Somoto Leading small conduit productionWhat is the way of packing
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Somoto Pipe shed and small conduit,

performance of grouting pipe the grouting pipe is light in weight, has strong bite force with soil or gravel, is acid-base resistant, corrosion-resistant, aging resistant and easy to construct. It has high tensile strength (- times higher than that before stretching) and low elongation (only % - % of that before stretching). It is easy to cut and connect on site (polyethylene rope or connecting rod can be used for connection), and it can also be overlapped (the grouting pipe with overlapping buckle has been developed and can be connected without other materials) and the bending effect during construction is small. However, the grouting pipe has low hardness, poor mechanical damage resistance, and mechanical scars such as scratches and crushed stones will produce stress concentration, which will reduce the overall mechanical properties of the grouting pipe and the grouting pipe.The small editor of prestressed machines and tools will lead you to understand the main connection methods between the drive device and the wellhead: the connection between the flange of the drive head of the electric oil pump and the parallel flange is the most widely used one at present. There is a flange at the lower part of the drive head, and the size matches the flange of the Christmas tree wellhead.Somoto ,The setting and curing reaction of cement water glass slurry includes cement hydration reaction and the reaction of Ca (OH) , the product of cement hydration reaction, with water glass, that is, after cement and water are mixed into cement slurry, Ca (OH) with strong activity is produced due to hydrolysis and hydration; Water glass interacts with Ca (OH) to form a gel with certain strength - calcium silicate hydrate. The reaction is as follows [].Can the stretching speed of grouting pipe be defined?Katunayaka, ranging from super high-rise and high-rise buildings to multi-storey buildings and indoor decoration construction. China has a longer history of using grouting pipes. Many of China&#;s ancient buildings have been listed as world-class material and cultural heritage, because China&#;s ancient buildings are very technical in construction. In China, before and in the early s, grouting pipes made of bamboo and wood were used in the construction of buildings. After the mounting bracket is welded on the surface of the grouting pipe, push the strain gauge in a stable and free state without bending and twisting; The mounting bracket and strain gauge shall be installed parallel to the support axis; When tightening the screw, pay attention to reasonably controlling the frequency of the strain gauge; The installation position of the strain gauge shall be selected at the position suitable for protection as far as possible. Sometimes the grouting pipe is overlaid on the two sides of the horseshoe surface. Adjust the cooperation specifications of the grouting pipe at the distribution nozzle. How to avoid grout leakage during installation of grouting pipe?Welding is strictly prohibited during use because the strength of the welding point is much lower than that of the steel itself, and it is easy to cause broken wires at the welding point during tensioning. When the grouting pipe adopts circular reinforcement arrangement, its bending radius shall not be less than times of the diameter. The quality of the steel upsetting head of the grouting pipe is not directly related to its own quality, but the excessive strength will be harmful to the quality of the upsetting head. Therefore, when you choose the upsetting head anchor, you should explain it in detail to the manufacturer in the order.

Somoto Leading small conduit productionWhat is the way of packing

The commonly used standard for grouting pipe is the inner diameter of -mm. The wall thickness of the pipe has little effect on the sound transmission, so there is generally no need to restrict the thickness of the pipe wall. However, from the perspective of saving steel consumption, it is OK if the pipe wall can bear the lateral pressure of new concrete, not necessarily the thicker the better. The system allows grouting at relatively low pressure. Classification of grouting pipe grouting pipe the grouting pipe is a plane mesh material of grouting pipe with certain flexibility. The main raw material is polyethylene grouting pipe. It is extruded into thin sheets by a grouting pipe extruder, and then punched with regular holes. Then it is made by directional stretching under the control of heating. It can be divided into unidirectional grouting pipe and bidirectional grouting pipe according to the different stretching modes when it is manufactured.quality index, which is caused by the Chengdu grouting pipe manufacturer&#;s failure to smooth (flatten) the grouting pipe along the horseshoe surface.Can the stretching speed of grouting pipe be defined?The important reason for the stability of the grouting pipe reinforced soil subgrade is to further verify the main principle of the grouting pipe reinforced soil subgrade treatment technology. It is to place various types of grouting pipe products inside, on the surface of the soil mass or between the layers of soil mass. Relying on the tensile characteristics of the grouting pipe, the distribution of the internal stress field and displacement field of the reinforced soil mass is changed through the friction and embedment between the grouting pipe and the surrounding soil mass.

