XinjiPrice of lifting hydraulic platformMain factors of industry buying
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Due to damage to the gear pump of the lifting cargo elevator equipment and no pressure lifting. Replace the gear pump.Protective device: In case of power or oil circuit failure, there should be a safety rope to prevent the workbench from falling out of control. (Allow controlled descent)Xinji,Cleaning and maintenance: When there is oil in the oil tank or when oil is refilled,Xinjihydraulic lift, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the filter tank cover. Clean the oil and funnel or container before use. Never bring dirty things into the system, only clean oil.Motor not running: Check all components of the motor for damage and check if there are any problems with the circuit and wiring.Firuzabad, replace the sealing ring. If there are debris or debris on the oil cylinder, it is recommended to replace it with a new one.Do not use hydraulic lifting equipment with malfunctioning issues. The problem should be resolved before carrying cargo.The vibration range is proportional to the lifting height. The higher the height, the larger the shaking range, especially for mobile hydraulic cargo elevators. When the working height exceeds meters, the wind ropes at the four corners of the hydraulic cargo elevator should be tightened to strengthen leg protection, increase stability, and reduce shaking.

XinjiPrice of lifting hydraulic platformMain factors of industry buying

Regularly check the operation of each mechanism for normal operation and noise. If any faults are found the hydraulic cargo elevator wholesale should be promptly eliminated. Otherwise, it will affect the use of the guide rail hydraulic lifting platform. When refueling, the hydraulic oil should be filtered and filled, and the refueling tools should be reliable and clean. The hydraulic cargo elevator manufacturer should not remove the filter at the fuel tank filler to improve the refueling speed. Refueling personnel should use clean gloves and work clothes to prevent solid and fiber impurities from falling into the oil.What are the requirements for the pit? This type of cargo elevator only needs - centimeters and does not require too much space. The installation of scissor type hydraulic cargo elevators is different from that of guide rail type hydraulic cargo elevators. The scissor lift cargo elevator has a large load-bearing capacity, and the pit depth needs to be set at around - centimeters. It can also be designed according to customer on-site needs.The contact of the travel switch must be firmly opened and closed, and the contact crater should be polished in a timely right,The installation personnel should have the qualification for installing hydraulic cargo elevators, carefully implement the special construction plan for installation and construction, and provide safety technical disclosure to the installation personnel for technical design.When using hydraulic elevators, frequent inspections and maintenance should be carried out, which not only extends the service life of the hydraulic elevator, but also enables it to exert greater power during operation. Of course, hydraulic elevators also have their own regular repair times and protection methods: regular protection (carried out per shift).The hydraulic lifting platform often checks the connection status of each part,XinjiCustomized hydraulic lifting platform, and if there is any looseness it should be tightened. The connection bolts of the machine body should be checked for tightness when the elevator body is under pressure (the compression condition can be formed by rotating the arm). All connecting shafts need to have split pins and need to be fully opened.

XinjiPrice of lifting hydraulic platformMain factors of industry buying

Electrical equipment or component failures. Hydraulic elevator manufacturers tell you that the main reasons for high noise generated by electric motors are: bent or severely worn motor rotors, or damaged bearings, which cause electric motors to sweep and produce noise; The cooling fan of the electric motor is damaged or not firmly fixed, resulting in high noise; The electric motor is not firmly fixed and can also cause vibration,Users should arrange dedicated personnel to operate hydraulic elevators, formulate usage details and safety precautions for hydraulic elevators based on their own situation,XinjiElevator Price, and hang them on theBased on the foundation plan, pay attention to alignment, leveling, and alignment to ensure the foundation level and various usage requirements. The access road for external construction elevators should be flat and have sufficient space for equipment parking.Protective device: In case of power or oil circuit failure, there should be a safety rope to prevent the workbench from falling out of control. (Allow controlled descent)Xinji,Therefore, the wholesale manufacturers of hydraulic elevators remind that there are three main ways to adjust the speed control circuit: throttling speed control circuit: quantitative pump oil supply, using flow valves to adjust the flow in and out of the actuator to achieve speed control; In the volume throttling speed control circuit, the oil is supplied by the pressure limiting variable pump, and the flow rate into the actuator is adjusted by the flow valve to adapt the flow rate of the variable pump to the regulated flow rate of the speed control valve.Stable and widely applicable cargo lifting equipment is mainly used for transporting goods between height differences in production lines; Material online and offline; Adjust the height of the workpiece during assembly; High altitude feeder feeding; Lifting of components during assembly of large equipment; Large machine material and cutting; The warehouse loading and unloading site is equipped with forklift and other transportation vehicles for rapid loading and unloading of goods.Vehicle mounted lifting platform is widely used for high-altitude operations in hotels, airports, stations, sports venues, workshops, warehouses and other places; It can also be used as temporary high-altitude lighting, advertising, etc.

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