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It is a thermoplastic material, which can be processed and formed many times, providing convenience for hot melting and electrofusion connection of pipes.When the grouting pipe is laid, so that the grouting pipe has effective tension. After laying,QuilaliLeading small catheter, it shall be rolled again with a clean steel wheel roller. Most urban roads use glass fiber grouting pipes with self-adhesive. The diameter of the glass fiber grouting pipe is . ~ times of the maximum particle size of the asphalt concrete surface aggregate. The ultimate tensile strength should be greater than kN / m, so as to give play to the anti reflection crack performance of the glass fiber grouting pipe. It can also ensure the shear resistance and adhesive force of the adhesive layer of the glass fiber grouting pipe.Quilali,Four advantages of establishing a good cooperative relationship with customers: Professional production equipment and testing facilities ensure the quality of the supplied grouting pipes.They shall be connected as a whole in the factory as far as possible. If it is necessary to connect on site due to manufacturing process, transportation conditions, etc., hot press vulcanization (grouting pipe) or welding (plastic grouting pipe) shall be used. The joint appearance shall be smooth and smooth, and the tensile strength shall not be less than % of the base metal. The so-called 'overlapping' without any treatment is absolutely not allowed. All kinds of cross connection points of grouting pipes shall be made of accessories produced by our new rubber products factory, so as to ensure that on-site connection is only carried out in straight sections during construction. Flexible material with sufficient deformation capacity and good adhesion with concrete.Zafar,In limestone area, and it is difficult to sink the reinforcement cage. When the grouting pipe is deformed and blocked by unconventional means, the pipe is blocked due to the workers&#; carelessness and falling into small concrete blocks. The deformation and blockage of the grouting pipe bring great difficulties to the detection work, and even can not be detected. Therefore, when the grouting pipe is found blocked after the foundation pile is poured and before the inspection, effective measures should be taken to pass the pipe to ensure the smooth progress of ultrasonic inspection. Generally, there are three methods for passing the pipe: stabbing the grouting pipe with thick and long reinforcement, flushing and pigging with high-pressure water, and using a drill with a small drill to clean the hole.The grouting pipe can be divided into unconstrained grouting pipe and constrained grouting pipe according to whether it can absorb the pressure thrust (blind plate force) generated by the medium pressure in the pipe; According to the displacement type of the grouting pipe, it can be divided into axial grouting pipe, transverse grouting pipe, angular grouting pipe and pressure balance grouting pipe. The grouting pipe cannot bear load and should be hoisted separately; In addition to the pre deformation required by the design for pre stretching or cold tightening, it is forbidden to adjust the installation deviation of the pipeline by deforming the grouting pipe; During installation, welding slag is not allowed to splash onto the surface of grouting pipe and suffer other mechanical damage; All movable components of the grouting pipe shall not be jammed by external components or restrict the normal operation of its movable parts. Most of the failure of the grouting pipe is caused by the external environment corrosion. Therefore, in the structural design of the grouting pipe, the contact between the external corrosion medium and the grouting pipe can be considered. For example, for the external pressure axial grouting pipe, a packing sealing device can be added between the outlet end ring and the outlet pipe which is equivalent to the sleeve grouting pipe. It can not only resist the invasion of external corrosive media, but also add a safety barrier to the grouting pipe. Even if the grouting pipe is damaged, the grouting pipe can also play a compensation role and avoid the failure of the grouting pipe. The use of grouting pipes has been indispensable in modern building construction. In the s, grouting pipes were popularized in China, but they were fastener grouting pipes. In the s, China began to develop advanced grouting pipes with multiple s. With the continuous development of China&#;s construction industry in modern times, the construction industry has become increasingly mature and perfect in China, and the bamboo wood grouting pipe has been eliminated by the market. Grouting pipe has become the mainstream form of grouting pipe and is more widely used in construction.Welding is strictly prohibited during use, because the strength of the welding point is much lower than that of the steel itself, and it is easy to cause broken wires at the welding point during tensioning. When the grouting pipe adopts circular reinforcement arrangement, its bending radius shall not be less than times of the diameter. The quality of the steel upsetting head of the grouting pipe is not directly related to its own quality, but the excessive strength will be harmful to the quality of the upsetting head. Therefore, when you choose the upsetting head anchor, you should explain it in detail to the manufacturer in the order.

