PokhovInstallation of professional cold storagePrice influencing factors
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Whether the parameters of refrigeration equipment are consistent. When the cold storage leaves the factory the temperature and temperature difference parameters of the cold storage shall be customized according to the user's requirements. After understanding the technical parameters of the cold storage, set the parameters on the refrigerator. During use, the air humidity is high and the defrosting interval is long. The common cold storage boards of cold storage include mm, mm, mm, mm and mm polyurethane thermal insulation boards, stainless steel plates, salt thick steel plates, embossed aluminum plates, polyurethane spraying, etc. on both sides or single and double sides, more general color steel tiles are produced and processed into hidden grooves, which have light weight, high compressive strength, good fire resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, The cold storage board is simple and convenient to assemble, and is a wide range of raw materials selected for the heat insulation and heat preservation of the cold storage. The cost of stainless steel plate and salt plate increases, and it is also easy to deform and damage the appearance.Preparation, prepare the project planning of cold storage, and prepare the construction site and construction materials. All kinds of materials for cold storage construction are customized according to the needs of customers. Sort out the construction site that meets the requirements, transport all installation materials to the construction site, check the material quality and model, and start the installation of cold storage after confirmation.Pokhov,Reasonably design the division of fresh-keeping warehouse, such as cold storage room, freezer room, machine room, aisle transportation platform, etc; The fresh-keeping storehouse shall be built indoors to avoid excessive temperature and poor refrigeration effect. If it is set outdoors, a sunshade shall be built; Wires shall not be outdoors,The selection of cold storage is very important for cold storage polyurethane does not produce harmful gas at high temperature.Prosteyov, because cold storage is different from ordinary cold storage. The temperature in cold storage is usually low, and the air temperature, humidity and environmental requirements are relatively high. When selecting cold storage, attention must be paid to the selection of cold storage with better temperature. If the selection of cold storage is not good, the temperature in the cold storage is difficult to, which is easy to cause the deterioration of products in the cold storage, or the refrigeration compressor in the cold storage often works, wasting more resources and increasing the cost.The butt joint between the top warehouse plate and the end of the top warehouse plate shall be treated to prevent air leakage and cold running. After all the top warehouse plates are installed, and the mm wide color steel plate shall be sealed at the butt joint with pull riveting.Goods are imported and exported frequently and the throughput is large according to the requirements of production and operation

PokhovInstallation of professional cold storagePrice influencing factors

Strong deformation resistance, not easy to crack, smooth, stable and safe. Polyurethane material has stable porosity structure and basically closed pore structure. It not only has excellent thermal insulation performance, but also has good freeze-thaw resistance and sound absorption performance. Under normal service and maintenance conditions, the life expectancy of rigid foam polyurethane insulation can reach more than years. During the structural life period, it can reach the unit price of dry, wet or electric corrosion under normal service conditions, while the unit price of insect, fungus or algae foam material is higher than other traditional insulation materials, but heating will increase the cost and the cooling cost will be greatly reduced.The air in the controlled atmosphere storage shall have appropriate circulating stream to make the air temperature in the storage uniform. If the circulation stream is not carried out, which increases the upper temperature and is easy to deteriorate the products. Especially soon after vegetables are put into storage, it is more necessary to strengthen ventilation and circulation.At ordinary times,PokhovHow much is the charge for cold storage installation, users should check the sealing degree of the gap of the cold storage, and notify the cold storage for maintenance in time if damaged parts are found.supply,The equipment configuration is reasonable and the service life of the quick freezing warehouse is long. The reasonable equipment configuration of the quick freezing warehouse can greatly prolong the service time of the quick freezing warehouse. Some compressors are easy to be damaged when they work at full load for a long time, so we try to use screw parallel units. The great advantage of this unit is that it can turn on all equipment, just like the shift at work, so that the compressor can work and rest in turn.There should be excellent drainage pipe standard around the warehouse, the soil temperature should be low, there should be interlayer under the cold storage, and maintain good natural ventilation. Maintaining dryness is very important for the cold storage. In addition, before the construction of the cold storage, the phase electricity of the relative volume shall be built according to the output power of the refrigeration unit. If the cold storage is water-cooled and radiating the tap water pipeline shall be paved and the FRP cooling tower shall be built.The combined cold storage door starts frequently or does not start for a long time, or does not stop for a long time, or stops before the storage temperature reaches.

PokhovInstallation of professional cold storagePrice influencing factors

The spacing of pull rivets at inner and outer corners is mm and mm respectively; After the polystyrene library is installed, the wall panel joints shall be evenly sealed and decorated with silicone sealant.Market trend,The efficiency of the compressor is low, and the refrigerating capacity can not meet the load requirements of the warehouse: due to the long-term operation of the compressor, the cylinder sleeve, ring and other parts are seriously worn, the long-term cold storage installation, installation, fruit preservation, medical cold storage and other brand products, the designated products are complete,PokhovHow much does it cost to install the cold storage, the quality is guaranteed, and the sealing performance will be reduced accordingly with the increase of the matching clearance, The gas transmission coefficient of the compressor will also be reduced and the refrigeration capacity will be reduced. When the refrigerating capacity is less than the heat load of the warehouse, the temperature of the warehouse will drop slowly.What are the common sense of protection and maintenance of fresh-keeping warehouse equipment? Nowadays, the application scope of fresh-keeping storehouse is more and more extensive. It is closely related to our daily life. In addition to food production factories, stores and restaurants have begun to build fresh-keeping storehouses. The main purpose of building a fresh-keeping warehouse is to ensure the freshness of food. There are many precautions in the process of fresh-keeping warehouse. After completion, there are also many protection and maintenance items. Regular maintenance and protection of fresh-keeping warehouse can increase its service life. Therefore, it is necessary for operators to understand some common knowledge about the protection and maintenance of fresh-keeping warehouse equipment. What are the common knowledge about the protection and maintenance of fresh-keeping warehouse equipment?If there is more air or refrigerant oil in the evaporator, the heat transfer effect will be reduced: once more refrigerant oil is attached to the inner surface of the evaporator heat transfer tube, the heat transfer coefficient will be reduced. Similarly, if there is more air in the heat transfer tube, the heat exchange area of the evaporator will be reduced, the heat transfer efficiency will be significantly reduced and the decline rate of warehouse temperature will be slowed down.Pokhov,Establish a perfect computer network, make the distribution of refrigeration supply chain scientific, and achieve the traceability of food safety. In the European Union, the United States and Japan, all members of the food supply chain have the legal responsibility to implement traceability.Cold storage has good water tightness. Polyurethane rigid foam has low water absorption, good permeability to water vapor, foam holes, disconnected and closed porosity of more than %. It is a dense microporous foam material, which is more dense than air surface, and is not easy to permeate. It belongs to hydrophobic materials.Refrigeration system: refrigeration system is the core part of cold storage design. It is the key to determine the economy

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