LautaroPrice of oil immersed transformerFull stock price concessions
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The power transformer conductor refers to the connecting transmission line between each electromagnetic coil, between the electromagnetic coil and the group outlet pipe, and between the electromagnetic coil and the tap changer.The conductor insulation of power transformer is the main part of internal insulation. Some conductors should pass through the middle of electromagnetic coil, iron yoke clamp and automobile oil tank wall. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that this kind of conductor has sufficient insulation compressive strength, i.e. insulation spacing.Lautaro,How is the quality level of dry-type transformer compared with foreign countries?Careless maintenance and insulation damageGyzylarbat,The noise of dry-type transformer is mainly the vibration noise in operation. This vibration noise is caused by multiple positions, including the vibration of magnetic induction electromagnetic coil. All pay great attention to the solution of vibration when carrying out noise control.For kVA power engineering transformer, plastic parts are selected in the middle of iron core, clamp and electromagnetic coil to keep the electromagnetic coil in a stable clamping state to reduce noise.Oil immersed transformer

LautaroPrice of oil immersed transformerFull stock price concessions

Dry type transformer companyFirst of all,LautaroUnit price of box type transformer, although dry-type transformer has strong moisture resistance, it is generally open structure or very susceptible to moisture, especially the insulation level of dry-type transformer manufactured in China is low (lower flame retardant grade) Therefore, the dry-type transformer can obtain high stability only when the air humidity is below %. The dry-type transformer shall also be prevented from stopping operation for a long time to prevent serious damp. When the grounding resistance value is less than / V (operating voltage), it indicates that the transformer is seriously damp,LautaroStandard for AC withstand voltage test of power transformer, and the trial operation shall be terminated.The time difference between different steps of three-phase power switch of switching power supply shall be less than ms, the closing shall be maintained by high-voltage arrester and the neutral line of transformer shall be reliably grounded (it shall be grounded immediately).Superior quality, the closing shall be maintained by high-voltage arrester, and the neutral line of transformer shall be reliably grounded (it shall be grounded immediately).Sound,LautaroDry type transformer 1250kva, causing short circuit obstruction. If not handled properly, it will cause great damage.The vibration reduction of the grounding device sheet solves the problem of modifying the fixed hard connection between the copper sheet of the grounding device and the dry-type transformer. The original oscillation of the dry-type transformer will be transmitted to the metal in the concrete by the baffle and cause low-frequency noise. Therefore, it must also be changed to produce flexible connection.

LautaroPrice of oil immersed transformerFull stock price concessions

Equipped with a temperature controller, platinum thermistor (pt) is placed beside the embedded hole on the top of the low-voltage solenoid coil to test the winding resistance temperature rise of the transformer, stop the cooling centrifugal fan, set up common problem alarm, overtemperature alarm and overtemperature tripping effect, and provide reliable overvoltage protection machinery and equipment for the dry test transformer, so as to test the safety performance of the transformer operation.query,After the oil is drained, all anchor bolts of the automobile oil tank at the upper end of the detachable oil cover shall be tied with the lifting jack and the lifting point shall be on the common earrings or bolts. If necessary, the human resources traction belt shall be used as a guide.Transformer inspection earThe capacity and working voltage are different. The dry-type transformer is generally suitable for distribution equipment. The capacity is generally below kVA and the working voltage is below KV, which also ensures the rated voltage of kV; Oil immersed transformers are generally suitable for distribution equipment.Lautaro,What is the wiring mode of dry-type transformer?Power transformer manufacturerThere are also many problems to pay attention to in the preventive measures and process of dry-type transformer damping. What are the key effects and functions of dry-type transformer damping and the corresponding preventive measures? Let's master and consult in detail with the small editor of the dry-type transformer manufacturer.

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