TheofokManual pressure relief of hydraulic lifting platformWhat are the applicable industries
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TheofokHydraulic lifting platform lifting cargo elevator,

New reference wiring diagram . Elevator leg noise. Mobile elevators should open the legs before operation. In this case, if the legs lack butter, noise will be generated.The manufacturer of hydraulic cargo elevators will tell you about the knowledge of specialized lifting platforms for unloading.Theofok,Hydraulic oil deteriorates or produces impurities. After long-term use of oil pressure, there may be impurities or deterioration in the oil. Sampling inspection should be carried out to see if there are solid particles, discoloration, and odor. If necessary, the oil should be changed. There may be blockage in the hydraulic pipeline of the hydraulic cargo elevator. The hydraulic pipeline is also a very important part, and it is necessary to check whether the hydraulic pipeline is smooth. Focus on checking whether each type of hydraulic valve includes one-way globe valve, electromagnetic directional valve, proportional control valve, overflow valve, etc. If there are problems the hydraulic valve should be cleaned or replaced in a timely manner.An inverter can also generate high noise. When the power supply voltage is lower than % of the rated voltage, the short circuit ring of the iron core of the device breaks, the surface of the magnetic yoke and armature is skewed, dust or rust is poor,Next, the hydraulic cargo elevator manufacturer will explain the maintenance of the mechanical equipment of the elevator: the brakes of each organization should be frequently checked and adjusted to ensure the clearance between the brake pads and wheels is sensitive and reliable. On the surface, there should be no dirt present. If there is dirt, it is necessary to wash it off with gasoline or thinner.Oil leakage is a common malfunction. Due to loose joints or damaged sealing rings, oil leakage may occur. Therefore, this fault can be solved by tightening the oil leakage joint or replacing the damaged sealing ring.The downward movement of the hydraulic cylinder (i.e. lowering of heavy objects). The hydraulic oil enters the upper end of the hydraulic cylinder through the explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve, and the return oil from the lower end of the hydraulic cylinder returns to the oil tank through the balance valve, hydraulic control one-way valve, throttle valve, and explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve. To ensure a smooth descent of heavy objects and safe and reliable braking, a balance valve is installed on the return oil circuit to balance the circuit and maintain pressure, so that the descent speed does not change due to heavy objects. The throttle valve regulates the flow rate and the ascending and descending speed. To ensure safe and reliable braking and prevent accidents, also known as a hydraulic lock is added to ensure safe self-locking in the event of an accidental rupture of the hydraulic pipeline. An overload sound control alarm has been installed to distinguish between overload or equipment failure.

TheofokManual pressure relief of hydraulic lifting platformWhat are the applicable industries

After the pre installation is completed, the pre installed equipment should be fixed, and the positions of cables, oil pipes, and components such as the pre installed frame should be confirmed to be correct before reinforcement work can be carried out. Reinforcement requires welding or screws, and the hydraulic cargo elevator after reinforcement has robustness and safety.When loading and unloading goods at the dock, hydraulic cargo elevators are often used. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic cargo elevators compared to electric cargo elevators?The manufacturer of hydraulic cargo elevators reminds the use of guide rail hydraulic lifting cargo elevators. Guide rail hydraulic lifting cargo elevators: Do not stand within the specified range, draw on the guide rail lifting platform, prohibit any idle personnel from entering the work area, ensure that the work area is free of clothing, and maintain a clean and tidy workplace.Sincere service,When the hydraulic system malfunctions the hydraulic elevator may experience problems with the hydraulic pump, motor, valve, and hydraulic installation after repairing the hydraulic system, which can easily cause vibration and generate significant noise.There is a phenomenon of self stopping when running up and down. Due to poor contact of the safety protection switch, it is easy for hydraulic cargo elevator manufacturers to cause this problem.The precautions to consider when selecting a hydraulic lift oil tank include: considering the structure of the oil tank, the partition in the traditional oil tank cannot settle dirt. A vertical partition should be installed along the longitudinal axis of the oil tank, with a space left between one end of the partition and the end plate of the oil tank to connect the gaps on both sides of the partition. The inlet and outlet of the hydraulic pump are arranged on both sides of the partition at the disconnected end, so that the distance Z between the inlet and return oil is far, The hydraulic oil tank has more heat dissipation effect.

TheofokManual pressure relief of hydraulic lifting platformWhat are the applicable industries

The hydraulic lifting platform is a manually movable type, and the lifting power of the platform is a two machine or three-phase power supply. It has manual and electric power, and is also equipped with a hand pump for use in case of power outage. This series of platforms have the characteristics of flexible movement, stable lifting, and easy operation,TheofokHydraulic lifting table, and are mainly used in factories, government agencies, commercial stores, and the construction and decoration industry.Market trend, the spring of the overflow valve is fatigued and deformed the overflow valve is stuck or severely worn, resulting in unstable pressure regulation of the overflow valve, and the relief time of the overflow valve is too short, it is easy to cause the pilot valve performance of the overflow valve to be partially stable, it should be replaced.Any work carried out at a height of meters or above should be considered as work at height. Any work that can be done in advance on the ground must be done on the ground to minimize high-altitude operations.When using hydraulic elevators, the main causes of noise are mechanical mechanism failures, hydraulic system failures, electrical equipment or component failures, etc. Today, the manufacturer of hydraulic cargo elevators will introduce to you the reasons for the noise generated by hydraulic elevators.Theofok,Ensure that there is a suitable power supply at the installation site, and separate maintenance of the distribution box is required. The distribution box should have a leakage switch, and the hydraulic cargo elevator construction site should be equipped with a fire extinguisher to prevent welding operations from causing fires. When selecting a leakage switch, it should be suitable for the operating power.The combined platform is often used in small workshops with small volume of goods. However, because this platform needs to complete two functions at the same time, it inevitably increases the distance of handling tools/vehicles in the workshop.The elevator is evenly distributed at any position on the guide rail at % of the maximum load capacity

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