ShanghaiFour meter electric elevatorPrices fluctuate higher, not bad
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To meet the needs of stage craftsmanship and layout; Product; In the music and dance theater stage arranged in a zigzag pattern, auxiliary lifting platforms are often arranged in front back, left, and right of the main stage lifting platform. The side and rear auxiliary lifting platforms are used for the smooth opening of the side platform and rear vehicle turntable, while the front auxiliary lifting platform is used to place the rear vehicle turntable near the platform entrance. The leveling and lifting platform below the side platform and rear vehicle turntable can be used to level the platform after the side platform or rear vehicle turntable is driven out,ShanghaiMicro electric hydraulic elevator, so that the entire platform does not have a height difference, ensuring the safety of the cast members.Especially suitable for steel structured factories, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.Shanghai,The down travel (limit) switch should be of the automatic reset type.Chain type electric lifting mechanism: With a good guiding mechanism,After the electric elevator passes the inspection, the user unit shall organize the leasing unit, installation unit, and supervision unit to conduct acceptance. For the implementation of construction general contracting the acceptance shall be organized by the construction general contracting unit. The acceptance form should be signed by the relevant responsible person.Construction electric elevators should be equipped with cable guide frames and comply with regulatory requirements.The distance between the electric hoist and overhead line in Electrical safety construction shall meet the specification requirements, otherwise protective measures shall be taken.

ShanghaiFour meter electric elevatorPrices fluctuate higher,ShanghaiElectric hydraulic elevator, not bad

The hydraulic oil forms a certain pressure by the vane pump, and enters the lower end of the hydraulic cylinder through an oil filter, explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve, throttle valve, hydraulic control one-way valve, and balance valve, causing the hydraulic cylinder to move upwards and lift heavy objects. The return oil at the upper end of the hydraulic cylinder returns to the oil tank through the explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve, and its rated pressure overflow valve is adjusted. The pressure gauge observes the reading value on the pressure gauge. The downward movement of the hydraulic cylinder (i.e. lowering of heavy objects).How to determine the sufficient amount of clean oil for the hydraulic station of an electric elevator? Why cannot water be used to flush the hydraulic station of an electric elevator?The motor of the hydraulic guide rail lifting platform is set around the wellbore, occupying a relatively small area, improving the utilization rate of the wellbore area.Total quality management,Construction electric elevators should be equipped with cable guide frames and comply with regulatory requirements.To meet the needs of choreographers and choreographers in different plays,ShanghaiTwo phase electric elevator, different heights of the lifting platform can be used to change the shape of the stage according to the requirements of the choreographers and choreographers, in order to adapt to the requirements of the plot for the scenery or venue, and save manpower and material resources for setting up. By using the tilting device of the lifting platform to form a tilted platform, a better highlighting effect can be achieved in various performances. According to the needs of the plot, special atmosphere and effects can be created. Even simple stage machinery often participates in performance activities creating unexpected atmosphere and effects according to the needs of the plot. For example, using the low-speed descent of the lifting platform to represent a sunken ship in the sea, using the valves on the lifting platform and the sudden disappearance and appearance of actors on the lifting platform.The L distance depends on the selected wall mount model.

ShanghaiFour meter electric elevatorPrices fluctuate higher, not bad

Spiral electric lifting mechanism: With all the functions of a regular lifting platform,The safety notice board for construction electric elevators should be prominently placed on the hanging cage for the rated load capacity and rated number of passengers of the construction electric elevator. It is strictly prohibited to use construction electric elevators beyond the rated load capacity or rated number of passengers.The noise of aluminum alloy electric elevators during operation is relatively low. If the noise is high, it is abnormal. Therefore, find the cause in a timely manner, reduce noise pollution, and reduce dangerous accidentsLow level doors should be equipped with interlocking devices that can verify their closed and locked positions. The action of this interlocking device should be at the entrance of the cage. Simple use should not interfere with the operation of the interlocking device. The attached wall bracket should use matching standard products. When the wall bracket cannot meet the requirements of the construction site, it should be designed separately. The design of the wall bracket should meet the requirements of component stiffness, strength, stability, etc., and the production should meet the design requirements.Shanghai,Manual pump: When the system malfunctions, the manual pump can be operated to pump high-pressure oil to raise the car to the nearest floor positionSetting requirements: The layout and installation of all cables and wiring of electric elevators should be able to prevent mechanical damage.The setting of the cable guide frame should comply with the user manual and regulatory requirements.

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