Drunkard15CrMoG seamless alloy pipeWhat are the survival rules of the industry
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C - section steel is reliable and stable in stress, can be accurately positioned, and is resistant to impact and vibration Moreover, it has good versatility and combination, and has a variety of C-section steel and size selection to ensure its flexibilityThe section of I-beam has good straight pressure and tensile resistance,DrunkardHow much is a meal, but the section size cannot resist torsion because the wing plate is too narrow. On the contrary, H steel has its own advantages and disadvantages.Drunkard, Stair step plate (stair step plate) is a kind of stair used for platform with steel bar mesh. According to the installation method, it generally has two types: welding fixation and bolt (composition: head and screw). It is directly welded to the keel and does not need the side plate with step plate. It is relatively economical and durable, but it is not easy to disassemble, Thickened side plates are required on both sides of the bolted tread plate, and holes are drilled on the side plates.When it is used for ground heating and hot spring transportation, it can meet the requirements of refrigeration and achieve the practical effect of less damage. It is applicable to water conservancy engineering, mining and other industries to meet the provisions of cold, cold and corrosion prevention. In addition, the chemical raw material transmission pipeline has a wide indoor space.Ascension,C - section steel is reliable and stable in stress can be accurately positioned, and is resistant to impact and vibration Moreover, it has good versatility and combination, and has a variety of C-section steel and size selection to ensure its flexibilityHeating surface tubes for low and medium pressure boilers (working pressure is generally not greater than MPA and working temperature is below ℃); Judged as failing.

Drunkard15CrMoG seamless alloy pipeWhat are the survival rules of the industry

Greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by abrasion, damage and blanking, and increase the labor cost of material cleaningMetric welded pipe: it is used as seamless pipe in standard. The welded steel pipe expressed by outer diameter * wall thickness mm is welded by hot and cold strip welding of general carbon steel, high-quality carbon steel or Puneng low alloy steel, or it is made by cold drawing after hot strip welding. Metric welded pipe is generally used as structural parts, such as transmission shaft, or to transport fluid. The thin wall is used to produce furniture and lamps. It is necessary to ensure the strength and zigzag test of steel pipe.Pass designInstallation requirements,DrunkardSeamless pipe manufacturer’s telephone,Key technical characteristics of alloy pipeAt the same height, light I-beam has narrower legs, thinner waist and lighter weight than ordinary I-beam. No. - is large I-beam, and No. - is medium I-beam. Imported I-beam shall be marked with actual specifications,Drunkard12Cr1MoV alloy pipe, which can ensure the quality of the project. In many kinds of data, alloy pipe is widely used. In many projects, we will apply it, so it is very popular in the field. When people carry out the construction of alloy pipe project, there are many things that must be paid special attention to. Let&#;s take you to know:

Drunkard15CrMoG seamless alloy pipeWhat are the survival rules of the industry

The working principle of flat steel finishing machine in I-beam production process is to pre level and finally level the cold flat steel with two groups of leveling wheel sets staggered up and down in the thickness direction; A pair of finishing wheels arranged relatively are used to extrude the width direction, so that the width is compressed to achieve the expected parameters and the compression amount is adjustable; Straighten the width with staggered straightening wheels.Promotion,The crack mainly occurs at -mm from the edge of the alloy pipe. The shape is several parallel vertical cracks of different sizes. The regularity is that the thicker the specification and model of the alloy pipe is The wider the width, the more serious the disadvantages.The grid spacing size and number of reinforcement of electric welding reinforcement mesh are correct, the steel bar is not easy to be partially bent and does not change. Because it is considered that the longitudinal and transverse steel bars are spot welded into a mesh structure, so as to achieve the goal of side-by-side average stress and bonding anchor.Because alloy pipe is a very unique pipe fitting, we must use appropriate methods to carry out installation in the case of installation, so as to ensure the performance index of the data. Generally, when installing alloy pipes, we will use some flanges and elbows to fix them, so as to ensure that the raw materials can be fixed very well. Therefore, when we carry out use, we must ensure the quality of flanges and elbows, so as to ensure the actual effect of alloy pipe assembly. If there are instrument panel components that must be assembled on the pipeline, they must be installed together.Drunkard,Its heat sealing effect is remarkable. It can be directly buried immediately which can not only save resources, but also reduce consumption, not occupy the natural environment, but also purify the environment. The transportation of gas can meet the requirements of long-distance transportation, prevent actual operation and maintenance, meet the requirements of thermal insulation and cold protection, reduce heating equipment, unique and convenient installation and reduce the construction cycle time of the project. On the whole, it is more convenient to use. It can also be used for the transportation of floor heating and hot springs.Dry processing technology: after passivation treatment, parts shall be dried with air compression or hot gas, or drying treatment or air drying can be selected.However, what we need to do now is to improve the production technology level of China&#;s production process of C-section steel, and step up the formulation of relevant industry standards and inspection standards. C-section steel manufacturers should keep close contact with truck manufacturers and communicate more. In this way

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