GorganVortex pump and pipeline pumpWhich one is better
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  There will be no insufficient liquid supply or other problems.  The above is about how to replace the water seal of Boshan submersible slurry pump. In addition to the water seal, some parts of the pump are relatively easy to be damaged, so we need to replace them regularly during use  Check whether it needs to be replaced.Gorgan,  Stop the operation immediately under any of the following conditions: the current exceeds the rated value at the rated voltage; Under the rated head, the flow rate is much lower than that under normal conditions; Insulation resistance is lower than . megohm; When the dynamic water level drops to the pump suction; When the electrical equipment and circuit are out of specification  Yes such mechanical faults will cause the stator winding of the pump to be burnt out.Lerum,  What should be paid attention to in the process? Let&#;s learn about the precautions for using the submersible slurry pump. When the equipment is in use, the pump itself generally needs to be placed on land for use but its suction pipe needs to be placed in water  If there is a standby pump, it is better to use two pumps in turn. If the pump is stuck, the pump can only be repaired. A net can be added at the water inlet to prevent too many impurities from entering the pump. In this way, the probability of pump sticking will be much smaller!  If the oil seal ring of the shaft is seriously worn, replace it with a new one.

GorganVortex pump and pipeline pumpWhich one is better

  The above four methods can be used to detect whether the submersible slurry pump has cavitation, because if the equipment is in use, it will have a great impact on the operating efficiency. Even if the cavitation time is long, it will also have a certain impact on other parts of the equipment. Sometimes submersible slurry pump   Requirements for complete set of water pump  For example, it has a great impact on the impeller of the equipment itself. So how to detect whether the equipment has cavitation during use?quality index, the blank operation point can be supplemented.  In this way,GorganTwo stage slurry pump,GorganWQ submersible sewage pump, when the equipment is used again, the solvent in the pump is often less, and the power consumption is also less, and the efficiency of the pump in use is often improved, and the fact is  Then it can enter into the volute pump housing. Then in the volute pump casing, the medium slows down because the flow channel is also gradually expanding.

GorganVortex pump and pipeline pumpWhich one is better

  Head refers to the energy obtained from the pump by the unit weight of liquid output by the pump, so head refers to the effective energy obtained from the liquid output by the pump in unit time - that is, the effective power of the pump: the equation is PE= ρ GQH (W)= γ QH (W)Discount, which should be three-phase power supply. If the submersible pump has only two-phase power supply, it will not start. In this case, a professional electrician should be asked to use a clamp on ammeter or a submersible pump control   Move the sand pumping site frequently. When the pump pumps sand at a fixed position and drops to a certain height, lift the submersible slurry pump and move it to the adjacent position of the previous sand pumping place to continue pumping sand, so as to move the sand pumping place back and forth for sand pumping, so that the sand pumping area in this area forms a honeycomb,Gorgan,   One frequency converter with one slurry pump is adopted for installation. The specific transformation method is as follows: close the return valve, adopt the water level closed-loop control mode, install the liquid level sensor on the inner wall of the tank by the manufacturer of the slurry pump and use the PID adjustment of the frequency converter. When   important parts shall be marked in advance to avoid errors during resetting. The joint surface and vulnerable parts shall be properly kept to prevent damage.  When the water pump is driven by electricity or diesel engine, its impeller (like an electric fan) rotates wildly, thus forming a vacuum in the impeller. In this way,GorganSubmersible sewage pump, the atmospheric pressure will move the water pressure to pump water. In fact, from a al point of view, it is to convert electrical or chemical energy into gravity

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