Anhui3-meter hydraulic lifting platformUse summary and failure analysis and processing
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Staying below high-altitude work sites is prohibited, and safety nets or other protective devices should be installed below the work site to avoid injury from falling objects.What are the pressures on lifting platforms? The movement of lifting platforms has always been a concern for us. Our usage scenarios are uncertain, and most of them are part-time workers. Therefore, in order to better attract customers, for some large logistics companies or enterprise processing plants, we are still accustomed to using fixed elevators, He has a huge load capacity and strong stability, which can meet the needs of many customers, which is also the use of lifting platforms in China in recent years.Anhui,Slow down the smoothness and hydraulic oil of various departments such as the gearbox, gearbox, and external meshing gears according to the requirements in the smoothness table.The daily maintenance of guide rail type lifting equipment should pay attention to regular inspection and maintenance, eliminate hidden dangers, eliminate faults, and achieve these benefits for improving work efficiency, extending equipment service life, and ensuring the safety performance of the elevator.Diffa,In our daily life hydraulic cargo elevators are increasingly widely used and loved by customers. As a lifting tool, the maintenance of hydraulic cargo elevators should not be careless. Below, the editor will introduce the daily maintenance of hydraulic cargo elevators.What are the advantages of installing a guide rail type elevator for goods? The advantages of civil engineering are easy to install: there is no need for a machine room above the shaft, and the top layer can be installed at a height of more than meters. The computer room can be located within a radius of meters of the shaft, occupying an area of only - square meters. The hydraulic elevator is not equipped with a counterweight device to improve the utilization rate of the shaft area. The load and load cylinder of the hydraulic elevator directly act on the foundation pit, and the strength requirement for the shaft is low. A brick structure or brick concrete structure shaft is sufficient.The second is that the steel will have obvious thermal expansion effect at low temperature. Although this property of steel will be taken into account when designing and manufacturing hydraulic elevators, the environment is different after all. Under low conditions, the steel will have some unstable performance such as hardness increase,AnhuiHydraulic fixed lifting platform, toughness decline, etc. At this time, more attention should be paid to the maintenance of equipment to keep key parts to avoid dry grinding.

Anhui3-meter hydraulic lifting platformUse summary and failure analysis and processing

Every month, it should be ensured to add butter twice to the transmission position where the grease nipple is located. For areas where butter cannot be added, it is necessary to clear the oil circuit or replace the grease nipple until butter can be added. Otherwise, it is prohibited to use the equipment.The hydraulic lifting platform mainly uses hydraulic oil pressure transmission to achieve the lifting function. Its shear fork mechanical structure provides stability for the lift. The wide working platform and high bearing capacity make the high-altitude operation range wide and suitable for multiple people to work simultaneously. It makes high-altitude operations efficient and guaranteed.Replace with new oil and do not intermittently use old oil, otherwise the moving parts in the system will accelerate wear.Honesty is the foundation,Outdoor elevators and factory cargo elevators are heavy lifting mechanical equipment. Outdoor elevators are used for transporting goods between floors of buildings, and are specialized hydraulic cargo elevator products. They are mainly used for transporting goods up and down between various working floors; Vertical garage and car lift between garage floors. The hydraulic system of the product is equipped with anti fall and overload protection devices, and operation buttons can be set on each floor and lifting platform workbench to achieve multi-point operation.Talking about the daily maintenance and use of hydraulic lifting platform motors. Overloading is strictly prohibited, as overloading can increase the burden on the motor and in severe cases, cause the motor to burn out.The equipment operation is very simple,AnhuiScissor fork hydraulic lifting table, just press the operation button, and the height adjustment board of the equipment will automatically rise; Release the button, adjust the weight of the plate to fall, and the tongue plate can be used by placing it on the truck.

Anhui3-meter hydraulic lifting platformUse summary and failure analysis and processing

When using the distribution box, the electric leakage switch meets the requirements for construction elevators. If the fixed elevator installed is variable frequency, due to the influence of alternating loads such as impact and vibrationLoosening: The newly processed and assembled components of high-altitude work platform equipment such as mobile elevators have a tendency to have geometric shapes and matching dimensions. In the early stages of equipment use, or factors such as heat and deformation, coupled with rapid wear and tear, it is easy to cause the previously fastened components of high-altitude work platform equipment such as mobile elevators to become loose.Emergency bolts not tightened; The solution is to tighten the emergency valve.Check the rollers, intermediate shafts, and bearings; Oil cylinder pin and bearing; Equality and wear of the hinge shaft and bearings of the boom; Add oil to the above components for maintenance of outdoor elevators and factory elevators. Extend the service life of bearings.Anhui,Each box, distribution box,Anhui20 meter hydraulic lift, etc. is usually kept clean, the maintenance unit shall arrive at the site within the specified time (the specific time is not specified in Beijing, but within minutes).Hydraulic boarding axle; Streamline” The open hinge joint design increases the welding area by more than three times compared to ordinary tubular joints, effectively extending the service life and simplifying maintenance.

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