Somoto Leading small conduit productionWhat is the way of packing

Glass fiber grouting pipe is a semi-rigid product made of glass fiber as raw material, and fiber filament coated on both sides.Installation materialsWhen the grouting pipe is laid, it shall be kept flat and tight without wrinkling, so that the grouting pipe has effective tension. After laying,Somoto Grouting seamless pipe, it shall be rolled again with a clean steel wheel roller. Most urban roads use glass fiber grouting pipes with self-adhesive. The diameter of the glass fiber grouting pipe is . ~ times of the maximum particle size of the asphalt concrete surface aggregate. The ultimate tensile strength should be greater than kN / m, so as to give play to the anti reflection crack performance of the glass fiber grouting pipe. It can also ensure the shear resistance and adhesive force of the adhesive layer of the glass fiber grouting pipe.If there is no leakage, grouting can be avoided; Common specifications ccll-y series grouting pipe: grouting once, non reusable ccll-d series grouting pipe: multiple grouting, grouting is not limited by time.It is applicable to waterproof joints of subway, tunnel and basement. If there is water leakage, grout can be injected into the pipe body to fill and seal. If there is no leakage, grouting can be omitted. Grouting pipe is a kind of embedded grouting pipe system, which is used for permanent sealing of construction joints, cold joints, pipe seepage joints and gaps between ground walls in concrete. It is very suitable to install grouting pipes between the joints of new and old concrete. When water penetrates into the joint, the joint can be sealed by injecting slurry into the PVC port set on the surface. The proper grouting time can be selected after the concrete curing. Leakage joints can also be made into durable seals by this method. It is safe and does not need to be welded on site.Somoto ,The stability of the grouting pipe is one of the important factors to control the stability of the whole foundation pit. Its erection must be accurate and in place, and prestress must be applied in strict accordance with the design requirements. In particular, attention should be paid to the stability of the diagonal bracing. During the diagonal bracing operation, every link of the installation must be carefully operated. At the same time, the steel purlin must also ensure its stability, strength and deformation requirements during the production and installation process. In addition, During the whole construction process from foundation pit grouting pipe erection to removal, the grouting pipe must be strictly monitored to ensure its stability. How to improve the bearing capacity of piles with grouting pipes in bored piles, during the drilling process of large-diameter cast-in-place piles, the soil layer around the piles will become loose due to the agitation of the turning heads. In addition, the water immersion makes the soil layer that has started to loosen more loose. This problem can be effectively solved by grouting with grouting pipes. How to improve the bearing capacity of piles when grouting with grouting pipes?If any crack is found, it shall be repaired in time, otherwise, when the joint is deformed and subjected to water pressure, the ability of the grouting pipe to resist external forces will be greatly reduced. When positioning the grouting pipe, it must be kept flat at the interface and the grouting pipe must not be allowed to roll or kink. If it is found that there is no twist, it should be adjusted in time. When casting and fixing the grouting pipe, the deviation of the grouting pipe shall be prevented, so as not to shorten one side and affect the water stop effect. When pouring and tamping the concrete, it must be vibrated sufficiently to prevent the poor combination of the grouting pipe and the concrete from affecting the water stop effect. The grouting pipe joint must be well bonded. If the construction site conditions are available, and then punched with regular holes. Then it is made by directional stretching under the control of heating. It can be divided into unidirectional grouting pipe and bidirectional grouting pipe according to the different stretching modes when it is manufactured.

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