SwatpskElectric hydraulic lifting platformThe market's anti-tic energy is weak
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The middle turning shaft of the hydraulic lifting platform is inconsistent, resulting in the failure of the lifting platform to work properly. The platform was severely damaged. The table tilt appeared. Please check carefully before the factory did not do a strict tilt test before leaving the factory. It has caused a lot of accidents. For tilting testing, it is not very concerned about the detection of this link for the majority of small enterprises. This is why there is such a large number of lifting equipment in this problem. The problem of oil cylinders and power unit systems is often insufficient power and the problem of unqualified quality of the oil cylinder. It is also a problem that it is also very important for the enterprise itself.The current fixed hydraulic lift is mainly a closed or mesh lifting channel surrounded by buildings and light steel structures.The enclosed or mesh frame, the fixed hydraulic lifting platform is installed on both sides of the fixed hydraulic lifting platform: it has a hydraulic driver motor, oil pump, safety valve, fixed hydraulic lifting platform speed regulating valve, exchanging direction valve and other hydraulic pressure The small fuel tank cylinder part of the component: consisting of one or more cylinder composition of one or more cylinder composition of the lift cylinder straight platform or a rising piercing pier. Doors, generally open platforms do not have door electrical parts: consisting of platform parts of power, signal, security, lighting and other devices: the steel structure platform that carries heavy objects, with closed (ie car) or open type, on both sides, sides, sides,SwatpskPlatform hydraulic elevator, sides, sides, sides, sides, sides, sides, sides,SwatpskIndustrial hydraulic lifting platform, and both sides. There are guided roller or guide boots, pipes, pressure gauges, and steel structure bases; safety device: safety valve limit limit, door door, door door, door, door, door, door, door, door, door, door, door, door, door, door, door, door door, door, door, door, door, door, door, door, door, door Electromechanical locks, rupture valves, emergency switch and short -circuit protection.Swatpsk,The important point of maintaining the lift is that regardless of the lifting machine any abnormal phenomenon should be stopped immediately, the lifting machine customer service staff should be explained to explain the abnormal situation of the lifting machine, cooperate with the inspection lift, and solve the abnormal situation as soon as possible, and then the lifting machine can be restarted and re -to be carried out again. Work. Under the abnormal situation of lifts, forcibly work is not allowed, and the problems brought by this are not to be underestimated.Meknes,Now you understand how to use a hydraulic lift. It provides us with a safe working environment to improve the efficiency and quality of the surrender.Of course, it shows that its strength is strong, especially the requirements for the production process of the construction lift is relatively high. When purchasing, it depends on the factory of his production, etc. These are all important.The first thing to compare is the quality of brand products. In fact, it is often possible to become a brand product in the market, indicating that it still has certain advantages in quality. However, if you have high cost performance, the quality requirements will be higher. However, many manufacturers have strict grasp of quality when they are manufacturing electricity and descending platforms. They have strict standards and advantages in the application of production technology or in the selection of manufacturing materials.

SwatpskElectric hydraulic lifting platformThe market

Pay attention to testing whether the wire ropes of each ministry are broken and pine stocks. If you exceed the relevant charter, you must immediately change the new. The care and care of the wire rope should be strictly followed by the charter.The hydraulic oil of various parts such as the reducer, the gearbox, the external rodent and other parts are performed according to the requirements in the table.Pursuit of excellence,If you can better improve the security of campus. For campus, especially when there are a large number of parents when they get out of school every day, and there is still a messy safety hazard such as human cars. It is very good to maintain order in this case.The daily maintenance of the lifting cargo ladder should be parking quickly when the motor is overheated. After removing the obstacles, the motor is smooth.Regularly check the connection of each ministry. If there is a loose, it should be tightened. The connection bolt of this machine must check that all the connecting axes must be opened for all connecting shafts when compressed by the body and they need to be sufficient.

SwatpskElectric hydraulic lifting platformThe market

Brand awareness. Although there are many brands about mobile lifting platforms, not all brands have a very high reputation in the market. When choosing, you can choose as much as possible brands as possible, because this type of product can have a high popularity in the market to show that its advantages in all aspects are strong.Word of mouth recommendation,The overall structure is intact to check whether the overall structure is deformed, and the important components are damaged, it must be eliminated.Swatpsk,There are foreign bodies inside the hydraulic lifting platform, which causes uneven stress to transport hydraulic oils to cause hydraulic oil. Unemployed countertops will occur. It is recommended to carefully check whether the conveying oil pipe is unblocked.Failure exclusion: When the elevator power supply light is turned on, press the lifting button, the motor rotates, and the lifting platform does not rise. This may be the reversal of the motor after the three -phase power supply is connected. Just change the two -phase line of the heavy machine.The daily maintenance of the lifting cargo ladder should be parking quickly when the motor is overheated. After removing the obstacles, the motor is smooth.

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