IcelandGrouting pipe leading small conduitImprove production efficiency
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Disposal method: the grouting pipe shall be shortened according to the specification.The arrangement of the strain gauge shall be installed before the prestressing force is applied, and the bracket shall be fully cooled when the initial reading is measured; If the prestress has been applied, it must be noted in the report that the supporting axial force data reflects the change of the stress of the grouting pipe after the prestress is applied.Iceland, The distance between measurement points is cm, and when abnormalities are found, it is encrypted to cm.The mesh structure of the grouting pipe can make the pore water pressure dissipate faster, and effectively accelerate the drainage and consolidation of the soft soil of the foundation. This is very important for strengthening soft clay foundation. Precautions for grouting pipe installation: when tensioning the prestressed reinforcement, it shall be loaded from zero to the initial tension at the starting point of the measured elongation value, over tensioning measures can be taken the tensioning shall be suspended; Tensioning can be continued only after taking measures to adjust; If the elongation value is too small, but the tensioning force limit shall not be greater than .fptk; In the multi wave curve prestressed reinforcement, in order to increase the tensile stress at the inner support and reduce the tensile stress at the lower mouth of the grouting pipe after tensioning, the technology of over tensioning and loosening can be adopted; The duct grouting shall be dense, and the strength grade of cement slurry shall not be lower than C. Before grouting, the duct shall be wet and clean, the grouting shall be carried out slowly and evenly without interruption, and the exhaust shall be smooth. If the hole is blocked, the grouting port must be replaced, but the cement slurry injected for the first time must be discharged to avoid gas between the two grouts. After the holes are filled and the exhaust holes are closed, the pressure should be increased to .-.mpa, and the grouting holes should be closed later. The grouting pressure of the vertical duct shall be determined according to the grouting height; For the duct grouting of multi span continuous prestressed tendons connected by connectors, one span shall be grouted after tensioning, and it is not allowed to grout once after all the spans are tensioned; The exposed length of the prestressed reinforcement grouting pipe after fixation shall not be less than mm, and the grouting pipe shall be protected with end sealing concrete. When it needs to be exposed for a long time, measures to prevent corrosion shall be taken; When the steel strand has floating rust, please remove the floating rust and dirt of the steel strand at the fixed clamping section of the grouting pipe and its outer end, so that the floating rust and dirt will fill the red groove of the clamping piece during installation and tensioning and cause wire sliding; The tool clamping piece is three pieces and the working clamping piece is two pieces. The two cannot be mixed. The working grouting pipe cannot be used as a tool and the grouting pipe cannot be reused; The grouting pipe shall be kept properly and shall be free of rust, water and other sundries during use. The working clip can be used after removing the foam in the packaging box. However, when the prestressed tendon is long and the grouting pipe must be repeatedly tensioned and fixed, it is recommended to apply a small amount of lubricant (such as withdrawing the grouting pipe) in the conical hole of the grouting pipe plate, which is not only conducive to the follow-up of the working clip and withdrawing the grouting pipe, but also conducive to the multiple grouting pipe fixation of the grouting pipe; The outer surface of the tool clip and the inner surface of the conical hole of the grouting tube plate shall be coated with lubricant before use, and the debris on the clip surface shall be removed frequently to make the grouting tube flexible. However, when the clip is cracked or the tooth surface is damaged, it shall be replaced and shall not be used again; Safety measures shall be taken during tensioning, please clean the clamp with organic solvent (such as gasoline) and wipe the anti rust oil of the grouting tube plate hole, otherwise the solid performance of the grouting tube will be affected; The pile foundation grouting pipe is an important channel product for pile foundation depth detection. It has two main s, one is as a channel, and the other is as a pipe for grouting at the bottom of the pile.Rutana,If any crack is found, when the joint is deformed and subjected to water pressure otherwise, the ability of the grouting pipe to resist external forces will be greatly reduced. When positioning the grouting pipe, it must be kept flat at the interface, and the grouting pipe must not be allowed to roll or kink. If it is found that there is no twist, it should be adjusted in time. When casting and fixing the grouting pipe, the deviation of the grouting pipe shall be prevented, so as not to shorten one side and affect the water stop effect. When pouring and tamping the concrete, it must be vibrated sufficiently to prevent the poor combination of the grouting pipe and the concrete from affecting the water stop effect. The grouting pipe joint must be well bonded. If the construction site conditions are available, the method of hot vulcanization connection can be used.?It is necessary to comprehensively consider the selection and configuration of grouting pipes,IcelandLeading small conduit42, because there are many types of expansion joints, and correct selection is very important. Only in this way can the design of the piping system be safe, reasonable, reliable and economical.? The saddle shaped curved surface on the horseshoe surface of the grouting pipe and the upper and outer molds are not well fitted, which is caused by the Chengdu grouting pipe manufacturer&#;s failure to smooth (flatten) the grouting pipe along the horseshoe surface.

