RilystadGuide rail lifting cargo elevatorThe overall volatility of is not large
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The safety device and application of the guide rail hydraulic lifting platform The use of the guide rail hydraulic lifting platform The guide rail hydraulic lifting platform is a non-scissor hydraulic lifting freight elevator. It is used for goods between different floors of industrial plants, restaurants, restaurants, etc. The low height can be made to -mm. The advantage is that it can be placed directly on the ground without digging pits reducing engineering construction costs, and there is no need to set up hanging points on the top, which is safe. Reliable; the hydraulic lifting platform adopts hydraulic transmission mode, and can be non-calibrated according to customer needsSeveral types: Motor winding open circuit. When one of the motor windings is disconnected, or one of the parallel branches is disconnected, the three-phase current will be unbalanced and the motor will overheat.What is the new price of a fixed lift? Professionally improve the quality assurance of the freight elevator factory. The preferential activities are in progress and new and old customers are welcome to come to consult.Rilystad,Check the hydraulic oil quality and oil level. When the lifting platform is raised to the highest level the hydraulic oil level should be -mm higher than the bottom of the fuel tank. When the oil color of the hydraulic oil becomes dark, the oil is sticky, or there are foreign objects such as gravel in the oil, the hydraulic oil should be replaced in time. Hydraulic System Applications for Lift Tables Check hydraulic and plumbing connections. If the pipe is damaged, it should be replaced immediately; if the connection part is loose, the editor will talk about a series of safety devices and their uses on the guide rail hydraulic lifting platform.Coons winell,Many customers think that the operating power supply of the hydraulic lifting platform is below the safe voltage of V, and there will be no electric shock. They are wrong. Normally, there will be no electric shock, but if there is improper operation, it will still be very dangerous. So how can we effectively prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents? Today,RilystadSimple cargo elevator lifting cargo elevator, the editor will share safety knowledge with you.Walking: assisted self-propelled, two-wheel traction, self-driving, and car modified.Before the elevator manufacturer connects the motor to the elevator, please make the keyway of the motor shaft perpendicular to the tightening bolt. In order to ensure uniform force, please screw on the mounting bolts at any diagonal position first, but do not tighten them tightly, then screw on the other two mounting bolts at diagonal positions, and then tighten the four mounting bolts one by one. Finally, tighten the tension bolts. All tightening bolts need a torque wrench to fix according to the marked fixed torque data and check whether the lift and lifting platform are used.How should we check the construction site of the construction hoist? you know?

RilystadGuide rail lifting cargo elevatorThe overall volatility of is not large

Outriggers: mechanical outriggers, hydraulic outriggers, ordinary hand-operated outriggers, pull-out outriggers.Aluminum alloy elevators are also called aluminum alloy lifting platforms. At present, there are many types in the Chinese market, light weight and small size.The daily maintenance of the hydraulic lifting platform in normal use is essential, but even if there is normal maintenance on the equipment, any possible problem cannot be ignored, so in order to ensure that the process of using the hydraulic lifting platform for each operation What aspects do we need to check before operation? Today, the editor will give you a popular science.Where is good,The hydraulic lifting platform can be divided into: four-wheel mobile type, two-wheel traction type, car modified type, car type, auxiliary self-propelled type, and the lifting height ranges from a meter to s meter.Conscientiously write the special construction plan for installation and construction, the clothing will repeatedly slap the car paint, especially if the car blows sand on the clothes, it will draw many fine scratches on it. Because it will turn black over time. In addition, when the wind does not directly spray powder or clean the sand on the mechanism, but it should be washed with water, and prevent the sand particles on the paint surface from being scratched by the vacuum cleaner.

RilystadGuide rail lifting cargo elevatorThe overall volatility of is not large

In the construction elevator, the switch box also has leakage protection equipment. Its wires and cables are well insulated, without leakage, and the metal threaded is not rusted, and its damage is close to zero. His steel wire rope should comply with the corresponding configuration requirements, and there is no problem of broken strands and diameter reduction. Of course, the number of broken wires should not exceed the corresponding standard. His pulley movement is very flexible.Quality risk,RilystadOutdoor lifting cargo elevator,RilystadChain guide rail cargo elevator lifting,Brake operators of various mechanisms on the equipment should regularly check and adjust the gap between the brake shoe and the brake wheel to ensure flexibility and reliability. Long-term promotion of freight elevator factory, old brand, price advantage, quality guaranteed!Check whether the self-locking device of the differential protector is normal before working at heights.If the motor of the hydraulic lift is overheated, stop the machine in time and continue running after troubleshooting. The motor bearings must be in good condition.Rilystad,Always check the connections of the various parts of the hydraulic lift, and tighten them if they are loose. The tightness of the connecting bolts of the body should be checked when the body is under pressure.The motor connection is wrong. When the delta connection motor is wrongly connected into a star shape the motor still runs with full load, and the current flowing through the stator winding will exceed the rated current, and even cause the motor to stop by itself. If it overheats, it will burn out. When the star-connected motor is wrongly connected into a triangle, or the motor with several coil groups connected in series to form a branch circuit is connected in parallel with two branches, the winding will be burned.The hydraulic lifting platform is widely used in the maintenance of industrial and mining enterprises, municipal construction, and decoration of hotels and hotels, with reliable quality and perfect performance.

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