HoumaSmall hydraulic lifting platformThe environmental rectification of the industry is an inevitable result
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The characteristics of the platform include reliable hydraulic system, simple operation, large load-bearing capacity, and rear hinge support.Each box, distribution box, etc. should be kept clean and promptly cleaned of dust on electrical equipment.Houma,The size of the oil cylinder should be minimized as much as possible while meeting the design requirements. The smaller the diameter of the oil cylinder, the faster the lifting speed.To consider its capacity, generally mobile equipment takes - times the high flow rate of pump Z,Stable and widely applicable cargo lifting equipment is mainly used for transporting goods between height differences in production lines; Material online and offline; Adjust the height of the workpiece during assembly; High altitude feeder feeding; Lifting of components during assembly of large equipment; Large machine material and cutting; The warehouse loading and unloading site is equipped with forklift and other transportation vehicles for rapid loading and unloading of goods.The guide rail type elevator has a structure of a straight top oil cylinder. The linear operation of the oil cylinder pulls the transmission chain, driving the lifting of the table to complete the operation. The guide rail type elevator is a popular form of cargo elevator in recent years, with the advantages of higher lifting height, stable operation, and simple maintenance compared to the scissor fork type elevator.Each brush should be kept clean on its surface, and the brush pressure should be adjusted to ensure that its area is not less than %.

HoumaSmall hydraulic lifting platformThe environmental rectification of the industry is an inevitable result

The above are the working principles of three common elevators, and there are also some forms of elevators that are not common, such as cylinder mounted elevators, curved arm elevators, car mounted elevators, because the stability of the hydraulic system can bring better user experience and safer operation to the equipment, which has been favored by many users.When using a crane for auxiliary installation, full consideration should be given to whether the on-site environment meets the operating conditions of the crane.Emergency descent device: When a power driven chain elevator loses power, there should be a device to make the workbench emergency descend.Quotation sheet,New reference wiring diagram . Elevator leg noise. Mobile elevators should open the legs before operation. In this case, if the legs lack butter, noise will be generated.The downward movement of the hydraulic cylinder (i.e. lowering of heavy objects). The hydraulic oil enters the upper end of the hydraulic cylinder through the explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve, and the return oil from the lower end of the hydraulic cylinder returns to the oil tank through the balance valve hydraulic control one-way valve, throttle valve,HoumaHydraulic lifting platform for loading, and explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve. To ensure a smooth descent of heavy objects and safe and reliable braking, a balance valve is installed on the return oil circuit to balance the circuit and maintain pressure, so that the descent speed does not change due to heavy objects. The throttle valve regulates the flow rate and the ascending and descending speed. To ensure safe and reliable braking and prevent accidents, also known as a hydraulic lock, is added to ensure safe self-locking in the event of an accidental rupture of the hydraulic pipeline. An overload sound control alarm has been installed to distinguish between overload or equipment failure.The manufacturer of hydraulic cargo elevators reminds the use of guide rail hydraulic lifting cargo elevators. Guide rail hydraulic lifting cargo elevators: Do not stand within the specified range, draw on the guide rail lifting platform prohibit any idle personnel from entering the work area, ensure that the work area is free of clothing, and maintain a clean and tidy workplace.

HoumaSmall hydraulic lifting platformThe environmental rectification of the industry is an inevitable result

The installation personnel should have the qualification for installing hydraulic cargo elevators, carefully implement the special construction plan for installation and construction, we will share with you why hydraulic cargo elevators are ideal equipment for transporting goods?The cylinder head oil seal is too tight or the rod is bentSeparate: Loading and unloading on different platforms.Today,HoumaProduction hydraulic lifting platform, which can also cause noise during movement due to other forces. At this point, the oil seal or straightening rod must be replaced in a timely manner.Houma,The hydraulic elevator overflow valve can also generate high noise. When air is mixed in hydraulic oil, the overflow valve is stuck or severely worn, the spring of the overflow valve is fatigued and deformed, resulting in unstable pressure regulation of the overflow valve, and the relief time of the overflow valve is too short, it is easy to cause the pilot valve performance of the overflow valve to be partially stable, causing air to vibrate inside the pilot valve and generate noise. So we need to regularly clean the overflow valve. When the overflow valve is damaged or severely worn, it should be replaced.Hydraulic cargo elevators have been used in some high-altitude operations in recent years, and now some hydraulic cargo elevators are gradually mentioned as large machinery such as tower cranes, becoming a better choice for some high-altitude operations. However, there are still certain limitations,HoumaScissor fork hydraulic lifting table, such as height and improving the quality of goods, which have certain constraints.Solution: Check if the performance of the legs is good, even if the butter is polished to increase its properties.

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