Vitti sur SeineGuide rail elevatorApplication note
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Materials enter the production line at one end of the factory building, and the production process ends at the other end of the factory building with multiple separate platforms; This can greatly shorten the distance of material flow in the factory building.Remove the hydraulic oil tank filler cap, filter cover, inspection hole, hydraulic oil pipe and other parts to avoid dust when removing the system oil pipe. Clean the disassembled parts before opening them. When disassembling the hydraulic oil tank filler cap, first remove the soil around the tank cap, loosen the tank cap, and remove any remaining debris from the joint (do not rinse with water to prevent water from seeping into the tank). After confirming cleaning, open the tank cap.Vitti sur Seine,In winter, when working outdoors at heights below minus degrees Celsius, heating rest areas should be set up near the construction area if necessary. Heating equipment should be managed by dedicated personnel and attention should be paid to fire prevention.The cylinder head oil seal is too tight or the rod is bent, which can also cause noise during movement due to other forces. At this point, the oil seal or straightening rod must be replaced in a timely manner.Bertoua,Optional configuration of fixed lifting platform: The fixed lifting platform can be equipped with auxiliary devices according to usage requirements, and can be combined in any combination, such as the safety protection device of the fixed lifting platform; Electrical methods; Form of work platform; Power form, etc. The correct selection of various configurations maximizes the functionality of the lifting platform and achieves effective use.The use of cleaning oil and the brand used in the systemAfter long-term use of the automatic lifting platform equipment, it is inevitable that some malfunctions will occur. In order not to affect work, it is necessary to promptly solve the difficulties in starting the motor and abnormal sounds. Generally, due to overload, insufficient power supply, and a small cross-sectional area of the power supply cable, the starting voltage drop is too large and the price of the cargo elevator is reduced.

Vitti sur SeineGuide rail elevatorApplication note

The classification of lifting platforms is as follows: they are divided into mobile lifting platforms, automatic lifting platforms hydraulic lifting platforms, folding arm lifting platforms, and sleeve type lifting platforms according to their different modes of movement.What are the requirements for the pit? This type of cargo elevator only needs - centimeters and does not require too much space. The installation of scissor type hydraulic cargo elevators is different from that of guide rail type hydraulic cargo elevators. The scissor lift cargo elevator has a large load-bearing capacity, and the pit depth needs to be set at around - centimeters. It can also be designed according to customer on-site needs.When the hydraulic lifting platform is working, the load cannot exceed its rated load. When it is raised to a certain height, the larger the mass of the object,Before installation, the installation personnel should confirm the infrastructure such as the foundation and shaft, pay attention to alignment, leveling, and alignment points, and confirm that the foundation meets the requirements before construction.Mobile is a type of cargo heavy machinery equipment with good adjustment reliability and wide application fields, suitable for automated production linesRegularly check the operation of each mechanism for normal operation and noise. If any faults are found, the hydraulic cargo elevator wholesale should be promptly eliminated. Otherwise, it will affect the use of the guide rail hydraulic lifting platform. When refueling the hydraulic oil should be filtered and filled, and the refueling tools should be reliable and clean. The hydraulic cargo elevator manufacturer should not remove the filter at the fuel tank filler to improve the refueling speed. Refueling personnel should use clean gloves and work clothes to prevent solid and fiber impurities from falling into the oil.

Vitti sur SeineGuide rail elevatorApplication note

If the circuit of the device is not disconnected or lowered, it is necessary to check the fuse for repair and replacement.Latest consultation,Wholesale manufacturers of hydraulic cargo elevators have found that the market demand for hydraulic cargo elevators is also increasing. More importantly, some cargo loading and unloading work,Vitti sur SeineLogistics hydraulic lifting platform, as well as decoration, hotels, warehouses, supermarkets, etc., are commonly used in these situations, especially in the decoration industry. I have seen many decoration companies use small hydraulic cargo elevators, which are also specially processed and manufactured and have some differences from the hydraulic cargo elevators we often see. There are significant differences in structure, lifting speed, and height, and the prices of hydraulic cargo elevators also vary. The hydraulic cargo elevators used in the decoration industry have a low lifting height, and do not require many materials. He mainly promotes people, not goods, and rarely promotes goods, so the load is small, but not inferior to the use of other hydraulic cargo elevators. He is stable, safe, and durable enough to make hydraulic cargo elevators a good helper in the decoration industry. The function of hydraulic cargo elevators is gradually improving with our needs, and the properties we require are different. Wholesale manufacturers of hydraulic cargo elevators also manufacture according to our requirements.Based on the foundation plan pay attention to alignment, leveling, and alignment to ensure the foundation level and various usage requirements. The access road for external construction elevators should be flat and have sufficient space for equipment parking.The manufacturer of the hydraulic cargo elevator tells you the reason and cleaning method: Reason: Overload cleaning method: Reduce the load to clean. Reason: The return valve is not closed. Cleaning method: Tighten the return valve to clean. Reason: The one-way valve of the manual pump is stuck and the return valve is malfunctioning. Cleaning method: Unscrew the bolt at the valve port of the oil pump, conduct maintenance, cleaning, and replace the cleaning hydraulic oil to clean.Vitti sur Seine,When using hydraulic elevators, frequent inspections and maintenance should be carried out, which not only extends the service life of the hydraulic elevator,Vitti sur SeineCustomized hydraulic lifting platform, but also enables it to exert greater power during operation. Of course, hydraulic elevators also have their own regular repair times and protection methods: regular protection (carried out per shift).The noise and oil level of the elevator oil cylinder are too low. From the air at the connection of the oil filter or joint to the oil, the coupling inside the oil cylinder is loose. The internal fault of the oil cylinder is that the installation of the oil cylinder motor is not concentric. From the motor, the air and oil at the moving shaft are blocked. The oil return pipe of the oil filter is loose, and the air or oil pipe is on the oil surface Mixing air into the oil to eliminate: The concentricity should be adjusted to within .MM. The coupling should be repaired or the oil pump should be replaced to increase the oil volume above mm in the oil filter and joint positions. The rotating shaft sealing ring should be replaced to clean the oil filter screen, filter the oil, lock the return oil pipeline, and extend the return oil pipeline below the oil level. If there is air mixed in the oil or the air in the hydraulic cylinder is not completely discharged,Vitti sur SeineHydraulic lifting platform, it will cause cavitation under high pressure and cause significant noise. At this point, it is necessary to exhaust the air in a timely manner.There are many reasons for unstable workbench descent, such as overload, unstable support, severe eccentric load, hydraulic oil impurities, etc. In response to the above reasons, it can be solved by reducing the load, adjusting the center of gravity of the load, and replacing hydraulic oil wholesale for hydraulic cargo elevators.

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