QuilaliTunnel combined hollow anchor manufacturerIndustry output growth

It has good flexibility. The pipes can be coiled when they are produced so that the number of joints in the pipe network can be reduced. It can be laid according to the terrain, England. In practice and is convenient for construction. ultra fine cement slurry and cement grouting materials have been applied since in Thomson tunnel easily bypass obstacles, it has been found that ordinary cement has a large particle size and limited permeability, which can only penetrate into cracks and pores larger than . mm, while the grouting effect for micro cracks is poor. In order to improve the injectability of cement slurry in low permeability media, Japan took the lead in developing ultra-fine cement grouting materials, and the United States and Russia also successfully developed this product [].In the engineering practice, some construction units directly pave the glass fiber grouting pipe after spraying the sticky layer oil, and the roller rolls after it. The effect is good, and forbid vehicles to swerve, brake and dump the leftover mixture on the grouting pipe layer to prevent damage to the glass fiber grouting pipe; The back glue of glass fiber grouting pipe is easily soluble in water, and construction shall not be carried out in rainy days or wet roads; Glass fiber grouting pipe is made of grouting pipe, which is easy to irritate human skin. Construction personnel must wear protective gloves; When the grouting pipe is laid, the temperature of the road surface is required to be between . Therefore, the relative displacement trend or relative displacement will occur between the narrow two which will then generate friction. This friction is generally called 'surface friction'.Work courses,The Xiaobian of prestressed machines and tools reminds us that there are many forms of grouting pipes, which can be distinguished from different angles, it can be divided into the grouting pipe of thick reinforcement of the grouting pipe, the grouting pipe of parallel reinforcement (wire) bundle of the grouting pipe, and the grouting pipe of steel strand bundle of the grouting pipe. For thick reinforcement, one grouting pipe is generally used to anchor one reinforcement. For tendons and steel strands, a grouting pipe must anchor several steel bars or steel strands at the same time, which are often arranged in a ring or circle, or in a rectangle. Obviously,Quilali22hollow composite anchor manufacturer, due to the different number and arrangement of prestressed reinforcement, the form and structure of grouting pipe will also be different. According to the principle of grouting pipe and transmitting pretension, it can be divided into grouting pipe relying on bearing pressure, grouting pipe relying on friction and grouting pipe relying on adhesion. Low cost, fast time, free from climate and place constraints.When the grouting pipe is installed, the axis deviation shall be ≤ cm,QuilaliSelf propelled hollow grouting anchor manufacturer, and the bearing capacity of the support joint shall meet the design requirements. When connecting the grouting pipes, bolts must be installed symmetrically and tightened in sequence. Meanwhile, in order to prevent excessive deflection of the grouting pipes when axial force is applied, the deflection must be corrected to the horizontal before axial force is applied.

