Saint Talon ilbaharIrrigation deep well pumpStability force in structural design
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  In this way, when the equipment is used again, and the power consumption is also less, and the efficiency of the pump in use is often improved, and the fact is  The equipment is integrated with the oil cooler, with compact layout. The water pump meets the modular and integrated design requirements of diesel engine parts. The joint surface with oil cooler adopts rubber sealing method, which has good sealing effect. Submersible slurry pump is a kind of solid-liquid mixing medium with the help of centrifugal forceSaint Talon ilbahar, heat exchange system and other occasions requiring temperature control.  Potential is convenient and flexible. It is easy to operate. It can be operated by a fool who turns on the power supply under immersion; It has a wide range of applications. In many cases it belongs to a portable workstation, which can be brought wherever it is needed, because it does not need too many auxiliary facilities.Jenjarum,   In addition, the noise method directly detects the noise of the equipment in the detection process, but this measurement will also be affected by the surrounding noise, so in fact, this measurement is not very accurate.  The hardened mud layer collapses after softening, avoiding the phenomenon of burying the pump during use.  Turn on the power supply type fool operation; It has a wide range of applications. In many cases,Saint Talon ilbaharZD slurry pump, it belongs to a portable workstation, which can be brought wherever it is needed, because it does not need too many auxiliary facilities.

Saint Talon ilbaharIrrigation deep well pumpStability force in structural design

  The use of water pumps is related to all aspects of our life. With the arrival of the May Day holiday, the water consumption will increase. Therefore, it is necessary for us to choose a suitable water pump.   Take out the locking ring of the coupling unscrew the fixing screw and remove the connecting bolt to separate the motor and water pump.   If the impeller of the pump is damaged after a long time of use, it will also lead to insufficient liquid supply for the,  Whether the pump is evacuated or overflowed, etc., and handle it at any time.   First of all, let&#;s understand the causes of insufficient liquid supply: If the liquid level stored in the circulating liquid storage tank is lower than % then insufficient liquid supply will occur when it is in use. Or the pump adds too much lubricating oil, which leads to accumulation  Troubleshooting: first increase the water pressure, then inject water into the pump body, and then start the pump. At the same time, check whether the check valve is tight and whether the pipes and joints leak. If air leakage is found,Saint Talon ilbaharCarbon steel explosion-proof pipeline pump, apply lubricating oil or mixed paint on the joint after disassembly,Saint Talon ilbaharVortex pump and pipeline pump, and tighten the screws.

Saint Talon ilbaharIrrigation deep well pumpStability force in structural design

  Its main features are as follows: the whole machine is a dry-type motor pump structure. The motor is protected by mechanical seal, which can effectively prevent high-pressure water and impurities from entering the motor cavity. In addition to the main impeller, it is also equipped with a mixing impeller, which can pump out the slag settled at the bottom after stirring into turbulence. impellerProject scope,  Other ysts believe that, at least in recent years, the situation of power shortage will continue, and China&#;s economic growth trend will maintain a high speed. Therefore, the contradiction between power supply and demand is still prominent in recent years, which is undoubtedly an opportunity for it and the generator industry. In water pumps and generators, especially   The electric pump should not be used in flammable and explosive environment, nor should it pump flammable liquid. How to use the submersible non clogging sewage pump?   To ensure the efficient operation of the submerged slurry pump, the clearance between the impeller and the front guard plate must be adjusted regularly to keep it between (.-mm). In addition to monitoring the flow and pressure during the operation of the pump,  The purpose is to inject liquid higher than . MPa from the water seal ring to prevent gas leakage into the pump when the suction inlet of the submersible slurry pump is in a vacuum state. When the water pressure in the pump is higher than . MPa, the sealing fluid .-. MPa higher than the pressure in the pump can be injected to seal and reduce leakage   the submersible slag pump is often used to transport pulp containing solid particles, so the wear resistance of the pipeline should also be considered.  Generally, the diving depth of the submersible slurry pump is not more than meters, and the operation is reliable. Why not more than meters? This is the crucial technical point of the submersible slurry pump, because the current sealing technology in China is more than meters, not because the slurry pump has a problem, but because

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