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The foundation base or embedded parts should be fully embedded in the concrete foundation plate.Setting requirements: For construction electric elevators with foundations installed on roof slabs, floors, or other lower suspended structures,Mason AlfordCincinnati, the bearing capacity of the foundation support structure should be checked. Click here to download the construction technical information for free. Basic drainage facilities should be installed.Mason Alford,Mason AlfordAbuquiki,The installation position of the lower limit switch. The installation position of the lower limit switch should ensure that the contact plate triggers the switch when the rated load of the suspension cage decreases, causing the suspension cage to stop. At this time, the contact plate should also be close to the triggering of the lower limit switchNews Abstract: The development of the lifting platform industry will continue to grow in recent years! With the continuous development of electric lifting machinery for high-altitude operations in recent years, the products of electric lifting platform vehicles have been continuously improved, and various new technologies and materials have emerged, making the further development of lifting platform vehicles possible.Zardarb,Installation verticality deviation guide rail frame erection height, h/mH≤ H& gt; verticality deviation/mm≤ (/h≤ ≤ ≤ ≤ pairs of steel wire rope construction electric elevators, the verticality deviation of the guide rail frame should not exceed (/) h.Speed limiter. To prevent the driving speed from exceeding the normal speed. A speedometer should be installed (not required for floors below or including the second floor), which is an individual mechanism that is integrated with a safety clamp; The entrance and exit of the passenger compartment should be equipped with safety doors. Public places, family dormitories, the overload detection device will give a warning signal inside the cageOnce again, whether the sealing rings are damaged or ineffective weekly inspections should be conducted to check whether the connecting screws at various parts of the lifting platform are tightened, whether there is a lack of hydraulic oil, and whether the oil cylinder is leaking. It is necessary to clean the lifting frame, scissors, wiring, and oil cylinder once a week to avoid dust and debris affecting normal operation.resources,Mason AlfordDarmstadt,Model Example: Hanging Cage Specification: LABSC/TDx Type I: ~ Type II: ~ Type V: ~ Technical Requirements: The load-bearing capacity of the foundation should be greater than P: P=(hanging cage weight+outer cage weight+total weight of guide rail frame+counterweight+load) x. (kN).The wall bracket of the construction electric elevator should be intact and reliably fixed, and its attachment distance, wall bracket spacing and end height must comply with the requirements of the 'User Manual'. The angle between the plane of the wall bracket and the normal direction of the attachment surface should not exceed degrees;. When the attachment device does not meet the requirements of the 'User Manual' due to conditions, its calculation sheet, design, and production materials should be confirmed by the manufacturer or reviewed by the technical leader of the installation unit, and verified by experts.Emergency manual valve: In case of power failure,Installation verticality deviation guide rail frame erection height, h/mH≤ H& gt; verticality deviation/mm≤ (/h≤ ≤ ≤ ≤ pairs of steel wire rope construction electric elevators, the verticality deviation of the guide rail frame should not exceed (/) h.The magnetic directional valve returns to the fuel tank. To ensure stable landing of heavy objects and safe and reliable braking, a balance valve is installed on the return oil circuit to balance the circuit and maintain pressure, so that the landing speed does not change due to heavy objects. It is adjusted by the saving valveA complete lifting platform accessory can be selected and customized according to different places, venues, demonstrate multifunctional, meet various different needs, and win market demand. In modern industrial transportation processes, lifting platforms have begun to play an increasingly important role, whether in airports, docks, warehouses, floors, workshops and other places that require rapid loading and unloading of goods, they have played a very practical value, It has also brought great contributions to the entire industry and even the entire economic development. However, long-term operation and use of these devices inevitably lead to wear and consumption, and regular maintenance and upkeep are essential. Otherwise, both work efficiency and utilization rate will decrease, and at that time, the gains and losses will outweigh the losses.Mason Alford, it will take on the function of raising or lowering. In order to prevent the lift car from crashing or sinking, stage equipment should be dismantled with over travel switches that can cut off power and cannot be automatically reset, and installed in the machine room, rather than in the shaft; A buffer should be installed that can absorb the energy of the moving mechanism and reduce impact.Stage equipment safety door. To prevent personnel from extending their heads, hands and feet out of the shaft and objects from falling into the vertical shaft. Its vertical position should be closed, its cabin should be full of doors, and the height of the hoistway (hall door) should not be less than meters; The electric door opening and closing switches should be removed from the vertical and passenger compartment doors. In order to prevent accidents caused by vertical, passenger car doors, and car roof doors not being closed.; Door interlocks should be installed on both the vertical and passenger compartment doors.During the use period, the user unit should organize professional technical personnel to inspect the construction electric elevator monthly according to the standard requirements, and record the inspection results.

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