MessinaBooster pipeline pumpHow to define the future development direction
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  The type selection design of submersible slurry pump has a great impact on the service life and operation stability of slurry pump. A scientific and reasonable model selection design will affect whether your slurry pump can achieve the best efficient operation.   When stopping the operation of the submersible slurry pump, close the cock of the vacuum gauge and pressure gauge and the gate valve on the water outlet pipeline, and After that, cut off the power supply of the motor. If the temperature of the environment is low, open the square plug at the lower part of the pump body to remove the remaining water to avoid frost cracking. During operation, the maximum temperature of the bearing shall not exceed ℃, and the quantity of calcium base grease used for lubricating oil bearing shall be the same as that of the bearing bodyMessina,  When assembling the motor and water pump departments below grade , firstly, tighten the nuts evenly between the water inlet joint and the contact plane from the upper part to the bearing seat, install the coupling, pump shaft, fixed studs and lock rings fix the impeller and conical sleeve on the pump shaft with a damp cylinder, and install the guide housing and impeller  What stands out is the sealing of the container. The seal is easy to install and maintain, but the price is quite expensive.Brunei,  The submersible slurry pump and equipment can also choose to add some water inlet detection devices according to the actual use needs. The overheat monitoring devices are often used in a large amount in time, and the pump and motor of the equipment used in time are the same shaft, so  The production department has to spend a lot of money to maintain and update the pump every year. The pumps made of cast iron, bronze, rubber lining,MessinaVertical slurry pump, stainless steel, titanium alloy and other materials used in China&#;s mining, chemical and water conservancy projects on the Yellow River are prone to wear, short service life and many faults  Vertical slurry pump is an early product. Submersible slurry pump is a new product developed with the improvement of social demand and operating environment.

MessinaBooster pipeline pumpHow to define the future development direction

  The pump can often be selected according to the specific requirements of lift flow and liquid delivery. The flow range of the delivered liquid is - L / s, the pressure range is .- MPa, and the diesel engine speed range is - rpm. Features: water pump, high automation and performance  This series of slurry pumps have wide range, good cavitation and high efficiency. Flow passage parts have good wear resistance. Belt drive can be used to adjust the speed through the main adjusting pulley to adjust the flow and head.  All kinds of newly designed mechanical seals of submersible slurry pumps contribute greatly to the growth of market share.Bidding,   The submersible slurry pump usually relies on water cooling to dissipate heat. If the motor leaks out of the water without water cooling, the motor temperature will rise, so it is easy to burn out the motor.   Impeller protection in order to ensure the operation of the submersible slurry pump, it is necessary to timely adjust the clearance between the impeller and the front guard plate. When adjusting the impeller clearance, first stop the pump, loosen the bolts pressing the bearing box, loosen the adjusting nuts, make the bearing components move forward, and roll the shaft by hand to press the  Different installation requirements: the vertical slurry pump needs to be fixed, while the submersible slurry pump does not need to be fixed. It can directly invade into the liquid for operation.

MessinaBooster pipeline pumpHow to define the future development direction

  Although the shaft seal occupies a small position in the pump,MessinaBooster pipeline pump, the normal operation of the pump is closely related to the shaft seal.Customer first,  The seal cannot bear the water pressure at this depth. Once the water leaks, the motor will not work normally, the flow shall be close to the model flow grade of the sample (to ensure that the pump operates in the high efficiency zone).  In the mud pump, the axial force is mainly composed of the pressure difference force of the liquid effect on the impeller and the gravity of the whole rolling part. The effect direction of the two forces is the same, and the resultant force is the sum of the two forces. If the submersible slurry pump is equipped with an auxiliary impeller,MessinaSelf priming slurry pump wholesale, the liquid effect is on the auxiliary impellerMessina,  Some corrosive pastes containing crystals can also be transported. In the application range of slurry pump, about % are used in concentrators in the mining industry. Due to the poor working conditions of primary ore dressing, the service life of slurry pump in this section is generally low. Of course, different minerals, the sundries inside the pump body and impeller shall be cleaned. Then calibrate the pump shaft and motor shaft of the slurry pump to make them on the same horizontal line.  Fourth, flow, dust motor power, impeller speed, pumping rate, maximum particle and weight.

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