DerbyIs it good to lay wooden floor for floor heatingMarket chaos is worrying
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Convenient installation and operation: the installation of solid wood composite floor is the same as that of laminate floor. It does not strike the ground keel. It only needs the ground leveling, and the refurbished board is made of floor white putty and paint.Scrape the surface with a blade. If it is white, it is a refurbished plate.How to choose the floor?What is the difference between solid wood, composite and reinforced?Derby,The influence of foundation materials on the price of reinforced base plate.Strengthening the middle layer is mainly the base, and the method to distinguish the base material is good or bad.You can cut off the garbage with the merchant to see if it is white. The whiter the better.Generally, the base plate of reinforced floor accounts for most of the price of reinforced floor.High priced laminate flooring is a good base material. Mixed pine is used as the base material for second-line and third-line brand flooring. Of course, the production cost is not high, and the price of laminate flooring can also be borne. Good fire resistance.Carmelo,: I can&#;t tell the taste. The domestic price of this floor is more than yuan; Domestic cheap decorative paper is usually used. The pattern of this decorative paper is fuzzy. The biggest defect is that it is generally not UV resistant and will fade after sunlight.This is why some consumers reflect the discoloration of the places near the balcony and windows three or four months after the floor is installed. The base material is poor, the quality index is unstable, and the formaldehyde seriously exceeds the standard.Melamine surface coating is generally used for wallboard,DerbyHow to stick the floor leather, tabletop board, etc. it is used in places with low wear resistance requirements. In the flooring industry, this kind of surface coated floor is called 'false floor'Its wear-resistant revolution is only - revolutions. If it is used with high strength, the decorative paper on the surface will wear out after two or three months. The standard laminate floor will not have such a problem after years of normal use. There is no wear-resistant layer on this kind of floor decorative paper, the pattern is beautiful and clear, and it is relatively smooth when touched by hand, which is the place where laymen are easy to be fooled.

DerbyIs it good to lay wooden floor for floor heatingMarket chaos is worrying

See: whether the thickness of the ground lacquer cloth is full, whether the foaming layer, printing layer and wear-resistant layer of the bottom layer are layered, whether there is the bottom layer, whether the thickness of the bottom layer is like a cicada wing, mild to moderate scratches. Dirt elimination method: special decontamination oil can be used to wipe oil stains, paint and printing ink;If there are blood stains, fruit juice, red wine, wine and other dirt, you can wipe it with a wet towel or a towel dipped in an appropriate floor cleaning solution, and you can&#;t eliminate the wood floor with strong alkali caustic soda solution.Identify from the packaging.Credit guaranteeLaminate flooring has rich colors and patterns, which fully meet the needs of personalized design. There are many varieties of designs and colors, and the designs and colors are fashionable. It can simulate all kinds of natural or man-made patterns.The decorative layer of laminate floor is generally imitated by computer, which can simulate the wood patterns of all kinds of materials, and even imitate stone and create unique patterns that are not found in nature.Secondly, the cracking of the paint surface of the wood floor has nothing to do with the wood floor itself but the paint surface technology has nothing to do with it, or the long-term storm, the drying shrinkage of the wood floor and the cracking of paint wrinkles.The wooden floor packaging produced by reliable manufacturers should have the manufacturer&#;s name, detailed address,DerbyWhich is better, laminate floor or solid wood floor, operation manual and national standards marked in Chinese.Since , the national standard for lifting wood flooring has been gradually implemented,DerbyComposite laminate floor, and its name and serial number are the national standard: GB / t- prepreg paper laminated wood flooring.

DerbyIs it good to lay wooden floor for floor heatingMarket chaos is worrying

From the surface coating, there are aluminum oxide, melamine and piano paint.Inspection standard,Well known brands: LG and Hanhua flooring in Korea, Armstrong flooring in the United States, Jiefu and Tejia flooring in France, longxilu, tahilong, Dongli flooring in Japan, and domestic bonier flooring.For the pursuit of cost performance, choose Korean brands, Japanese brands for the pursuit of quality, European and American brands for the pursuit of brand effect, and domestic brands for low prices.'Advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring' Beautiful and diverse colors, seamless splicing construction, convenient and fast installationDerby,: I can smell faint wood fragrance. This floor shows that the glue content is very low.Up to European standard E level.Before installing the solid wood floor, it must be ensured that the floor is dry, flat and free of garbage.Generally, the installation of the floor must be carried out before other decoration works are completed.If the floor is not flat, the installation will cause some floors and keel to hang which will make a sound when people step on it.Laminate floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, base material and balance layer.The wear-resistant layer, decorative layer and balance layer are manually printed. The base material is made of fast-growing forest materials, which is lower than that of solid wood floor. At the same time, it can be produced on a large scale and has high cost performance.According to different substrates, the price difference is obvious, and customers have more room to choose, which is suitable for people of all levels.

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