HoumaAluminum alloy hydraulic lifting platformCommon sense of value selection
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Ensure that power cables and electrical circuits are not damagedThe frequency conversion system circuit of the construction elevator is mainly composed of two parts: the main circuit and the circuit. The main circuit is mainly composed of a construction lifting cargo elevator (hereinafter referred to as the lifting cargo elevator) driven by a more complex rectifier. Before installation, all the eccentric roller shafts of the lifting cage and driving mechanism are loosened or adjusted to a large eccentricity. The lifting cage and driving mechanism are installed in the guide rail frame respectively, and the two are connected. Starting from adjusting the driving mechanism, power on the suspension cage to lift it m above the ground or detach it from the ground buffer spring (or support). The adjustment and sequence are as follows: . Use a special wrench to rotate the lower double (single) pendulum eccentric shaft to adjust the eccentricity to ensure that the installation plate surface of the driving mechanism is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and ensure that the upper and lower pendulum wheels evenly guide the rails at the same time. Use your hand to move each wheel body and check if it evenly presses the rails; . Use a special wrench to rotate the eccentric shaft of the gear rack back pressure wheel to adjust the side clearance during gear rack meshing. When adjusting use a feeler gauge to measure the side clearance to .; Between .mm, each pressing wheel should evenly press on the back of the rack. Move each wheel body by hand to check if it evenly presses against the tooth back. Similarly, adjust the guide rollers on both sides of the guide rail. The adjustment key is to adjust the guide wheel on one side of the guide rail to lightly press it onto the guide rail. When moving the wheel body by hand, it should be possible to rotate but there should be obvious obstruction; The roller on the other side should maintain a clearance of .-. ram with the guide rail; . Adjust the lifting cage according to the above and sequence. If the driving mechanism and the lifting cage are integrated into the lifting cargo elevator, the lifting cage should be adjusted according to the and sequence of adjusting the driving mechanism. Conduct a visual inspection of the operation of each roller, and use the lead pressing method and coloring method to check the meshing of the gear pair; Fine tune pairs of unsatisfactory parts. The key point is to carefully adjust the meshing status of the gear pair: when the spots shown in appear on the surface of the gear rack, it indicates that the driving mechanism is tilted towards the side of the guide rail. At this time, the lower swing wheel (single or double wheel) should be adjusted to move the lower part of the driving mechanism towards the direction of the guide rail until the area of the spots reaches more than % of the surface of the gear rack. The smaller the area, the easier it is to damage the gears and racks.Houma,Applicable environment: Indoor or outdoor Applicable temperature: Safety device Safety rocker: When the equipment is running and rising, the rocker will automatically prevent wheelchair platform.The reduction gearbox, gearbox, external meshing gear and other parts, are all carried out according to the requirements in the table.Limassol,How to maintain and maintain the stage? When using the lifting stage in daily life, attention should be paid to maintenance to extend its lifespan. Below, Jinan Dasheng Hydraulic Machinery will introduce several maintenance and attention points for everyone: the brakes of each mechanism should be regularly inspected and adjusted for the clearance between the brake pads and wheels to ensure flexibility and reliability. On the friction surface, there should be no dirt present, and any dirt must be washed off with gasoline or thinner. Pay attention to checking each steel wire rope for broken wires and loose strands. If it exceeds the relevant regulations, it must be replaced immediately. Professional elevator manufacturers have a complete range of products, which are popular both domestically and internationally. Our equipment has a long service life! The industry leader in product wire products, welcome to inquireWhen loosening occurs, newly processed and assembled components have deviations in geometric shape and fitting dimensions. In the early stages of use, due to alternating loads such as impact and vibration, as well as factors such as heat and deformation, coupled with rapid wear and tear, it is easy to cause the previously fastened components to loosen.Weekly maintenance: According to the operation instructions, ensure that the elevator is inspected and smooth every day

