SanheSmall cargo elevatorInstallation coordination attention elements
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and the wide operating platform and high carrying capacity make the high-altitude operation wide and suitable for many people work at the same time. It makes high-altitude operations efficient and secure.Always check the connections of the various parts of the hydraulic lift

The hydraulic lifting platform is mainly the pressure transmission of hydraulic oil to realize the lifting function. Its scissor mechanical structure makes the lift stable, and tighten them if they are loose. The tightness of the connecting bolts of the body should be checked when the body is under pressure.Sanhe,Hydraulic lifting freight elevator, is mainly designed for transporting goods, usually accompanied by people. The freight elevator car has the characteristics of long and narrow. A vertical lift powered by an electric motor, fitted with a box-like gondola. Fixed lifting equipment serving specified floors. It has a car that runs between at least two vertical columns of rigid rails. Let's take a look at its daily maintenance skills: Daily maintenance skills for hydraulic lifts The newly installed hydraulic lifts first have a warranty period from the elevator manufacturer (generally -- years).Guide rail lift (also known as freight elevator) is a non-scissor hydraulic lifting platform, which is mainly used in industrial plants, restaurants, restaurants, warehouses, workshops and other places that need to move goods vertically between high-rise buildings above the second floor. The low height is especially suitable for sites where the site is not suitable for digging pits. What problems do we need to pay attention to in these places where elevators are used?Koje,The hydraulic lifting platform is mainly the pressure transmission of hydraulic oil to realize the lifting function. Its scissor mechanical structure makes the lift stable, and the pressure of the brushes should be adjusted so that the area is not less than %. Professional elevator factory, large quantity favorably,SanheGuide rail lifting cargo elevator, high quality and low price. Fire-resistant-waterproof-high temperature resistant, durable, safe and reliable.Fixed lift is a kind of transportation equipment that directly lifts and unloads goods from the ground. It is mostly used in places such as goods transportation between height differences in production lines, materials on and off the assembly line, parts lifting during large-scale equipment assembly and fixed three-dimensional parking. So what is the new price of the fixed lift?

SanheSmall cargo elevatorInstallation coordination attention elements

In the construction elevator, without leakage, and the metal threaded is not rusted, and its damage is close to zero. His steel wire rope should comply with the corresponding configuration requirements, and there is no problem of broken strands and diameter reduction. Of course, the number of broken wires should not exceed the corresponding standard. His pulley movement is very flexible.As long as we transport the lifting platformTake the measures that need to be taken during the transportation of the lifting platform in advance to prevent all possible problems, and then the difficulties will be solved. The above is the company's arrangement of the issues that need to be considered during the transportation of the elevator. These factors It is a factor that needs to be considered for every lifting platform. Therefore, we must try our best to be perfect and impeccable. For the failure problems that often occur in lifts and lifting platforms, many operators of the user units have no way to solve them. They must apply for a professional personnel to perform on-site repairs. However, due to the obstacles of the working environment and time factors of the equipment, the failures of the equipment cannot be fully repaired normally, and only some special measures can be taken to maintain the basic working performance of the equipment.Uses: The scissor-type fixed lifting platform is mostly used for the transportation of goods between the height differences of the production line, the loading and unloading of materials, the adjustment of the working height during the assembly of the workpiece, the feeding of the installed machine at a high place, the lifting of parts during the assembly of large equipment and the storage and unloading place and Forklifts and other handling vehicles are used for fast loading and unloading of goods, car lifting, fixed three-dimensional parking and other places.Highly recommended,Precautions for elevator installation Keep the access road of the external construction elevator smooth and have enough parking space for equipment. When it is necessary to use a steam crane for auxiliary installation, it should be fully considered whether the site environment meets the operating conditions of the steam crane.If the motor of the hydraulic lift is overheated, stop the machine in time and continue running after troubleshooting. The motor bearings must be in good condition.Nowadays, small and medium-sized enterprises are holding products with the idea of ​​good quality and favorable price.

SanheSmall cargo elevatorInstallation coordination attention elements

How to effectively prevent electric shock by using a hydraulic lifting platform It is very common to add a leakage protector, and the cost is not high. It is both affordable and safe, and can effectively prevent electric shock.Let's see,The safety device of the guide rail hydraulic lifting platform The mechanical part of the guide rail hydraulic lifting platform mainly includes the hydraulic system and the mechanical device.The hydraulic system of the hydraulic boarding bridge has stable performance, high quality, low maintenance rate and is durable.Always check all wires and cables for damage. The damaged part should be bandaged and replaced in time.Sanhe,SanheElevating cargo elevators require,Before using the aerial work platform, it is necessary to confirm whether the outriggers are well supported, refer to the level beads on the equipment to judge and debug, and then proceed with the operation; the rollers and slideways confirm whether the roller slideways of the hydraulic lifting platform are dry, and if there is When drying the site, an appropriate amount of butter should be added to ensure the smoothness during operation and to avoid head-to-head wear between mechanical parts.Unscrew the screw on the dust-proof hole outside the flange of the elevator, adjust the PCS system ring to align the side hole with the dust-proof hole, and tighten the inner hexagon. After that, remove the motor shaft key.Outriggers: mechanical outriggers,SanheSecond floor cargo elevator, hydraulic outriggers, ordinary hand-operated outriggers, pull-out outriggers.

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