Stara lubovnaOutdoor anti-corrosion floorThe three main aspects of unevenness
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Smell: whether the product has a chemical smell that irritates people. The big smell is likely to be that the limit of harmful substances exceeds the standard or the printing layer on the surface of floor leather releases toxic gas.Finally, look at the priceStara lubovna,Stara lubovnaTen famous brands of laminate flooring,European flooring. Fire protection: the fire rating of SPC floor is B, second only to stone. It will automatically extinguish after leaving the flame for seconds, flame retardant non spontaneous combustion, and will not produce toxic and harmful gases.It is suitable for occasions with high fire protection requirements.Uhersky Brod,First, look at environmental protection Pay attention to the size. What does the real wood floor look like?

Stara lubovnaOutdoor anti-corrosion floorThe three main aspects of unevenness

Impregnated paper laminated wood floor is a floor made of one or more layers of special paper impregnated with thermosetting amino resin, which is paved on the surface of wood-based board substrate such as particleboard and high-density fiberboard, it is divided into thin and thick (more than mm and about mm in thickness).The structure of solid wood multilayer composite floor is divided into solid wood control panel, multilayer board and mixed glue.Because less glue is used and the materials are natural,Stara lubovnaWhich brand of SPC floor is good,Stara lubovnaHow to choose floor leather, the formaldehyde released will be less than that of reinforced composite floor.Three look serviceHigh quality and low price, Stable quality and not easy to damage: the solid wood composite floor plate adopts double plate composite type, and the wood chemical fiber is bent into a network structure and laminated. Various thermal stresses of wood are integrated into multiple plates to ensure the flatness and stability of the wood floor and preserve the beauty of the solid wood floorMen&#;s long-term inhalation will cause men&#;s abnormal sperm and death.First, the scope of application is small. Do not scrape or scratch the floor surface with sharp tools.

Stara lubovnaOutdoor anti-corrosion floorThe three main aspects of unevenness

If the new floor is to be sent to a room equipped with large equipment, it may need to be rewired before moving.Make sure to contact an electrician before installing the floor.If the equipment needs to be moved, there is no need to worry that the heavy machinery will scratch it before installing the old floor.Keep tarpaulin and tape.index, Moisture proof, no deformation in case of water, and can be used in kitchen toilet, basement, etc.Because of its special structure, solid wood composite floor has low requirements for wood and can make full use of materials, so its price is much cheaper than solid wood composite floor.Melamine surface coating is generally used for wallboard, tabletop board, etc. it is used in places with low wear resistance requirements. In the flooring industry, this kind of surface coated floor is called 'false floor'Its wear-resistant revolution is only - revolutions. If it is used with high strength, the pattern is beautiful and clear, and it is relatively smooth when touched by hand, which is the place where laymen are easy to be fooled.Stara lubovna,SPC vinyl flooring manufacturers focus a lot on the dense core of SPC flooring.They tried to make it more resistant to shrinkage.If the cracks on the surface of the wooden floor are not serious, or just the cracks on the paint surface of the wooden floor, we can consider renovating the wooden floor, flattening the cracked part of the floor and repainting it. Wear resistance, wear resistance grade t.

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