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Uses: The scissor-type fixed lifting platform is mostly used for the transportation of goods between the height differences of the production line, the loading and unloading of materials, the adjustment of the working height during the assembly of the workpiece, the feeding of the installed machine at a high place, and the storage and unloading place and Forklifts and other handling vehicles are used for fast loading and unloading of goods, car lifting, there must be no dirt on the friction surface. If there is dirt, it needs to be washed off with gasoline or thinner; the gear box, gearbox, external gear and other parts of the equipment and the hydraulic oil must be in accordance with the requirements in the table; Correctly maintain the hydraulic guide rail lift. Regularly check whether the wire ropes in each part are broken or loose. If this phenomenon is found, replace them in time. If there is any looseness it should be tightened in time. The connecting bolts of the equipment should be checked for tightness when the body is under pressure. All connecting shafts should be equipped with cotter pins; check whether each mechanism is operating normally, whether there is noise or failure , to eliminate all faults in a timely manner; when installing, dismantling and adjusting the slewing mechanism of the equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the parallelism between the reducer and the center line of the gear, and the appropriate meshing gap; conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment regularly,NiorLarge tonnage guide rail type cargo elevator, whether the wires and cables are If there is damage, whether the motor is overheated, replace it in time and continue to run after troubleshooting; ensure that the bearings of the motor, each box, distribution box and brushes must be kept clean, and the travel switch points of each safety device must be safe and reliable.Nior,In our daily life today, the application of hydraulic lifts is becoming more and more extensive, and it is deeply loved by customers. As a lifting tool the maintenance of lifts must not be sloppy. The following editor will introduce the daily maintenance of hydraulic lifts .Check the front page of the oil pipe to check whether the skin of the oil pipe of the hydraulic lifting platform is damaged or cracked, and if so, check whether there is any sign of looseness at the connection between the oil pipe and the oil pipe,NiorChain guide rail type cargo elevator, and if so, tighten it immediately to avoid lifting on the hydraulic lifting platform There is an oil spill in the process, which leads to accidents; what items need to be checked before using the hydraulic lifting platform? Cut off the power first to avoid tragedies such as electric leakage and electric shock)Kaka,Whether it is used outdoors or indoors, some small problems will inevitably appear after a long period of time. At this time, what we should do is to maintain and maintain the elevator. How to follow the steps correctly It has become a difficult problem and I will answer it with you.Prepare the foundation according to the foundation plan, pay attention to the alignment, leveling, and alignment to ensure the level of the foundation and various requirements for use.As for the guide rail elevator installed outdoors, it is often exposed to rain and sunlight, so special attention should be paid to regular maintenance and inspection to avoid accidents.

NiorElevator enterpriseSkills for choosing homework methods

Conscientiously write the special construction plan for installation and construction, and make safety technical disclosures to the installers.Integrity of the overall structure Check whether the overall structure is deformed and whether important parts are damaged, especially the load-bearing poles and chains.Many customers think that the operating power supply of the hydraulic lifting platform is below the safe voltage of V, and there will be no electric shock. They are wrong. Normally, there will be no electric shock, but if there is improper operation, it will still be very dangerous. So how can we effectively prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents? Today, the editor will share safety knowledge with you.query,Hydraulic system: mainly oil cylinders, high-strength chrome-plated rods, Japanese NOK seals,NiorCapable of lifting cargo elevators, self-made external integrated pump stations, oil pipelines, gear pumps, solenoid valves, etc. The Japanese NOK seal used in the oil cylinder has good wear resistance, which ensures that the oil cylinder series will not leak oil for a long time. The gear pump pumps the oil in the oil tank into the oil circuit and enters the oil cylinder, thereby driving the top of the rod and raising the equipment; The valve is used to adjust the oil output, the ascending and descending speed, and contains an emergency descending device to ensure that the guide rail hydraulic lifting platform can descend safely in case of an emergency.Many customers think that the operating power supply of the hydraulic lifting platform is below the safe voltage of V, and there will be no electric shock. They are wrong. Normally, there will be no electric shock, but if there is improper operation, it will still be very dangerous. So how can we effectively prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents? Today, the editor will share safety knowledge with you.System: explosion-proof electronic control system, remote control system, car modified type two-wheel traction type, car type, auxiliary self-propelled type, and the lifting height ranges from a meter to s meter.resources,System: explosion-proof electronic control system, P IC system.Application scenarios of mobile elevators Some office buildings and hospitals may need several or even dozens of passenger elevators. In order to increase the speed, efficiency and building area of ​​electric elevators, most high-rise buildings will divide electric elevators into groups. Each group Responsible for some floors, and make different adjustments and scheduling according to different time and usage patterns of different floors.When installing, dismantling and adjusting the slewing mechanism, care should be taken to ensure that the centerline of the slewing mechanism reducer is parallel to the centerline of the gear, the meshing surface is not less than %, and the meshing clearance is suitable.Nior, and new and old customers are welcome to come to consult.Features of hydraulic lifts: According to the working mode hydraulic lifting platform products are divided into crank arm hydraulic lifting machines, scissor hydraulic lifting machines, mast type hydraulic lifts, and straight arm hydraulic lifting machines. The hydraulic lift is a replacement product of the folding arm lift (lifting platform) and the scissor lift (lifting platform). It can be widely used in stations, docks, airports, hotels, post and telecommunications, municipal gardens, garages, cleaning companies, public building facade decoration, decoration or installation and maintenance of power systems, etc. The lift has the advantages of light weight self-propelled, electric start, self-supporting legs, simple operation, large working area, especially the ability to cross obstacles for high-altitude operations and the like.The scissor-type fixed lifting platform is a kind of transportation and handling equipment for transporting goods from a certain height to another height. After the operation is completed, the platform is level with the ground, does not occupy the ground space, and does not affect the passageway.

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