BragovgradHow much is the thickness of floor leatherDevelopment market of
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fire rating B which is safer than other kinds of wood flooring Fire protection, second only to stone.Bragovgrad, After the last paint is completely dry, apply floor wax. Cleaning and finishing of ground base course.Second, specifications and models.When purchasing solid wood multi-layer wood flooring, many customers like to choose wide and long double-layer solid wood flooring. They feel that the really raised flooring looks level and atmospheric at home.In fact the longer the better the floor, not suitable for long, narrow, not suitable for wide.Viru,Whether it is solid wood composite floor or solid wood floor, its surface needs to be maintained and does not want to strengthen the surface of the floor.When cleaning the solid wood floor, without keel. As long as the ground is flat, the building height can be improved.In addition, due to the simple installation regulations, the safety hazards caused by installation are also greatly reduced.Solid wood flooring has high environmental protection, health and comfort, and is deeply loved by many small partners.Solid wood flooring has many advantages, but the later cleaning and maintenance is very important and troublesome.How to clean and wax solid wood floor?

BragovgradHow much is the thickness of floor leatherDevelopment market of

Third, the processing technology is highly regulated;Its structure is complicated, its quality varies greatly, and its essential quality is not easy to distinguish;In addition to the above three, there are now bamboo floors and cork floors, but they are rarely used in families,BragovgradLaying method of wooden floor,When using liquid spray waxing, shake the container containing floor wax first and stir it fully and evenly.Before waxing the wooden floor of the whole room, local trial must be carried out in inconspicuous places such as corners of the room to confirm whether there are abnormalities.In order to prevent floor wax from polluting walls, skirting lines and furniture, the above parts must be covered with adhesive tape paper.Fully soak the floor wax with a clean rag. It&#;s best not to fall off.However, SPC floor and plastic are not the same thing at all. SPC floor does not need glue in the production process, does not contain toxic substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, and does not have radiation. It is a green environmental protection decoration material and will not cause harm to human body. Prevent the floor from being deformed by cooking utensils.

BragovgradHow much is the thickness of floor leatherDevelopment market of

Look at the surface of the board.Manufacturing cost,Precautions for solid wood floor installation : prevent keel from drying.Grapefruit: better texture than oak.SPC ground anti-skid, and the ground anti-skid shall meet the European standard RBecause of the low thermal conductivity and excellent anti-skid performance of the ground,BragovgradHow much is a cheap wooden floor, compared with ordinary floor tiles and marble, SPC floor feels astringent when sticking water and is not easy to roll. Therefore, ground building decoration materials are preferred in public places with high safety regulations, such as toilets, showers, hospitals,BragovgradHow to deal with the large gap of wooden floor, kindergartens, medical management centers, rehabilitation hospitals, colleges and universities, which are very popular in China in recent years.Bragovgrad, The internal humidity can not be very high to maintain the dryness and smoothness of the floor. The daily cleaning can be wiped with a dry cotton mop: if it is difficult to remove dirt, it should be wiped with a neutral cleaning organic solvent and then wiped with a dry cotton mop. Do not wipe with acid, alkaline solvent or vehicle gasoline and other solvents.Fourth, high ductility and strong impact resistance.When asked about the service life and wear resistance of SPC floor in the message area of the message board, it is often mentioned to take out artifact such as fruit knife or key and scratch on the surface of SPC floor. If there are scratches, they are classified as non wear resistance.In fact, the national wear resistance test of PVC latch floor is not simply to scratch on the surface with artifact, but to grind and polish the floor with thick bottom circular stone roller under the condition of kg charging. After how many revolutions of rotation and polishing, the wear-resistant layer on the floor surface is damaged and exposed to the speed of rural grass-roots.The rotational speed of this connection point is an index value considering the wear resistance of PVC latch floor.For example the minimum speed of national composite floor is rpm.Therefore, the wear resistance of PVC latch floor is professionally measured by the national testing center.

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