XinminProduction of simple hydraulic elevatorsWhat aspects of the operation should be paid attention to
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Overloading or long-term eccentric loading operations are strictly prohibited, as this not only reduces the service life but also poses safety hazards.Blow out the plunger with compressed air, then install it and reinstall it.Xinmin,It is stipulated that measures should be actively taken for renovation.In modern society there are many high-altitude work projects, but also to the working environment and equipment used in construction. Therefore and their danger is not only related to construction management and personnel quality, high-altitude work equipment has received more and more attention with continuous development and innovation in lifting and lowering, and has been trusted and used by customers.Myers,A highly skilled operating system. The mechanical and hydraulic transmission lifting system and its novel appearance with large tonnage load have become a trend; Jiugu” The brand elevator is skilled in energy conservation and emission reduction, produces high-quality products, and makes the best use of everything. It is a unique advantage location with stable functions, smooth walking and lifting,Xinmin4-meter hydraulic lifting platform, flexible direction, simple and convenient operation, providing you with the necessary convenience for high-altitude work and high-rise cargo transportation within the factory area and indoor. It reduces your precious time and improves your work efficiency. It is the ideal high-altitude work equipment for modern companies to safely produce.Hydraulic lifting platforms are widely used in factory maintenance, municipal construction, and decoration of hotels in industrial and mining enterprises, with reliable quality and perfect performance.The equipment voltage is V DC, effectively ensuring personal safety.

XinminProduction of simple hydraulic elevatorsWhat aspects of the operation should be paid attention to

Firstly, unstable voltage can easily burn out various electrical components inside the operation box, making the equipment unable to receive signals.Features: Made of high-strength and high-quality aluminum alloy material, it has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight, smooth lifting, safety and reliability. Its appearance allows for high lifting capacity in extremely small spaces. The column lifting system has the characteristics of large load capacity, strong stability, large platform area, and convenient implementation.It is strictly prohibited to run the engine for a long time in a closed garage. The exhaust gas from the elevator engine contains carbon monoxide. This is a toxic gas that has been exposed to low concentrations of carbon monoxide for a long time. It can cause symptoms such as headache, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting, body weakness and dizziness, and even brain damage. In severe cases, it can cause death,XinminSelf propelled electric hydraulic lifting platform, such as starting the engine of the equipment in the garage.demand,Double masted lifting platform: The new generation product of the design is made of high-strength aluminum profiles. Due to the high strength of the profiles, the deflection of the lifting platform is minimal. Adopting a double mast column structure, it has a large load capacity, a large platform area, excellent stability, flexible operation, and convenient implementation. Its appearance allows for high lifting capacity in extremely small spaces. This elevator is widely used for three masted lifting platforms: three sets of masted support work platforms lift synchronously, and the support structure is the same as a single masted platform, with super large load capacity and work stability. The overall lifting guardrail device has good strength and greatly reduces the height of the entire machine during transportation. It is very convenient for loading and unloading, and can be assembled or disassembled in one lift. The elevator has a strong load-bearing capacity and is suitable for two people (who can carry a certain amount of weight tools and materials) to climb high at the same time; Various non-standard products can also be customized according to different environments to meet different needs.Work on the elevator workbench. Must wear safety belts, helmets, and other tools to prevent accidents.Drain all the hydraulic oil in the oil tank, take out the oil suction filter, clean it, and return it to the oil tank. Install it in its original position. Fill the fuel tank with new oil.

XinminProduction of simple hydraulic elevatorsWhat aspects of the operation should be paid attention to

The lifting drive chain is a double chain structure, using industrial plate chains with high bearing capacity and safety factor.Create brilliance,Secondly, frequent voltage instability can directly burn out the power unit motor. The consequences of motor burning are very serious, which can lead to an instant decrease in pressure. If the equipment is not equipped with safety devices such as relief valves or explosion-proof valves, it can cause the lifting equipment to fall, leading to accidents. At the same time, replacing a new power unit also requires a certain cost.The hydraulic working system of the elevator mainly uses hydraulic pumps for power, so the hydraulic system of the hydraulic elevator needs strong sealing performance. Firstly, it prevents air intrusion and secondly, water intrusion. Air intrusion can oxidize the hydraulic oil, and if there is too much air the hydraulic system cannot function properly; The invasion of water can emulsify the hydraulic oil, causing its function to fail and increasing the wear of the hydraulic cylinder. Due to the fact that the majority of customers cannot ignore it, it is necessary to replace the emulsified hydraulic oil of hydraulic elevators in a timely manner. If impurities are found in the hydraulic system, it is necessary to clean them in a timely manner, so that the hydraulic oil can be considered and the hydraulic components can be cleaned one by one.Equipped with a manual descent valve for emergency descent in case of power outage.Xinmin,The single mast elevator adopts high-strength and high-quality materials, which have the advantages of beautiful appearance,XinminFixed hydraulic lifting operation platform, small volume light weight, smooth lifting, safety and reliability.Elevators play an important role in handling, construction, and other operations, providing convenient transportation equipment. More and more elevators are being put into use in the market, but unstable voltage can have a certain impact on elevators during use.It is composed of several parts such as the base, crossbeam, safety protection components, and motor (power unit), reduces the amplitude of equipment shaking, and makes high-altitude operations more stable.

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