TodelgekoHydraulic small platformHow to solve the problem
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The above details,TodelgekoDual track hydraulic lifting platform, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the purchase of the lifting machine, so that when purchasing, there is a clear goal, and then you can choose a lifter suitable for customers.Of course, in addition to comparing the above two aspects, it is necessary to compare other aspects. Only in this way can we ensure that there is a higher cost -effective.Todelgeko,Fixed Dengqiao Bridge: The fixed boarding bridge is a dedicated auxiliary equipment for the rapid loading and unloading of the goods. Its highly regulatory function uses a bridge between the truck and the cargo table of the truck, the forklift and other internal loading and unloading of the cargo cargo cargo cargo , Only need to work in a single person, you can realize the rapid loading and unloading of the goods. It reduces enterprises to a lot of labor, improves work efficiency, and obtains greater economic benefits.NiceIn short, when using a fixed loading platform, basically do not need to worry about stability. Because the manufacturer has taken a lot of measures on this area, there are more affordables provided, so many times you can rest assured that you can rest assured use.After strict testing when the lifting machine leaves the factory, if the non -manufacturer adjusts the pressure regulating valve at will, it may lead to abnormal system operation. Non -professional personnel should not adjust the pressure regulating valve at will!Electric start, convenient operation. Basically there is basically no need to worry about operation when using an electric lifting platform. Compared with other types of lifting equipment, this type of lifting platform is directly electric at the application. In this way, the whole operation is much simpler.

TodelgekoHydraulic small platformHow to solve the problem

Therefore, the above process points need attention and grasp when processing the electricity lifting ladder processing, so as to make this type of cargo ladder more good.It is necessary to bandage and replace the damaged lifting ladder in a timely manner. It is a type of hydraulic lift. It is also called a guide rail -type hydraulic lift. It is suitable for a transportation of goods from building houses, restaurants, and hotel floors. Let ’s introduce the daily maintenance of the lifting cargo ladder.Online consultation,The above is the place where you need to pay attention when you choose a mobile lifting platform brand selection. As long as you pay attention to these aspects and then choose, you can choose a suitable one in all aspects.If there are problems inside the elevator, and there are electrical professional staff presents, any component of the hydraulic system should be carried out when disassembling any components of the hydraulic system, and maintenance should be carried out under the condition of thoroughly discharge.Put all the hydraulic oil in the fuel tank, open the fuel tank, remove the oil absorbing filter, wash it back, and put it back to the fuel tank, and install it in situ. The new oil is filled with new oil in the fuel tank.

TodelgekoHydraulic small platformHow to solve the problem

When we usually use hydraulic lifts, we must regularly check and maintain, not only can we extend the life of hydraulic lifts, the transmission part requires sufficient oil. The consumable parts must be checked, maintained or replaced frequently. Mechanical bolts,TodelgekoAutomatic hydraulic platform for lifting and lowering, especially the components that are frequently vibrated, such as rotating support, whether the lift arm connection bolts are loose, and it must be tightened or replaced immediately when loosening. Next, the editor will introduce how to maintain the hydraulic lift.Welcome calls ,The power unit is adjusted, it is from the power unit and the oil cylinder. The power unit has four holes during production. In the hydraulic oil flow, we can adjust the motor speed or electric hydraulic ratio valve to adjust the hydraulic oil flow; which factors will affect the lift speed oil pipe of the hydraulic lift. The longer the hydraulic oil pipe, the longer the upsurge. Therefore, during installation, the length of the oil pipe should be reduced as much as possible within the allowable range of the design; on the basis of adjusting the power unit,TodelgekoDouble layer hydraulic lifting platform, the size of the oil pipe can also be adjusted. On the premise of ensuring that the equipment meets normal demand, correspondingly can perform correspondingly Adjustment.Any product in the market, if the product is very cost -effective, then this type of product often becomes the choice of more people. After all, people want to get cost -effective products. The same is true when the electric lifting platform is on the markets in various places, but because there are more brands engaged in production, many times to understand the cost -effectiveness, it is still necessary to analyze and compare from multiple aspects.Todelgeko,The size of the oil cylinder, the oil cylinder, will reduce the size of the oil cylinder as much as possible without the design requirements. The smaller the size of the oil cylinder the faster the rising speed.The application and characteristics of the stage lift: The stage lift is also called the lifting stage. The stage lift is specially installed on the stage for the stage lifting and rotation called the stage lift. There are various functions such as lifting, rotation, and inclined, and protective measures such as self -locking, mechanical limit travel switch, and hydraulic explosion -proof.After , hours of working, the mechanical and electrical system is repaired.

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