ErenhotHydraulic guide rail lifting platformJudgment and coordination
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Improper use of oil: Inadequate maintenance of high-altitude work platform equipment such as mobile elevators can also lead to small fitting gaps of components, making it difficult for oil to form a uniform oil film on the friction surface. Additionally, due to assembly and other reasons, it is difficult to ensure the uniformity of fitting gaps, thereby reducing efficiency and causing early abnormal wear of equipment components; In severe cases, it may cause scratches or bite on the friction surface of precision fitting, leading to the occurrence of abnormal equipment noise.The explanation mainly focuses on the mechanism of lifting platforms, and now there are many different types of lifting platforms. In order to better use lifting platforms, we have started to develop different industries using different lifting platforms. Electric lifting platforms have become the main product of small lifting platforms. They are small in size, light in weight, practical in appearance, easy to move stable and free in lifting, large in load capacity, and large in plane area, Stability has become a machinery that many customers are competing for, and lifting equipment is used in enterprises of all sizes, so the use of lifting platforms is necessary.Erenhot, it has now become an irreplaceable part of our mainstream goods. And the hydraulic pump station is the heart position of the lifting machinery, which extremely tests the professionalism and attention of the operator. It is our common responsibility to inspect it and ensure the daily use of machinery. Let's take a look at several common sense issues: the elevator manufacturer's point is to ensure the correctness of the power connection, and there should be no misconnection or leakage; Pay attention to cleaning work in daily life and do not allow stains to corrode it; When standing still, regular maintenance should be carried out to prevent the impact of rain and snow weather; Overloading is the first thing that operators must comply with; Iron Law&# quo;; The adjustment of the solenoid valve cannot be done arbitrarily and must be checked and certified by a professional organization; Especially when conducting outdoor operations under high temperatures, it is necessary to always pay attention to the abnormalities of the pump station; It is very normal for us to encounter some problems when using hydraulic boarding bridges, as long as these problems are not very serious, we don't have to worry too much. However, when there is a problem with the hydraulic boarding bridge, causing unnecessary casualties; . Do not adjust the overflow valve arbitrarily. Because every component in the hydraulic system operates at a specified pressure, once the relief valve is adjusted, it may cause abnormal operation of the hydraulic system, causing unnecessary damage to people, machines, and objects; Non professional personnel are not allowed to disassemble electrical appliances at will to prevent electric shock or incorrect connection.Although lifting cargo elevators have good safety, in practical work, if we do not pay attention to detailed maintenance, accidents may occur. Therefore, we should pay attention to them when performing daily maintenance.Esquintla,Operating cost advantage: Low failure rate. Due to the use of advanced hydraulic systems and good methods, the failure rate of elevator operation can be minimized. Low power consumption: When the hydraulic elevator descends, it is driven by the pressure generated by its own weight, which greatly saves energy.During use, the elevator should be placed on a solid and flat ground to prevent tipping during operation. Press&quo; Rising; Or&quo; Descending; Press the button to frequently check and maintain the various components of the elevator when lifting the workbench. If the workbench does not move, it should be immediately stopped for inspection. When the working pressure of the electric elevator is found to be too high or the sound is abnormal, it should be immediately shut down for inspection to avoid serious mechanical damage; Regularly check the working status of the shaft pin every month. If any loose shaft pin or screw is found it must be locked tightly to prevent accidents caused by the shaft pin falling off.The seat belt needs to be inspected every six months, with a load of kilograms. The test time is five minutes. After the test, check whether the seat belt is broken or deformed,ErenhotHydraulic automatic lifting platform, and keep records of the experiment. Any unqualified seat belts should be immediately stopped from use.

ErenhotHydraulic guide rail lifting platformJudgment and coordination

When working in a hot environment, pay attention to heat dissipation.The hydraulic lifting platform mainly uses hydraulic oil pressure transmission to achieve the lifting function. Its shear fork mechanical structure provides stability for the lift. The wide working platform and high bearing capacity make the high-altitude operation range wide and suitable for multiple people to work simultaneously. It makes high-altitude operations efficient and guaranteed.The hydraulic system of the hydraulic boarding bridge has stable performance, high quality, low maintenance rate, and is sturdy and durable.Quality inspection report,When conducting high-altitude operations on dangerous edges such as roofs, suspension bridges, slopes, guardrails or safety nets should be installed on the side facing the air, or safety belts or ropes should be used.For the safety performance of high-altitude work platforms, it is necessary to have production technology, scientific processes, and strict management to ensure production. When in use, the environment, and machines are the three major links of high-altitude operations and safety is the basic condition to ensure the smooth progress of high-altitude operations. In the following text, Jiuyi briefly describes the precautions for using high-altitude operation platforms: high-altitude operators must hold a health certificate. Individuals with mental illness, hypertension, or mental illness are not allowed to engage in high-altitude work tasks. Staff are not allowed to engage in high-altitude work while drinking alcohol or feeling mentally drained.At this point, if the high-altitude work platform is overloaded, it may cause damage to the components and cause some mechanical failures.

ErenhotHydraulic guide rail lifting platformJudgment and coordination

Every month it should be ensured to add butter twice to the transmission position where the grease nipple is located. For areas where butter cannot be added, it is necessary to clear the oil circuit or replace the grease nipple until butter can be added. Otherwise, it is prohibited to use the equipment.resources,What should I pay attention to when starting a new mobile elevator? High priced and various specifications of scissor lift manufacturers welcome scrap merchants, industrial companies, enterprises, and power departments to visit and negotiate with the company!Unscrew the screws on the dustproof hole on the outer side of the elevator flange,ErenhotSmall hydraulic lifting platform, adjust the PCS system ring to align its side hole with the dustproof hole, and tighten the inner hexagon. Afterwards,The main structure and purpose of a guide rail elevator: The mechanical part of a guide rail elevator mainly includes three parts: a lifting device, a track device, and a belt changing device. The lifting device is mainly used to suspend the person being lifted, which is the core part of the entire mechanism. The track device is mainly used to provide movement trajectory making operation more smooth. The belt changing device is used to switch tracks when the elevator is about to pass through a door. The internal structure of the lifting device is mainly composed of gear mechanism, bracket, worm gear,ErenhotColumn hydraulic lifting platform, guide mechanism, lifting arm, upper and lower shells, etc. The gear mechanism mainly includes large and small gears, winding pulleys, central shafts, and safety devices composed of stop buckles and torsion springs.It is strictly prohibited to connect the motor of the lifting platform to the wrong power supply. It should be ensured that the voltage is V or V, and daily cleaning work should be carried out. Dust and debris on the motor should be cleaned in a timely manner.When encountering overheating in the electric motor during daily maintenance of the elevator, it is necessary to quickly park the car, remove obstacles, and then continue running. The motor bearings should be smooth and excellent.

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