Judy bonicoSubmersible pump can pump sewageStable and orderly production
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   the submersible slag pump is often used to transport pulp containing solid particles,Judy bonicoCarbon steel explosion-proof pipeline pump,  Vertical pipeline centrifugal pump is a kind of pipeline centrifugal pump with vertical structure. There are many models of this pump. The common one is ISG pipeline centrifugal pump. This pump is also very widely used. It is often used in industrial and urban water supply and drainage, and pressurized water supply in high-rise buildings. And in the  No matter what type of slurry pump you need, Ritter pump will provide you with high-quality slurry pump products; New progress in submersible slurry pump technology in recent years The diving depth has increased from meters to meters!Basoko,  So it is called: submersible slurry pump.  The use of water pumps for agricultural drainage and irrigation can improve the ability of agriculture to resist natural disasters, increase production and ensure income, and provide material conditions for agricultural mechanization and water conservancy.  Most of the time we don&#;t know how to choose the pump when we buy it. In fact, we only need to choose the appropriate equipment according to our own use needs when we choose it. It&#;s more like that in a conventional family, the flow is small

Judy bonicoSubmersible pump can pump sewageStable and orderly production

   Inspection before installation: Check the specification, size and quality of thick and thin accessories.  WQ fixed type is convenient for maintenance. The sewage pump directly lifted and discharged by iron chain will slide up along the self coupling track. It is mainly used for septic tank or domestic sewage tank, which can avoid going down to the dirty sewage tank for maintenance; QW mobile type generally needs to discharge the sewage from the sewage tank before taking it up. If it is midway  Pump, sewage submersible pump and seawater submersible pump.discount,  .  Promote the continuous expansion of the sales network group.   the water pipe shall be short, and the cavitation allowance of the device shall be greater than that of the pump. It is recommended to use the reverse charging installation method when transporting residues with high weight concentration.

Judy bonicoSubmersible pump can pump sewageStable and orderly production

  Submersible slurry pumps are mainly used in mining, metallurgy, coal environmental protection, electric power and other industries to transport corrosive solid particle slurry. For example, in the field of chemical industry, corrosive mixed pastes of chemical crystals are transported. Electric ash removal,Judy bonicoSplit vertical pipeline pump, coal washing plant slurry transportation etc. Submersible slurry pump bladediscount,  It needs to be replaced in case of damage, swelling and deformation, insufficient spring pressure, breakage, etc.  (b) The maximum ambient air temperature varies with seasons, but does not exceed ℃.  What is the solution to this situation?Judy bonico,  The submersible slurry pump is a kind of submersible pump which is connected with the motor and works underwater at the same time. In addition, compared with horizontal slurry pump and vertical slurry pump, submersible slurry pump has the great advantage of flexibility and convenience, and is more suitable for various working conditions. The important technical points of submersible slurry pump are its motor and   Impeller protection in order to ensure the operation of the submersible slurry pump, it is necessary to timely adjust the clearance between the impeller and the front guard plate. When adjusting the impeller clearance, first stop the pump, loosen the bolts pressing the bearing box, loosen the adjusting nuts, make the bearing components move forward, and roll the shaft by hand to press the   fold the three layers in half with self-adhesive butyl tape and gradually extend to the outside of the core. When winding, and then the three layers shall be folded in half with PVC tape to ensure that the winding part is not less than mm, and the positions of the three joints shall be staggered for a certain distance in order to prevent short circuit.

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