IcelandGrouting pipe leading small conduitImprove production efficiency

How heavy is a grouting pipe?The chemical grouting method usually uses a pump to inject grout into the soil through a grouting pipe.A short section of screw end rod is welded on both ends of a single prestressed thick steel bar, and the nut and backing plate are sleeved to form the simplest grouting pipe. The pretension force is transmitted to the nut through the bearing force on the threaded slope of the screw end rod, and then to the concrete components around the reserved hole crossing through the base plate.Let&#;s take a look at the prestressed machines and tools. The small editor of prestressed machines and tools reminds everyone that the screw end rod is made of cold drawn or heat-treated reinforcement and the thread is fine teeth. The welding between the end rod and the prestressed reinforcement should be carried out before the cold drawing of the prestressed reinforcement. This grouting pipe can be used at the tensioning end and the fixed end. A general jack is used for tensioning, and the jack pull rod (with internal thread at the end) is tightened on the thread of the screw end rod for tensioning. After tensioning, tighten the nut and anchor the rebar. The advantages of this grouting pipe are relatively simple, the prestressed reinforcement basically does not slide. If necessary, facilitate re tensioning. The disadvantage is that the accuracy of the length of prestressed reinforcement is high, and it cannot be too long or too short, otherwise the thread length is not enough.Recommendation and consultation,Answer: according to the length and diameter, the weight of common grouting pipe is . ~ .KG, and the weight can reach several kilograms.Application scope and development space of grouting pipe as a new term, grouting pipe has gradually appeared in some online newspapers and periodicals, and its practical scope has also developed from the support of some basic automobile boot and engine cover to the machinery manufacturing industry, vibration reduction of equipment, support of tool box cover, medical industry, fitness equipment and other fields. As its practicality is further recognized, its scope of application is becoming wider and wider. Some people in the industry asked: the application range of grouting pipe is becoming wider and wider. Does it have an impact on the original telescopic spring? In my personal opinion, it will not impact the original spring. Of course, it will have a certain impact, because most of the grouting pipes are innovations in the product design of some enterprises. For example, the rear box of a tricycle was originally supported by an iron bar (which is still useful). Now, the grouting pipe is very light, convenient and labor-saving. Some units do not know it, so its design has certain limitations, However enterprises must be innovative in order to be ahead of their peers. We have been making grouting pipes for many years. Experience tells us that many manufacturers are now trying our grouting pipes, and they have been officially used, with obvious effects. However, some enterprises do not know what the grouting pipes are, let alone their s so they will be in a passive position. Therefore, we hope that some industries, such as machinery manufacturing, automobile and motorcycle, transportation equipment, box manufacturing such as tool boxes, medical treatment, fitness, kitchen cabinets, etc, If you need to know the and use of the grouting pipe, so there is generally no need to restrict the thickness of the pipe wall. However and I will give you adviceThe commonly used standard for grouting pipe is the inner diameter of -mm. The wall thickness of the pipe has little effect on the sound transmission, from the perspective of saving steel consumption, it is OK if the pipe wall can bear the lateral pressure of new concrete, not necessarily the thicker the better.Before the installation of the grouting pipe, it is necessary to check whether the processed support is vertical to the grouting pipe fitting, and correct the non vertical support; Then install the grouting pipe on the bracket and fasten it.

IcelandGrouting pipe leading small conduitImprove production efficiency

The grouting pipe without shaft roll packaging is tapped and paid off from the inner ring in the vertical state, and the drawn out pipe is spring shaped and automatically straightened. Takeout direction: the spiral direction of the spring shape after takeout is consistent with the twisting direction of, otherwise fried dough twist or disorder will occur. Welding is strictly prohibited during use, because the strength of the welding point is much lower than that of the steel itself, and it is easy to cause broken wires at the welding point during tensioning. When the grouting pipe adopts circular reinforcement arrangement, its bending radius shall not be less than times of the diameter.Development Curriculum, The grouting pipe is a patented product. Compared with similar products in the market, it has higher tensile resistance and better sealing performance.CaO·SiO+nHO→CaO·SiO·(n-HO+Ca(OH),The grouting pipe at the tensioning end has good anchoring energy and self anchoring energy. Grouting pipe is generally used for tensioning. The grouting pipe at the tensioning end is composed of four parts: clip, anchor plate, anchor base plate and spiral reinforcement. The clip is the key part of the anchoring system. It is two-piece and made of high-quality alloy steel.Iceland,The commonly used standard for grouting pipe is the inner diameter of -mm. The wall thickness of the pipe has little effect on the sound transmission, so there is generally no need to restrict the thickness of the pipe wall. However, from the perspective of saving steel consumption it is OK if the pipe wall can bear the lateral pressure of new concrete, not necessarily the thicker the better.At the same time, because the space in the grouting pipe restricts the lateral sliding and rolling of the soil particles inside, the relative displacement trend or relative displacement also occurs between this part of soil particles and adjacent soil particles, resulting in friction. This friction force is generally called 'bite force' or 'lateral force resistance'. The 'surface friction' and 'bite force' make the slip and roll of soil particles under the force of the upper limit line at the location of the grouting pipe, and limit the lateral displacement of soil in the whole plane of the grouting pipe. The grouting pipe plays an important role in the key points of settlement. Therefore, it is reasonable to use the grouting pipe to treat the uneven settlement of fill excavation transition subgrade. This paper yzes the action mechanism of the grouting pipe according to its type and characteristics, introduces the construction technology and process in the construction of preventing the reflection crack of the road surface, and proposes a new technology of sprinkling a layer of filler in the grouting pipe network when paving the surface course. As a kind of road reinforcement material, grouting pipe is widely used in road maintenance engineering because of its advantages of simple, which is used as a grouting pipe and has a large acoustic transmission rate. It can usually be used for smaller cast-in-place piles. It should be cautious when used in large-scale cast-in-place piles - because large-diameter piles need to be poured with a large amount of concrete, the plastic pipe will shrink radially and longitudinally due to the temperature drop after concrete solidification, It may be separated from the concrete locally to cause air or water crevices, and add more strong reflection interfaces on the sound path, which is easy to cause misjudgment.

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