KarchakHH slurry pumpProtective effect of superior performance
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  Will be scrapped. In addition, since the length of the long shaft is generally fixed, the installation and use of the slurry pump submersible are troublesome and the application occasions are limited. It is normal to use the equipment for a long time, for example, when the submersible slurry pump is used at ordinary times, air holes usually appear   Dust and oil stains on the motor reduce the heat dissipation capacity of the equipment and cause the equipment temperature to rise.Karchak,  Through human auditory , we can compare whether the pump has heavy, miscellaneous, strange and disordered abnormal noise, and can judge the hidden dangers such as looseness, impact and imbalance.  Now you know the reason why the pump has air turbidity. In fact, this is a very common phenomenon. You don&#;t have to worry about it. Water pump can transport many things, such as water, oil liquid metal, acid-base night and so on. It is a good means of transport.Sykeai,   strip the outer layer of the cable to expose the copper wire for to mm, gradually thin the rubber near the wire core, grind it to the oxide layer on the wire core, wipe the wire core with alcohol (or hydrochloric acid) wrap the insulation layer and sheath layer, and dry it naturally.  After that, the secondary and tertiary pumps can be started successively until the final stage pump. After all the series pumps are started, and an exhaust fan is added inside the cover to ensure the ventilation of the equipment. At the same time, the inlet and outlet of the sound proof cover are equipped with silencing equipment. A vibration isolation platform is installed at the bottom of the water pump for foundation vibration reduction to isolate the vibration generated during the operation of the water pump

KarchakHH slurry pumpProtective effect of superior performance

   In addition, the use of ° and S-shaped bends should be reduced as much as possible during the installation and design of pipelines.  The slurry tip of this series is a horizontal slurry pump which is divided into ah series: the overflow part is made of high chromium alloy, and AHR series: the overflow part is made of natural rubber. It is a double pump casing structure,KarchakSubmersible sewage pump, which is made of gray iron outside the casing and the lining is professionally called sheath, which is made of high chromium alloy. If AHR series  Therefore, the stator winding will be burnt out due to excessive temperature rise.consumption,  The purpose is to inject liquid higher than . MPa from the water seal ring to prevent gas leakage into the pump when the suction inlet of the submersible slurry pump is in a vacuum state. When the water pressure in the pump is higher than . MPa, the sealing fluid .-. MPa higher than the pressure in the pump can be injected to seal and reduce leakage   if the removed gasket is seriously damaged, a new gasket shall be replaced. The removed parts shall be cleaned with kerosene before assembly.  Causes: there is air or gas accumulation in the water inlet pipe of the pump, the packing of the vacuum pump leaks seriously, and the gate valve or flap valve is not closed tightly.

KarchakHH slurry pumpProtective effect of superior performance

  Circumference. In the application of slurry pump, we must pay attention to reasonable design,KarchakVertical multistage centrifugal pipeline pump, correct calculation and appropriate type selection, which are very important. In addition to the main wheel, a set of stirring impeller is added at the bottom of the product,  The water pump can be used to transport and pressurize clean water without impurities, such as apartment, residence,KarchakVertical heavy-duty slurry pump, villa water supply, factory water supply, water supply system, drinking water system and water treatment. In short, there are many uses.   Motor disassembly: remove the base, thrust bearing, thrust disc, connecting seat of lower guide bearing seat, water deflector, take out the rotor, and remove the upper bearing seat, stator, etc.   the front and rear bearing glands are equipped with oil seals, which are padded with green paper or asbestos. There is a gap of .- mm between the rear gland and the bearing.Karchak,  To repair the equipment. Submersible slurry pump is a machine used to transport liquid. It can be divided into many types according to different transport media. Then, when transporting some media with special properties, the equipment will be treated with corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant process. Only in this way can the equipment be improved  Potential is convenient and flexible. It is easy to operate. It can be operated by a fool who turns on the power supply under immersion; It has a wide range of applications. In many cases, it belongs to a portable workstation, which can be brought wherever it is needed, because it does not need too many auxiliary facilities.  What?

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