HebeiLifting hydraulic platformDiscussion on Inspection and Maintenance Methods
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Car mounted lifting platform: The car mounted lifting platform is designed to improve the mobility of the lifting platform by fixing it to a transport vehicle or truck. It receives power from the car engine and achieves the lifting function of the car mounted lifting platform. To adapt to high-altitude operations inside and outside the factory area. Road noise can also occur if tires are crushed against objects that are prone to noise. The shaking amplitude of the scissor type lifting platform is proportional to its lifting height. The higher the height, the greater the shaking. When using it at a working height of meters, if possible, please use safety protection measuresHebei,The hydraulic elevator has no counterweight device, which improves the utilization rate of the well surface.Do not use hydraulic lifting equipment with malfunctioning issues. The problem should be resolved before carrying cargo.Cartagena,When installing, disassembling, and adjusting the rotating mechanism, attention should be paid to ensuring that the middle line is parallel to the middle line of the gear, and its meshing surface is not less than %. The meshing clearance should be suitable for the brakes of each mechanism. The clearance between the brake wheels should be regularly checked and adjusted to ensure its flexibility and reliability. There must be no dirt on the friction surface and it must be cleaned with gasoline or diluent.Lifting mechanism: The workbench should be ensured to rise and fall smoothly, and there should be no jumping lifting phenomenon. All moving parts should be flexible when moving, and there should be no jamming devices. The lifting system of the elevator is divided into electric or manual hydraulic systems, and there should be no leakage at all components, pipelines, and joints.Regularly check whether each organization is functioning properly and whether there is noise. If problems are found, they should be promptly cleaned up.

HebeiLifting hydraulic platformDiscussion on Inspection and Maintenance Methods

The manufacturer of hydraulic cargo elevators reminds the use of guide rail hydraulic lifting cargo elevators. Guide rail hydraulic lifting cargo elevators: Do not stand within the specified range,Hebei8-meter hydraulic lifting platform, draw on the guide rail lifting platform prohibit any idle personnel from entering the work area, ensure that the work area is free of clothing, and the test time is minutes. After the test, check for deformation, cracks, etc., and keep test records. Unqualified seat belts should be promptly dealt with.Oil leakage from the oil cylinder: If it is a problem with the sealing ring, replace the sealing ring. If there are debris or debris on the oil cylinder, it is recommended to replace it with a new one.Quality assurance,The hydraulic elevator overflow valve can also generate high noise. When air is mixed in hydraulic oil, the overflow valve is stuck or severely worn, resulting in unstable pressure regulation of the overflow valve,HebeiHydraulic self lifting platform, it is easy to cause the pilot valve performance of the overflow valve to be partially stable, causing air to vibrate inside the pilot valve and generate noise. So we need to regularly clean the overflow valve. When the overflow valve is damaged or severely worn, it should be replaced.If the circuit of the device is not disconnected or lowered, it is necessary to check the fuse for repair and replacement. There is air in front of the pilot valve of the elevator overflow valve noise overflow valve. The damping hole on the main valve core of the overflow valve is blocked by oil dirt, and the pilot valve and valve seat are matched without spring deformation or incorrect installation. The remote control port has excessive oil flow,HebeiHydraulic lifting platform experiment, and resonance occurs with components in the circuit. Troubleshooting: Strengthen sealing, repeatedly adjust the pressure, exhaust and clean the valve body several times Make the damping hole unobstructed, repair or replace the spring, reduce the flow of the remote control port replace the oil, and other components. The pressure setting of other components should not be similar to the pressure setting of the relief valve. . The noise of the elevator pipeline is usually caused by excessive dead bends or loose fixed sleeves in the hydraulic pipeline.

HebeiLifting hydraulic platformDiscussion on Inspection and Maintenance Methods

Road noise can also occur if tires are crushed against objects that are prone to noise. The shaking amplitude of the scissor type lifting platform is proportional to its lifting height. The higher the height, the greater the shaking. When using it at a working height of meters, if possible, please use safety protection measuresSampling inspection,When the hydraulic lifting platform is working, the load cannot exceed its rated load. When it is raised to a certain height, the larger the mass of the object, the greater the shakingBased on the foundation plan, pay attention to alignment, leveling, and alignment to ensure the foundation level and various usage requirements. The access road for external construction elevators should be flat and have sufficient space for equipment parking.Protective device: In case of power or oil circuit failure, there should be a safety rope to prevent the workbench from falling out of control. (Allow controlled descent)Hebei,Selection of the location of the loading and unloading lifting platform In order to reduce the cost of material handling, the location of the platform should be selected to minimize the distance of the handling tools and vehicles in the factory. It is much easier to move a fully loaded transport vehicle to a designated location outside the building than to transport the loaded materials one by one to the designated location indoors. When selecting a platform location, full consideration should be given to the production process and operational needs of the factory. There are two modes of platform layout: merging: loading and unloading on the same platform.Hydraulic elevator manufacturers remind us that the basic principle of the hydraulic elevator speed control circuit is that the system often needs to adjust the movement speed of the hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor to adapt to the working cycle needs of the main machine. The speed of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors depends on the displacement and input flow rate. It can be seen that changing the flow rate or displacement can affect the speed of the cylinder and motor.The manufacturer of the hydraulic cargo elevator tells you the reason and cleaning method: Reason: Overload cleaning method: Reduce the load to clean. Reason: The return valve is not closed. Cleaning method: Tighten the return valve to clean. Reason: The one-way valve of the manual pump is stuck and the return valve is malfunctioning. Cleaning method: Unscrew the bolt at the valve port of the oil pump, conduct maintenance, cleaning, and replace the cleaning hydraulic oil to clean.

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