Hamburg AltonaScissor lift cargo elevatorThere are many reasons for the continued strength
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Frequently check whether the various mechanisms are operating normally and whether there is any noise. If a fault is found, it must be eliminated in time.Mechanisms: Mechanisms such as tabletops, track grooves, wire ropes, chains, and pulleys are made of solid materials to ensure safety.Hamburg AltonaAfter the elevator is flooded, the motor will burn out. At this time, the power switch should be turned off immediately, and the accumulated water in the pit should be cleaned up.Features of hydraulic lifts: According to the working mode, hydraulic lifting platform products are divided into crank arm hydraulic lifting machines, scissor hydraulic lifting machines, mast type hydraulic lifts, and straight arm hydraulic lifting machines. The hydraulic lift is a replacement product of the folding arm lift (lifting platform) and the scissor lift (lifting platform). It can be widely used in stations, docks, airports, hotels, post and telecommunications, municipal gardens, garages, cleaning companies, public building facade decoration decoration or installation and maintenance of power systems, etc. The lift has the advantages of light weight, self-propelled, electric start self-supporting legs, large working area simple operation, especially the ability to cross obstacles for high-altitude operations and the like.Szarvas, hydraulic outriggers, ordinary hand-operated outriggers, pull-out outriggers.The common types of lifts are simply introduced here for you. I hope you can learn more about this product. At present, this product can be said to be sold well in China, because many places need to use this product. Products that can be lifted and moved flexibly at the same time. Now companies that specialize in the production of this product combine a large-scale external publicity on the Internet. Friends in need can directly find the corresponding company on the Internet, and then simply learn about the models of these products and Information on performance and price can be purchased directly through the Internet.How to effectively prevent electric shock by using a hydraulic lifting platform It is very common to add a leakage protector, and the cost is not high. It is both affordable and safe, and can effectively prevent electric shock.

Hamburg AltonaScissor lift cargo elevatorThere are many reasons for the continued strength

Use Hydraulic lifts are widely used in various industrial enterprises and production lines such as automobiles, containers, mold manufacturing, chemical filling, etc., to meet the lifting needs of different operating heights, and can be equipped with various table forms (such as balls, rollers, Turntable, steering, tilting, telescopic), with various methods (separate, linkage, explosion-proof), with the characteristics of stable and accurate lifting, frequent starting,Hamburg AltonaLifting cargo elevator 1 ton, large load capacity etc., effectively solving the difficulties of various lifting operations in industrial enterprises, so that Production operations freely. The professional elevator factory has advanced technology, strict testing, more affordable prices, and more discounts are in progress welcome to consult.Card lock; it is also a tool used to prevent equipment from falling suddenly due to accidents. It can be used in combination with card locks and explosion-proof valves.Safety performance: The lifting structure is made of high-strength manganese steel rectangular tube, and the scissor-type mechanical mechanism is easy to maintain, with strong stability and high carrying capacity. The maximum lifting height is about meters, and the maximum load is about tons. .Supply chain quality management,Conscientiously write the special construction plan for installation and construction, and make safety technical disclosures to the installers.The motor connection is wrong. When the delta connection motor is wrongly connected into a star shape, the motor still runs with full load, and the current flowing through the stator winding will exceed the rated current, and even cause the motor to stop by itself. If it overheats, or the motor with several coil groups connected in series to form a branch circuit is connected in parallel with two branches, and in severe cases, the winding will be burned.The hydraulic lifting platform is widely used in the maintenance of industrial and mining enterprises, municipal construction, and decoration of hotels and hotels, with reliable quality and perfect performance.

Hamburg AltonaScissor lift cargo elevatorThere are many reasons for the continued strength

Avoid working in an environment. In the event of rain, the use of the hydraulic lifting platform should be stopped to prevent the occurrence of a short circuit, resulting in electric leakage and electric shock; non-professionals are strictly prohibited from disassembling electrical appliances such as hydraulic lifting platforms. In the event of an accident, you can’t disassemble without permission to eliminate the cause. You must report to the manufacturer for repair in time, inform the phenomenon of the accident, and the manufacturer will guide you to complete the inspection or send someone to repair it; do not disassemble the appliance without permission! Professional elevator factory guarantees quality, guarantees service. Guarantees quality. Your satisfaction is our pursuit! Welcome to inquire.quality,Hamburg Altona1 meter fixed lifting cargo elevator,The motor winding is short-circuited. When a short-circuit fault occurs in the motor winding, the short-circuit current is much larger than the normal operating current, which increases the copper loss of the winding, causing the winding to overheat and even burn out.Install two more standard sections. Use the theodolite to check and adjust the verticality of the guide rail frame so that the errors in two mutually perpendicular directions meet the requirements in Table . The above two parts are about the precautions for the installation of the elevator. If your work involves operation or It is to install a lift, everyone must pay attention to safety.The daily maintenance of the hydraulic lifting platform in normal use is essential, but even if there is normal maintenance on the equipment, any possible problem cannot be ignored, so in order to ensure that the process of using the hydraulic lifting platform for each operation What aspects do we need to check before operation? Today, the editor will give you a popular science.Hamburg Altona,The water cooling of the hydraulic station is generally tube-type water cooling, and its type selection is based on the heat load to calculate the heat exchange area, and it is The heat transfer capacity is calculated according to the heat load, and then the type selection calculation is carried out under the condition that the flow rate can be satisfied. Therefore, these two kinds of cooling are not the same, and there is a big difference. Long-term promotion of freight elevator factories and other, Long-term cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win. If you choose the wrong supplier, you will be overwhelmed with all kinds of after-sales troubles in the later stage. Recently, I have seen many netizens report the problem of very loud oil cylinders. Today, the editor will simply popularize the knowledge for everyone.Test the freight elevator every day to see if the freight elevator can operate normally.As for the guide rail elevator installed outdoors, it is often exposed to rain and sunlight, so special attention should be paid to regular maintenance and inspection to avoid accidents.

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