cap. After loosening the tank cap, remove any remaining debris from the joint area (do not rinse with water to prevent water from seeping into the tank). Only after confirming cleanliness can the tank cap be opened. When using materials and hammers, materials that do not remove fiber impurities and specialized hammers with rubber attached to the surface should be selected. Hydraulic components and hydraulic hoses should be carefully cleaned, and then assembled. Choose a well packaged filter element (the inner packaging is damaged, although the filter element is intact it may also be unclean). When changing the oil, clean the filter at the same time. Before installing the filter element, carefully clean the bottom dirt inside the filter housing with materials.  ?? When the construction supervisory department fulfills its safety supervision and inspection responsibilities it shall order the immediate elimination of potential safety hazards in the production of construction elevators and cargo elevators discovered during the inspection. If safety cannot be guaranteed before or during the elimination of major production safety hazards, it shall be ordered to evacuate workers from the hazardous area or temporarily stop construction. In the work of hazard investigation and control, the investigation shall be serious,UlanhotSelf moving lifting platform,UlanhotHydraulic turnover machine, the rectification shall be resolute, and the results shall be consolidated.

UlanhotAluminum alloy automatic lifting platformMeticulous workmanship

Ensure that power cables and electrical circuits are not damagedMarket trend,When installing, disassembling and adjusting the rotating mechanism, it is important to ensure that the centerline of the reducer of the rotating mechanism is parallel to the centerline of the gear, and its meshing surface is not less than %. The meshing clearance should be suitable for each box, distribution box, etc., and should be kept clean regularly. Dust on electrical equipment should be cleaned in a timely manner. When encountering overheating in the electric motor, it is necessary to stop it in a timely manner and troubleshoot before continuing to operate. The motor bearings should be in good condition, and the hydraulic cargo elevator should provide us with safety protection. The application of hydraulic cargo elevators in our production is already very common, and plays an important role in our production, especially in high-altitude operation of goods.The lifting foundation of the platform is a large structural component made of alloy steel plates with different thicknesses that are welded together. The welding amount is large, the structural shape is complex, and residual stress is inevitably generated during the manufacturing process. In order to prevent deformation of the components due to changes in residual stress during use, it is necessary to perform stress relief treatment on the completed components.Check the clearance of the ball bearing and the wear of the suspension wheel guide wheel. If the roller is worn, it is necessary to adjust or replace it. If the elevator bearing is worn, replace the guide wheel or bearingUlanhot,The reduction gearbox, gearbox, external meshing gear and other parts, as well as the hydraulic oil, restaurants, and restaurants on the second and third floors. Professional elevator manufacturers are safe, environmentally friendly, and economical! Our products are exported to foreign countries and highly trusted

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