QuilaliTunnel combined hollow anchor manufacturerIndustry output growth

It has good flexibility. The pipes can be coiled when they are produced, so that the number of joints in the pipe network can be reduced. It can be laid according to the terrain, easily bypass obstacles, and is convenient for construction.Welcome calls ,In the process of using the acoustic pipe, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of its installation method, so that it can be used normally and improve the application quality of the grouting pipe. In the process of installing Jiangsu acoustic measuring tube, we should pay attention to the orientation of the installation hole. As long as the device is installed in a correct hole, the Jiangsu acoustic tube can be used normally in the process of application, and the service life of Jiangsu acoustic tube can be improved. This is also the most important factor in the process of application in the future. If the hole fault is bragged about in the process of the device, the resistance of Jiangsu acoustic pipe will appear in the process of application, resulting in its damage. There is a great relationship between the accuracy of the hole and the quality after construction. In the process of construction, it is necessary to use the device according to the planned paper so that it can be used normally and improve the quality of use.In the process of application, because there will be many Jiangsu acoustic measurement pipes in the process of construction. In this way, the phenomena of conflict and unusable will be formed. In order to prevent the phenomenon of surrounding each other, it is necessary to pay attention to the method of the device in the process of the device, so that it can be used normally. The grouting pipe manufacturer introduced that the product quality of the grouting pipe is relatively stable, and when the mold is finalized, it is not easy to show defects. Most of the defects of the grouting pipe appeared in the trial production period, and most of them were formed due to the unreasonable planning structure of the mold. The grouting pipe manufacturer will briefly introduce the treatment methods of defects as follows: wrinkle appearance and treatment methods. The so-called wrinkle refers to that there is a convex edge on the circular arc surface of the grouting pipe, and there is a concave appearance on the adjacent side. This kind of wrinkle is mostly in the shape of sharp ridges, some of which are straight to the nozzle, and often occur symmetrically at both ends of the center line, in the shape of 'eight'. Chengdu grouting pipe manufacturers mostly occur on the inner arc surface, and some occur on the outer arc surface. When the concrete strength can ensure that its surface and edges are not damaged due to formwork removal, the side formwork can be removed.The following aspects shall be paid attention to during the construction of grouting pipe: when the construction personnel are binding reinforcement and erecting formwork, reliable fixation measures must be taken for the buried grouting pipe to avoid displacement during concrete pouring and ensure the correct position of the grouting pipe in the concrete. When fixing the grouting pipe, only the allowable part of the grouting pipe can be perforated, and the body part shall not be damaged. The grouting pipe shall be fixed according to the construction specifications required by the design. The common fixing methods are: using additional reinforcement; Fixed with special fixtures; Fix with lead wire and formwork. No matter what fixing method is adopted, the grouting pipe must be positioned accurately, without damaging the effective part of the grouting pipe, so as to facilitate concrete pouring and tamping. During the construction of the grouting pipe there are many sharp stones and sharp edged reinforcement in the concrete, so when pouring, vibrating and positioning the grouting pipe, attention should be paid to the impact force of pouring and vibrating, so as to avoid piercing the grouting pipe due to excessive force.?Quilali,Several common failures in the installation of grouting pipes always have many problems when using grouting pipes for work. In order to enable everyone to provide production to the factory normally, we have specially summarized the following failures that will occur when using grouting pipes. If you have problems in the following examples you will know how to solve them The first point is that if the joint, nozzle or bottom of the grouting pipe is not tightly sealed, it will be blocked by cement slurry during construction. At this time, it is OK to check the sealing The second point is that the joint is misaligned or deformed during installation. At this time, we need to know that it is caused by the thin material selected. The above two points are common problems in the installation of grouting pipes that are not suitable for the current location. We&#;d better remember these points of attention, so that when they occur in the future, we will know how to deal with them to ensure a quick solution! The grouting pipe joint or the pipe orifice and the pipe bottom are not sealed tightly, so please bring in mud or cement slurry during the construction process to block the pipe: during the installation and grouting of the grouting pipe, the rebar is distorted or collided, causing the dislocation and deformation of the grouting pipe joint or the deformation of the pipe wall. The main reason for this is the selection of thin-walled grouting pipes.When the pipe cannot be connected due to serious blockage, the following treatment principles must be followed: when it is the first pile of a certain bridge, core drilling detection must be carried out; when it is not the first pile of a certain bridge, the construction unit shall apply for changing the detection method The low strain reflection wave method or high strain strain strain measurement method shall be used and signed by the supervisor&#;s representative and the person in charge of quality supervision before implementation; In case of pipe blockage of a bridge for many times, core drilling inspection shall be carried out in due time. Common problems and answers of grouting pipe what is the pressure inside the grouting pipe? It is a thermoplastic material, which can be processed and formed many times

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