HoumaAluminum alloy hydraulic lifting platformCommon sense of value selection

  ?? When the construction supervisory department fulfills its safety supervision and inspection responsibilities, it shall order the immediate elimination of potential safety hazards in the production of construction elevators and cargo elevators discovered during the inspection. If safety cannot be guaranteed before or during the elimination of major production safety hazards, it shall be ordered to evacuate workers from the hazardous area or temporarily stop construction. In the work of hazard investigation and control, the investigation shall be serious, the rectification shall be resolute, while the lifting foundation structure has a large volume and does not have a large enough annealing furnace. Using natural aging takes one year and the production cycle is too long so neither of these two methods is feasible. After research and understanding by the manufacturer, it was found that selecting appropriate support points for large welded structural components can perform vibration aging stress relief. Therefore, the manufacturer has decided to use vibration aging for stress relief of the platform lifting foundation. Long term promotion of downgrading manufacturers, old brands, price advantages, and guaranteed quality!Check the clearance of the ball bearing and the wear of the suspension wheel guide wheel. If the roller is worn, it is necessary to adjust or replace it. If the elevator bearing is worn, replace the guide wheel or bearingEncyclopedic knowledge,Knowledge of pressure lifting platforms, boarding bridges, mobile elevators, and more is available in Jiuheng, Jinan. We sincerely welcome colleagues from all walks of life to visit and inspect the factory cooperate and negotiate, and seek common development. The following maintenance and upkeep are required for the lifting cargo elevator: Maintenance and upkeep: Maintenance and upkeep should be carried out by the equipment operator or full-time personnel of the operating unit. The equipment maintenance and upkeep unit is responsible for supervising and reviewing the maintenance content. The main content of maintenance and upkeep is summarized as follows:; quot; Cross operation method; quot;: Clean, tighten, smooth, adjust, and prevent corrosion. Before and at the end of each shift, to minutes before and after each day, inspect all parts and components of the equipment to ensure they are normal. Apply oil smoothly according to rules, pay attention to the sound of mechanical operation, and do a good job in cleaning and handover to achieve the goal of clean appearance and normal operation of the equipment. Maintenance and handover records should be made in a fixed form and used for managementQuarterly maintenance: Check the items checked each monthRegarding the construction elevator with counterweight, check the adjustment and fixation status of the counterweight guide wheel. Check the balancing equipment of the steel wire rope, the crown wheel, and the counterweight steel wire rope bracket

HoumaAluminum alloy hydraulic lifting platformCommon sense of value selection

Weekly maintenance: According to the operation instructions ensure that the elevator is inspected and smooth every dayFinance Department,Clean and inspect the crown wheel frame assembly, correct or replace with new partsThe driver shall close and lock the movable doors at both ends of the protective fence before work, and then ring the bell to start. It is strictly prohibited to work with the movable doors of the protective fence open. In case of special circumstances during platform operation, the emergency stop switch can be used to stop the platform. However, during normal operation it is prohibited to use the emergency stop switch to stop the platform.Check the smooth steel wire rope and various fasteners,HoumaAluminum alloy hydraulic lifting platform, if there is excessive wear, it is necessary to replace themHouma,Check the clearance of the ball bearing and the wear of the suspension wheel guide wheel. If the roller is worn, it is necessary to adjust or replace it. If the elevator bearing is worn, replace the guide wheel or bearingClean and inspect the crown wheel frame assembly, correct or replace with new partsThe wear rate is fast, and due to factors such as processing, assembly, and adjustment of new machine components, the mating surface area is small, and the surface pressure condition is uneven. During the operation of the machine,HoumaMobile boarding bridge movement, the concave and convex parts on the surface of the parts are intertwined and rubbed against each other. The metal debris that falls off from the grinding process, in turn, further accelerating the wear of the mating surface of the parts. Therefore,HoumaAluminum alloy automatic lifting platform, during the running-in period, with a fast wear rate. At this point, if overloaded, it may cause damage to the components and lead to early failures.

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