GazwinWQ submersible sewage pumpHow can we choose according to our own needs
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  Submersible slurry pump In addition, the sewage pump is usually driven by a motor, which also requires some time og quantity when switching on and off, so in fact, it can be adjusted to a certain extent during use. The submersible slurry pump needs to use a line when in use   There is also a vibration method to measure the vibration frequency of the pump, and the measurement is relatively simple. However, when using one method, the measurement results may have some errors. When using the submersible slurry pump, there are other vibration sources that will affect the measurement results, so it is actually the mainGazwin,  In recent years, domestic stainless steel pipeline pump products have greatly improved their technical level through introduction, absorption, renovation, especially the supporting products of some major technical equipment have reached or approached the advanced level of similar products.  The packing seal, auxiliary impeller seal and mechanical seal are mainly used. Among them, the packing seal needs small leakage and is not suitable for transporting toxic corrosive and precious liquids; The sealing of the auxiliary impeller relies on the reverse pressure of the two sealing impellers during rotation to prevent the leakage of the medium, and can also play a role inDarbasiyah,   Move the sand pumping site frequently. When the pump pumps sand at a fixed position and drops to a certain height, lift the submersible slurry pump and move it to the adjacent position of the previous sand pumping place to continue pumping sand, so as to move the sand pumping place back and forth for sand pumping, so that the sand pumping area in this area forms a honeycomb,  Therefore, the stator winding will be burnt out due to excessive temperature rise.  When in use, it can drive the impeller to rotate so as to drive it to flow.

GazwinWQ submersible sewage pumpHow can we choose according to our own needs

   The working properties of the two pumps are also different. Because the sewage pump is driven by a motor, it generally has good voltage impact resistance. The submersible pump is of the type of quick opening and quick closing, so it usually uses some small Flow and small pressure.  The microcomputer controller of the water pump control cabinet displays E: cause: the parameter of the microcomputer controller is edited incorrectly.  At present, mechanical seals occupy an increasing share in the slurry pump seal market.Quality department,GazwinSplit vertical pipeline pump,GazwinPipeline pump body,  Line direction pay attention to the direction of rotation. Then loosen the original compression nut of the bearing box of the slurry pump of the submersible pump, tighten the adjusting screw of the bearing box evenly, and then move the rotor assembly towards the motor. Then it is necessary to check the clearance with a feeler gauge δ, hydraulic and other professions; The mechanical seal is tight and reliable, and the leakage probability does not exceed drops /min, which is mostly used to transport flammable, explosive, toxic, strong corrosive and valuable liquids or materials with high temperature, high pressure and low temperature.  Work no noise and vibration, and the site is cleaner.

GazwinWQ submersible sewage pumpHow can we choose according to our own needs

  Therefore, you don&#;t need to panic. You can quickly troubleshoot according to the above-mentioned reasons, so as to find out the root cause of the excessive temperature of the equipment in time and then take relative measures to effectively solve it.reform,  The type selection design of submersible slurry pump has a great impact on the service life and operation stability of slurry pump. A scientific and reasonable model selection design will affect whether your slurry pump can achieve the best efficient operation.  QW (WQ) submersible non blocking sewage pump needs to be equipped with a fully active water pump control cabinet under no exceptional conditions. Do not directly connect the power grid or use the knife switch to connect the power supply to ensure the normal operation of the electric pump.   In addition, the noise method directly detects the noise of the equipment in the detection process, but this measurement will also be affected by the surrounding noise, so in fact, this measurement is not very accurate.Gazwin,   When stopping the operation of the submersible slurry pump,GazwinWQ submersible sewage pump, close the cock of the vacuum gauge and pressure gauge and the gate valve on the water outlet pipeline, and After that, cut off the power supply of the motor. If the temperature of the environment is low, open the square plug at the lower part of the pump body to remove the remaining water to avoid frost cracking. During operation, the maximum temperature of the bearing shall not exceed ℃, and the quantity of calcium base grease used for lubricating oil bearing shall be the same as that of the bearing body   When the slurry pump fails to absorb water during operation, it may also be because the bottom valve is not opened. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the bottom valve is open and make corresponding adjustment.   The fan speed of the water pump is too low, so the heat cannot be dissipated.

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