LuxembourgSplit vertical pipeline pumpIntroduction to the device
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   selection of raw materials for flow passage parts: the raw materials for flow passage parts of the pump can be selected according to the particle composition, hardness, concentration, acid, alkali and other characteristics of the transported materials.  It should be /-/ between. When the packing is worn, the packing gland can be properly pressed. If it is worn too much, it should be replaced. The whole commissioning process of the submersible slurry pump mainly includes the above five tasks which are mainly to pay attention to the details and the phenomena occurred during the operation, and timely deal with the problems in time to avoid being on duty Accidents during operation cause losses.Luxembourg,  The treatment methods are as follows: Check whether the current and voltage of the water pump are abnormal at this time. If the current is obviously reduced, for example, it is only half or a little more than normal, it may be that the impeller is worn or the check valve is blocked. If the current is not much different from the normal current, it can be   It is also possible that the fan blades of the pump are few and the air volume is insufficient, resulting in poor heat dissipation effect.Kratovo,  Yes, such mechanical faults will cause the stator winding of the pump to be burnt out.   The gas inadvertently entered in the equipment is discharged and good sealing performance is ensured.   The secondary pump shaft seal of the two-stage series pump is (packing seal), and the startup of the series pump also follows the above method. Only after the first stage pump is started, the submersible slurry pump can open the outlet valve of the last stage pump (the opening size is based on the motor current of the first stage pump as the rated power

LuxembourgSplit vertical pipeline pumpIntroduction to the device

  Second, the power used is not matched, so the motor temperature will be too high after long-term overload operation; In addition,LuxembourgDouble suction slurry pump, frequent startup during use will also lead to fever, so I   absorb fly ash and slime from various power plants.  Cavitation of the pump is caused by water evaporation of the pump. The main cause of water evaporation is related to temperature and pressure. Under a certain pressure, when the temperature rises to a certain value, the water begins to vaporize and change from liquid to gas. On the contrary,LuxembourgHorizontal wear-resistant slurry pump, at a certain temperature, the pressure drops tosuperior quality,   When the slurry pump fails to absorb water during operation, it may also be because the bottom valve is not opened. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the bottom valve is open and make corresponding adjustment.  The use of water pumps is related to all aspects of our life. With the arrival of the May Day holiday the water consumption will increase. Therefore, it is necessary for us to choose a suitable water pump.  Therefore, the correct selection of shaft seal can ensure the safe and stable operation of slurry pump.

LuxembourgSplit vertical pipeline pumpIntroduction to the device

  Let the medium containing some solid particles generate a certain flow rate, so that the equipment can drive the solid to flow when it is in use, so that the slurry can be transported. In terms of the principle of the submersible slurry pump, it is actually quite simpleMarket trend,  The equipment is integrated with the oil cooler, with compact layout. The water pump meets the modular and integrated design requirements of diesel engine parts. The joint surface with oil cooler adopts rubber sealing method, which has good sealing effect. Submersible slurry pump is a kind of solid-liquid mixing medium with the help of centrifugal force   Check the wiring of the motor itself: it may be the high temperature caused by wrong wiring. If the wiring is wrong, complete protection s, reasonable structure, the water pump will automatically start to supplement the pipe network pressure.Luxembourg,   When the power supply voltage is too low,LuxembourgFire deep well pump, the pump will be overloaded, because the pump is also widely used in many rural watering. In this case, it may be lower than the rated voltage, so the current in the stator winding will also be  Therefore, the stator winding will be burnt out due to excessive temperature rise.  In recent years, the demand for submersible slurry pumps has increased greatly. In many fields, submersible slurry pumps have replaced vertical slurry pumps. What are the differences between the two? Let&#;s yze.

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